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Charlie Crist's Former Faithful Sue to Get Their Donations Back

Some of the folks who donated money to Charlie Crist the Republican now want Charlie Crist the independent to give it back. And they've filed a lawsuit in Collier County Circuit Court to show they mean business.

The Naples Daily News reported Monday that the plaintiffs are former U.S. Ambassador to the Bahamas John Rood and Linda Morton of Naples. Rood donated the maximum, according to the newspaper, $4,800; Morton, $500. But both are looking to move the case to class-action status so other disgruntled donors can join in.

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Former Presidential Candidate Steve Forbes to Headline Florida Chamber of Commerce annual meeting

For an annual meeting focusing on job creation and economic development, who better to serve as your keynoter than billionaire entrepreneur Steve Forbes? The Florida Chamber of Commerce announced Monday that Forbes -- libertarian-leaning conservative and two-time presidential candidate -- will kick off its 2010 Future of Florida Forum Oct. 11-13 at Walt Disney World's Yacht and Beach Club in Orlando.

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Oil Hits Mississippi Beach for First Time

Largehunks of thick crude from the BP oil spill washed ashore on a Mississippi beach for the first time Sunday. The town victimized was Ocean Springs, a quaint,tree-canopied, artists'-village-of-a-placejust east across the bridge from Biloxi.

More than 100 Ocean Springs residents showed up with rubber gloves, pails and shovels along two tourist beaches, hoping to clean up the gooey tar.

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Moving On and Up at Kennedy Space Center

Big day Friday at Kennedy Space Center.

With the gloom of the Constellation and shuttle-program shutdowns hanging darkly over NASA, officials will break ground on Exploration Park, a do-over of the center's space sciences lab. Ultimately, Exploration Park will be a research and technology hub on 400 acres -- an opportunity to create high-tech jobs by attracting high-tech businesses to the Space Coast.

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Procter & Gamble and Dawn: Engaging America's Concern for the Gulf's Oil-Soaked Wildlife

You've got to hand it to the folks at Procter & Gamble.

On the one hand, they've found a way to cash in on the worst environmental disaster in our nation's history ... and on the other, emerge as one of the great saviors -- in fact, the only hope -- for untold thousands of sickened, oil-soaked seabirds.

All because they manufacture the diswashing liquid Dawn.

Dawn is acknowledged by wildlife experts as the only -- yes, the only -- product available capable of taking oil off the birds without harming their delicate bodies.

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All of a Sudden We're Reminded How Much We Miss Jeb Bush

Trust Jeb Bush to put our pouting president in perspective.

More than a year and a half after his election, President Barack Obama is still blaming his predecessor for his ills -- for "the battered economy, budget deficits and even the lax oversight of oil wells."

Obama's predecessor happens to be Jeb's brother, George W. Bush, and Jeb isn't about to let Obama continue bashing his big bro without, well, a poke. Here's what Jeb told Matt Bai, as reported in the New York Times:

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World Cup Justice: Don't Dilly-Dally, Mr. Coulibaly, Get Back to Mali

You say it's not politics and it's not business, so why are we blogging it here in Sunshine State News? Because the World Cup and America's hopes on soccer's biggest stage are all politics, all business and far more.

So, here it is, released by FOX Sports Monday afternoon:

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BP Knew Equipment Was Leaking Oil Weeks Before Explosion

Monday morning's Daily Mail reports from London that Tyrone Benton, a worker on the Deepwater Horizon rig, said he spotted a leak in the blowout preventer -- part of the rig's safety equipment -- weeks before the explosion. And reported it. The preventer was shut down and a second one installed -- but there was no attempt to stop the leak.

Monday night Benton will be interviewed in depth -- and so will his claims -- on BBC-TV's "Panorama," a program similar to our "60 Minutes."

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Sad-But-True World Cup Riddle

What do a politician and a World Cup referee have in common?

Put a little money in their pocket and they'll work like the devil to give you a win.

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TEA Partiers Falling From the Sky Into Key House Races: Beware Dean Cannon!

It's like a scene from the 1984 film "Red Dawn."

First we see one parachute drop to the ground, then two. Then more. And all of a sudden the sky is dark with foreign invaders falling on Florida, on our turf, in our back yard.

It's happening right now, and this time it's not foreign invaders.

It's TEA Partiers. The fake ones who masquerade as grass-roots conservatives but are anything but. They've been invading our Florida House races all day long. And not just any old races.

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