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The Sunshine Way

Sunshine State News was born from a desire to cover a side of issues and stories that was absent in the news landscape, to fill the vacuum.

At Sunshine State News, we believe this is the right time to focus on the inextricable relationship between politics and business in Florida and how it affects the success of our state. To that end, we strive to cut through the jargon and speak in a fresh, no-nonsense way to an audience of lawmakers, lobbyists and strategists, to Florida’s job creators and economy protectors, in fact to all Floridians who expect their leaders to make common-sense decisions and set lofty, yet attainable, goals.

Sunshine State News fills a void – and that is our principal reason for being. We are the only news organization in Florida with an editorial board that believes free-market, less-government solutions will prove successful in addressing the problems challenging our state. Our news stories deal with facts, but we are more than happy to espouse our opinion in columns. We make it our job to tell the side of the stories that other outlets choose to ignore. We cover news statewide, putting the right amount of emphasis on untold stories and up-to-the-minute blogs, the ones that illuminate a rapidly changing economy, the clash of ideas and relationships at the state Capitol and political strategies playing out in all corners of Tallahassee and beyond. We aim to present our stories in a bright, attractive, reader-friendly package. And, we strive to avoid the stuffy conventions of traditional newspaper storytelling, instead writing compellingly in everyday language, using as much wit, personality and insight as we can muster.

Sunshine State News welcomes reader participation. In fact, we encourage it by calling for comments on each story and blog and by inviting letters to the editor and op-ed articles. Sunshine State News is always evolving, always adding features, looking for ways to make ourselves not just content, but a community for Floridians who care deeply about how and what our leaders are doing to improve our lives. Join our conversation on Twitter: @SSNAlerts

CORRECTIONS POLICY: Sunshine State News is anxious to correct errors promptly and transparently. We encourage readers who find an error of fact to report it promptly to Executive Editor Nancy Smith at 228-282-2423. Corrections will be printed in bold where the error occurred, so the story will reflect in all editions exactly what is being corrected. In addition, for three consecutive days the correction will be appear prominently on the upper righthand side of the Home page, with a link to the story.

Meet Our Team

Nancy Smith - Executive Editor

Nancy SmithA Connecticut native, Nancy Smith began her journalism career at The Daily Mirror and The Observer newspapers, both in London, England. She served as city editor, managing editor and associate editor at The Stuart News/Port St. Lucie News for 28 years, retiring from Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers in 2005. She was president of the Florida Society of Newspaper Editors in 1993-1994. More impressive than her wall of awards, she found a way to be stepmother to seven children and still write one of the most compelling and controversial columns on the Treasure Coast. She brought her long-suffering husband Mick and the children back from England in 1974. "Some people go to London and bring back an ashtray," she says. "I came home with something a whole lot better." Contact Nancy Smith at or (228) 282-2423.

When not working, I... play blackjack, find any kind of live sports on television, or work on my novel and pretend people will actually read it.

In a previous life, I must've been... a cabaret singer, a suffragette or a criminal.

My favorite thing about SSN is... I have the freedom to say what I want to people who frame/decide policy for the greatest state in the U.S.

The strangest experience I've had in an interview/as a journalist... in England in my 20s, I walked into a room for my interview, the editor helped me off with my coat and my dress was unzipped clear down the back.

You'll find me cheering in the stands for... women and animals above all; then the Patriots, Red Sox, Braves, Arsenal, the Williams sisters -- and yes, even Tiger.

Follow Nancy on Twitter: @NancyLBSmith 


Ed Dean - Senior Editor

As the top-rated radio show host focusing on Florida, Dean is no stranger to the Sunshine State’s politics. Dean is a regular financial and political commentator on Newsmax TV and a contributor to Fox News 35 in Orlando. In addition, he is a senior media analyst for the Taxpayers Protection Alliance, a Washington D.C. taxpayers advocacy group.  Dean’s work has appeared in the Space Coast Daily and Sunshine State News. Before that, he covered politics for Straight Talk, the Brevard Reporter and WMEL Radio where he won awards for his coverage of the 2004 hurricane season. With his uncle John Buckley, a former Reagan consultant, Dean helped run BTV, a media and polling firm. In 2010, Dean was the featured MC for the “Spending Revolt” bus tour of Florida launched by Americans for Prosperity (AFP). Dean has also worked as a media consultant to politicians, campaigns and businesses groups at the state and national levels and sits on the media advisory board for the American Media Institute. Dean is the owner of the Florida Radio Network. The Ed Dean Radio Show is featured Monday through Friday, 6 to 8 a.m. and 5 to 7 p.m. around the state. Dean is a native Floridian, born on the east coast in Melbourne.

When not working, I... Spend time golfing & fishing.

In a previous life, I must've been... Calvin Coolidge.

My favorite thing about SSN is... Up to date breaking news and the credibility and reputation the publication has.

The strangest experience I've had in an interview/as a journalist... There are so many, but one that comes quick to my mind was just a few years ago. In 2011, I was interviewing America's most popular Sheriff, Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County Arizona. He was speaking at an event in Orlando Florida where I was the emcee. On stage, I was conducting a interview with the Sheriff. Earlier, we had gotten word to be prepared for protesters outside the building. But instead of protesting outside, they disguised themselves as paid audience members and sneaked in the auditorium. And of course, they decided to wait till my interview was being conducted; they proceeded to protest, yell and toss verbal profanity at the sheriff. Security jumped in, things started to get physical and I thought World War 3 was starting to break out. But quickly, things calmed down.

You'll find me cheering in the stands for... Florida State Seminoles football team and Florida Gators basketball Team.

Follow Ed on Twitter: @eddeanradio



Lane Wright - Education Contributor 

Lane’s a former journalist and former press secretary to Governor Rick Scott. Now he works for a national education non-profit, Education Post, trying to foster better conversations around improving public schools through his writing and podcasting. His colleagues call him the Jargon Slayer and he has a knack for breaking down complex education reform policy issues into easy-to-understand concepts. He won’t hesitate to call out nonsense, praise success, and admit when things aren’t so black and white.

His school advocacy work has appeared in traditional newspapers across the country and in national education publications like The 74. As a father of three children (the oldest of which just started public school), and as a Tallahassee resident, he also contributes to Florida based outlets in Tampa, Jacksonville, and Tallahassee, as well as statewide political shops like Sunshine State News.

When not working, I... watch too much Netflix and feel guilty for not reading more books.

In a previous life, I must've been... an actor. If I didn’t have to worry about making a living, I’d just do impressions and star in movies.

My favorite thing about SSN is... Nancy Smith.

The strangest experience I've had in an interview/as a journalist... is asking people who’ve been victims of severe trauma or violence how they feel.

You'll find me cheering in the stands for… Truth-tellers, inspiring teachers, and all things BYU.




Leslie Wimes - Contributing Writer

Originally from Indiana, Leslie has called Florida home since 1996. Professionally, she has worked as an ICU Registered Nurse for more than 27 years. In 2008 she jumped into the world of blogging about current events and the state of affairs in Black America for her own site, Women On The Move. Leslie started contributing to Sunshine State News in 2014. Since then, she has appeared on major networks such as CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, BBC, and has been heard on NPR, giving her opinion on presidential elections and Florida politics.

When not working, I ... relax at home, read a good book, watch television.

In a previous life, I must've been ... a rabble rouser, because one never changes, they only get better!

My favorite thing about SSN is ... I love having the different perspectives. There isn't an echo chamber here. We all see things differently, and yet we respect each other's right to do so.

The strangest experience I've had in an interview/as a journalist ... I'm an opinion writer, which is different from a journalist, thank God! I get to write what I believe. I suppose it's strange that I'm allowed to do that.

You'll find me cheering in the stands for ... My daughter Alexa, always, no matter what she does in life, and the Williams sisters, although I'm not sure how much longer we will have them.

Also follow Leslie  on Twitter: @Womenonthemove1


Caitlin Dreher - Copy and Web Editor

A native Floridian, Caitlin Dreher attended the University of Florida where she studied Political Science and Spanish Linguistics. Since graduating Caitlin has consulted for political campaigns and public affairs firms both in and out of state.

When not working, I... lift weights at the gym, volunteer, and consume large amounts of literature

In a previous life, I must've been... a large cat

My favorite thing about SSN is... staying up to date on what's happening in politics

You'll find me cheering in the stands for... Gator Football and the Tampa Bay Lightning

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