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Credit Card Abuse Shouldn't Be Just a Republican Story

Thirty-one RPOF American Express credit cards issued, but not a single one to the governor?

On the other hand, why would the governor need a credit card when his minions are flashing theirs to the tune of more than $7 million? And these are in-the-shadows people, backgrounders that most Floridians have never heard of.

Readers, RPOF credit cards are going to be the gift that keeps on giving. Trust me. Bookmark this Web site.

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Sen. Bennett and His Not-Quite-Bikini-Clad Babes Travel the World

Let's hope Florida Sen. Mike Bennett likes to travel, because in the last 72 hours the Bradenton Republican has zipped around the world like a yo-yo. Well, his video image, anyway.

Millions of viewers in London, Stockholm, Berlin, Sydney, Bogata, New York -- and at least a dozen destinations in between -- have seen the point-and-click senator and his not-quite-bikini-clad, dancing quartet. Over and over and over again. I call it a modern miracle of technology.

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Child Sex Abuse Bill Unanimously Clears the House

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RPOF Will Release AmEx Charges

They said they have nothing to hide, and on Friday Republican Party of Florida Executive Board members backed it up: They unanimously passed a motion to release all American Express statements for all RPOF credit cards during the tenure of former Chairman Jim Greer.

That means AmEx charges -- "thousands of pages of documentation" -- from January 2007 through February 2010 will be publicly available "no later than two weeks from today, Friday, April 23, 2010."

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Look Out, Look Up! Mystery Robot Spaceship Launches Tonight

FROM FOX NEWS: The United States Air Force's novel robotic X-37B space plane is tucked inside the bulbous nose cone of an unmanned rocket and poised for an evening blastoff from Florida TONIGHT on a mission shrouded in secrecy.

Read the rest of the story here:

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Rasmussen Reports Poll Shows Crist Making a Gain on Rubio

If Gov. Charlie Crist leaves the GOP and jumps into the U.S. Senate race as an Independent, he'll still be behind his primary opponent Marco Rubio. But, according to, the Rasmussen Reports poll, the governor has gained some ground, at least for the moment. The poll of Florida voters finds that 37 percent would vote for GOP frontrunner Marco Rubio, 30 percent for Crist and 22 percent for Democrat Kendrick Meek. Thats a lot closer than a month ago, when Rubio had a 17-point lead and Crist was in third place.

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They're Just Spending Fools: Florida Senate Campaigns' Top 5

Who among Florida Senate candidates is out there spending up a storm? Does it surprise you to know that they're all Republicans? Or, that the biggest spender of all is an incumbent who stands virtually 0 -- that's zero -- chance of losing even if he were stoney broke and sitting on a street corner rattling a money jar?

Why are they spending so much now? Don't worry, we'll be asking. In the meantime, here are the Big 5 spend-it-if-you've-got-it chart-toppers:

Mike Haridopolos District 26 Incumbent $ 341,324

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Top 5 Fundraisers in House Races

As in the Senate races, the House campaigns' Big Five fundraisers are all Republicans:

1. Dean Cannon Jr. District 35 $661,786

2. Will Weatherford District 61 437,946

3. Jose Diaz District 115 228,255

4. Ben Albritton District 66 184,000

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Top 5 Fundraisers in Senate Races

I give you the Big Five fundraising leaders among Senate candidates -- Republicans all:

1. Mike Haridopolos District 26 $707,475

2. Jack Latvala District 16 504,259

3. Anitere Flores District 38 487,820

4. Jim Norman District 12 450,560

5. Miguel Diaz de la Portilla District 36 444,835

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Times/Herald Holds Teachers Union Harmless, Apparently

The Times/Herald combo is good at "follow the money" campaign stories. They've been writing them for years, separate or together. There's always that sneering quality in the story's tone when their reporters write about the bad guys donating those Big Bucks to their favorite evil candidates. You can almost see the reporter's lip curl up at the corner.

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