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Letter to Jeb Bush: Say It Ain't So

Dear Jeb,

Toss us just one little crumb of hope, won't you, sir?

When you told the ABC affiliate in Louisville, Kentucky on Tuesday, "I am not running for president" in 2012, you plain stopped a lot of hearts. Ours included.

Please quit doing that.

America needs leadership. America needs a force in control of its future and its destiny. If not you, who?

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Be Grateful for Stephanie: Never Make Fun of a Florida DOT Secretary Again

How should Stephanie Kopelousos feel about this, I wonder?

Jealous? Relieved? Amused?

Before the day is out, Kopelousos, Florida Department of Transportation secretary, is going to find out that her always-colorful counterpart in Mississippi -- Larry L. "Butch" Brown -- was arrested in Biloxi early Friday. And what an arrest it was.

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Good-old WSJ Has a Must-Read Take on Unemployment Extension

State of the nations unemployment woes? Trust the Wall Street Journal to unsheathe its knives on this one as only the Journal can do.

In an editorial in Tuesdays paper, Stimulating Unemployment, the Journal pointed out that President Barack Obama shouldnt be so eager to stage a look-at-these-poor-victims-of-Republican-heartlessness show, because all it does is call attention to the pathetic numbers of his own administration and the Democratic Congress over which he seems to have no control.

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Rasmussen Poll: 56% Favor Offshore Drilling; 47% Deepwater Drilling

While Florida lawmakers buzz around the Capitol, called back in the middle of the summer for Charlie Crist's overkill special session, the rest of the country is virtually split down the middle over whether offshore drilling -- even deepwater drilling -- should be allowed.

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Florida Democrats Among the Few and the Fortunate: DNC Hands Them $333,000

A bit of peekaboo, I see you luck befell Florida Democrats on Tuesday, when the Democratic National Committee noticed how toasty the state's highest-profile races were getting and expressed its excitement with a tidy contribution.

The DNC tossed $333,000 of its $2 million mid-term pot to Sunshine State Dems. In fact, the national party gave big bucks like these only to states where Democrats have a chance of winning Ohio and Florida.

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LeBron James Chooses Miami Heat

The mystery's over. One of the greatest basketball players of our time, LeBron James, chose Florida ... South Beach ... the heat ... and the Heat. The former Cleveland Cavalier announced Thursday night that next season he'll join Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Pat Riley's suddenly world-exposed Miami Heat.

CNBC sports business reporter Darren Rovell estimates James's 2010-2011 value to the Heat at $17,500,068. James will bring mind-boggling stats to Miami: an average 29.7 points per game, 7.3 rebounds, 8.6 assists and a field goal percentage of .503.

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Charlie Crist's First Choice in Lee County Is John E. Manning (Wink, Wink) ... Honest It Is!

John E. Manning of Cape Coral really is Gov. Charlie Crist's first choice to fill the vacant seat on the Lee County Commission. Honest he is. The governor's FIRST choice.

Isn't that right, Charlie (wink, wink)?

On Wednesday Crist appointed Manning to fill the vacancy created by the death of Lee County Commissioner Bob Janes four months ago. He had absolutely, positively no idea who he was going to appoint before he interviewed applicants for the position a few weeks ago.

Isn't that right, Charlie Crist (wink, wink)?

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Jim Greer Pleads Not Guilty

Former Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer, 48, entered a not-guilty plea Thursday to six felony counts of money laundering, fraud and theft -- all involving contributions sent to the party. Greer, appointed by Gov. Charlie Crist, worked for the RPOF from January 2007 until early this year. An Orange County Circuit Court judge set his trial for Oct. 18. Neither he nor his attorneys appeared in court.

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Charlie Crist's Short, Sweet Salute to his PSC Appointees

Gov. Charlie Crist issued a short-but-sweet statement late Wednesday recognizing two PSC members he appointed to the commission in 2007, but who this week were ceremoniously left off the nominating council's second-term list.

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Major Grocers Go to Bat for Florida Seafood

Grocery giants are more used to competing than cooperating, but these are extraordinary times for their large customer base along the beleaguered Gulf Coast.

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