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Pocahontas Warren Fibs Her Way to a Democratic Polling Lead

October 14, 2019 - 6:00am
Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Warren

How important is it for a politician to tell the truth about his or her personal history?

It’s a question Americans face daily, especially since the establishment news media seems solely preoccupied with overturning every stone or pebble in a presidential candidate’s individual background, endlessly snooping for the one scandalous tidbit of dirt (information) that could sway hypothetical voter x’s decision come next spring (the party primaries) or thirteen months from now in the national election.

“Character counts” is the gossipers’ mantra, but only appears salient where conservatives or Republicans are at issue. Former Arkansas governor and budding president of the United States big bubba Bill Clinton had a virtual household full of personal skeletons in his closet(s), yet the news talkers and writers didn’t pay them much heed no matter how many bones rattled or things went bump in the night. Clinton had more political lives than Morris the Cat (impeachment, anyone?) -- and still does. Though the truth did appear to catch up to wife Hillary.

Jesus said, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32. It was certainly the case in 2016, even if the Clintons went to extraordinary lengths to mask it.

No one ever said politics was a clean and sanitary business, but some of today’s so-called fact-finding media is a bit over-the-top. Remember back to three years ago this time when journalists and pundits obsessed over whether then candidate Donald Trump called a Venezuelan beauty queen “Miss Piggy” (twenty years prior) and then attempted to bring down the Republican nominee’s entire campaign by exposing a decade-old recording which featured the former celebrity engaging in locker room banter with TV tabloid host Billy Bush.

The fury over the would-be president’s words engendered something we never expected from Trump -- an apology -- but it’s safe to say voters weren’t about to turn on him because he once confirmed everyone’s suspicions of his high-profile playboy lifestyle. After all, Trump was pitted against Hillary… and that was enough for most to dismiss -- or ignore by necessity -- his bugaboos and take the man at his insistence that he’d reformed himself between the ears and he’d made it his mission to Make America Great Again.

But what if you’re proven a liar over and over again -- doesn’t it lay bare the type of person you are inside? Falsehoods directly speak to your veracity and propensity to tell the truth in addition to providing revealing glimpses of your worldview. Such is definitely the case for Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, who’s facing renewed accusations of fibbing about her employment history to enhance her life’s story. Many wonder whether the faux Native American is even capable of telling it like it is regarding crucial aspects of her work background.

Matt Margolis reported at PJ Media, “… [A] 2007 interview of Elizabeth Warren (that has been on YouTube for 11 years) resurfaced that contradicted a story she often tells during her campaign stump speech about being fired from a teaching job for being ‘visibly pregnant.’ The ‘principal did what principals did,’ she said. In the video, she said she made the choice to stop teaching. The campaign stump speech version of her story was most likely a fabrication, as it helped establish her as a victim, a woman who overcame workplace discrimination and is ready to break the most important glass ceiling there is.

“Well, now we have proof that her stump speech is a lie. The Washington Free Beacon reports that documents show Elizabeth Warren had been approved for a second-year teaching contract before resigning...

“Warren's claim of being fired by the principal for being ‘visibly pregnant’ was also in her 2013 book, A Fighting Chance, which means that she is likely guilty of slander and libel for her false claims against the principal.”

Uh oh, there’s much consternation in Democrat-land. “Lizzy’s” been caught in another big fat lie and she’ll have to take many tokes from the ‘ol peace pipe with the media medicine man to get around this one. First she blatantly lied about her ethnic ancestry (1/1024th Native American?) due to some fantastic family legend about disapproving grandparents and running off to get hitched, then she fibbed on her employment applications and now the Massachusetts senator with bugged out eyes (slightly concealed behind her granny glasses) and screechy caustic voice has been cornered telling whoppers about being visibly pregnant and mean school principals who wouldn’t stand for it. So they canned her. Pfft.

What was this, the dark ages? Nope, it was the early seventies. Like the sexual revolution hadn’t already happened and still misogynistic males couldn’t tolerate a knocked-up young school marm in their vicinity.

The Free Beacon story Margolis referenced showed the school district in question offered to grant Warren a second teaching year, then expressed regret (again, in meeting minutes) when the fledgling teacher declined to take the job for another term. She quit… she wasn’t fired.

In essence, this wasn’t a tale of some sexist administrator who didn’t want a tubby (due to pregnancy) lady teaching the basics to the young and impressionable. Therefore, this episode certainly appears to be another whimsical “Pocahontas”-like fabrication, a figment of Warren’s calculated-for-political-gain remembrances.

Put it this way. If Ronald Reagan had Warren’s scruples he would’ve gone around the country telling campaign audiences he’d won fifteen Oscars in his acting career and it should’ve been more like thirty because he was a better thespian than all those other undeserving movie star hacks.

And let’s not forget how the news media in 2004 made a huge scandal out of faked Texas Air National Guard documents (concerning George W. Bush) that according to some could’ve been demonstrated false with a minimal amount of legwork and an openness to the truth. But CBS, Dan Rather and most of the rest of the liberal press didn’t want to believe what was right in front of their eyes. It didn’t suit their agenda.

Now many of the same people aren’t digging down to get Warren to admit she made up this “fired because I was pregnant” mythology. Democrats and liberals either don’t care that Warren’s traveling the campaign trail spreading half-truths and outright lies again. If “Pocahontas” is bloviating about something that happened forty or fifty years ago, take it with a huge grain of salt. How can she possibly be believed when practically everything she’s ever said about her background has been stretched to fit her own “I was a victim who overcame” narrative?

Herein lies the difference between the Democrat presidential hopefuls and Trump. The billionaire real estate developer would never portray himself as the victim of anyone -- except perhaps the vapidly unfair “fake” news media -- and pretty much all the Democrats pretend they’ve been held back or discriminated against because of demographic characteristics -- race,  class, poor parents, gender, sexual orientation, age… who knows, at some point maybe they’ll even claim they’re disadvantaged because of being human (climate change?).

But it begs the question: Is it important to be accurate and tell the truth about where you came from? Trump isn’t completely immune from criticism is this realm (as brought forth by his GOP rivals during the primary campaign) but it’s nothing akin to concocting tall tales about his life that are easily disproved with facts (as distinguished from mere opinions from people who hated him) contained in government records.

Could it be Warren’s faltering too? Democrats are already wringing their hands over the prospect of the doddering Joe Biden being their nominee. If “Pocahontas” keeps up her faulty authenticity gyrations she could soon be out of favor with the party grassroots too. What then?

How about Hillary? Tyler O’Neil wrote at PJ Media, “Clinton may just be trying to increase her visibility to sell her latest book, but she may also be positioning herself to enter the 2020 Democratic presidential race if former Vice President Joe Biden falters — or should I say, continues to falter.

“Before you scoff, think about the current state of the race: Biden, an aging ‘moderate’ with increasingly radical positions, is dropping as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), a Bernie Sanders-style big government radical who riles up the liberal base, rises in the polls and in the early states of Iowa and New Hampshire. Wall Street donors who back Democrats have warned the Democratic Party that they won't write checks if Warren is the nominee — in fact, they'll consider backing Trump...

“Clinton is not likely to enter the race at this point, but she could be laying the groundwork to make another presidential run possible. She may think that Democrat accusations of Trump's corruption make him a weaker candidate in 2020 than he was in 2016. She may also think that his victory was a fluke and if the election were run one more time, she would win.”

Some, including myself, have argued for months that Hillary was lying in wait for the others to destroy themselves before she swooped in as a glass ceiling shattering, magic Democrat scepter wielding White Knight candidate who would vanquish the hated Trump monster.

It's increasingly looking like there isn’t an acceptable Democrat presidential candidate in the field let alone a desirable one. Party voters won’t appreciate having to choose between the lesser of 24 (or however many candidates are left when the polls finally open) evils. Biden’s lost it mentally. Bernie’s got health issues. “Pocahontas” can’t be believed. The rest? They’re a bunch of lightweights.

Time will tell whether the rumors swirling around Clinton getting in the race are true. In the meantime, the spotlight will only become more intense as we move towards next week’s 12-person Democrat candidates’ debate. A great deal’s changed since the liberal wannabes last met in Houston on September 12. Will one of them break free of the pack?

It's hard to say whether Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren’s latest sham (regarding her being fired from an early 70’s teaching job due to pregnancy) will signal a drop in her support. As time goes on it seems President Trump is looking stronger and stronger, and it’s more than just by default.

Jeffrey A. Rendall is a writer for ConservativeHQ, online news source for conservatives and Tea Partiers committed to bringing limited government constitutional conservatives to power.

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