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After 10 Glorious Years, Sunshine State News and I Are Passing the Baton

You probably can't imagine how much fun I've had at Sunshine State News over the last 10 years. I don't think anybody could. 

November 1, 2019 - 6:00am


Trump National Doral
The typical collective over-the-top outcry from the left -- the one that comes to anything President Trump enacts or simply announces -- was working overtime this week.
In another sign that the supposed move in the country away from conservatism is more media hype than political reality, a bill in Tallahassee is back for another shot at embedding Bible courses in
George Soros
Clenched-teeth presidential debaters unloaded Tuesday night on Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big-Almost-Everything -- any industry that pours Big Bucks into influencing American politics.
Andrew Gillum and Elizabeth Warren
With the latest Democratic presidential debate taking place tonight in Ohio, there is growing focus on the leaders, and with that some forward-thinking speculation.
Elizabeth Warren
How important is it for a politician to tell the truth about his or her personal history?
Voters wait to cast ballots in Miami on Nov. 6, 2018
As part of a series of reports from the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee covering the influence of Russia on the 2016 general election, the latest release has just been made public.
Florida could become the 16th state to adopt “constitutional carry,” meaning no permit would be required to publicly carry a firearm, or lawmakers could impose more restrictions on concealed and op
Robert Kraft, foreground, in July, his lifestyle unchanged
If raids on the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter and other Florida massage parlors were meant to crack down on human trafficking and protect women, they have done exactly the opposite.
Leadership Blue Conference last June. Credit: floridapolitics
Next weekend, Oct. 11-13, the Florida Democratic Party is holding its annual state convention in Orlando.
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