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Alan Grayson, Free Tips on How to Poll Your District

Rep. Alan Grayson might want to call his polling people over to cash in on a few tips.

After Sunshine State News released its poll of the CD 8 race between incumbent Democrat Grayson and Republican challenger Dan Webster, Grayson either naive or desperate -- issued a press release, challenging its accuracy and validity.

The poll, incidentally, put Webster ahead of Grayson by 7 points.

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Scaring Grandma: Alan Grayson's Latest Ad Atrocity

When you're losing, what do you do?

Scare the pants off senior voters.

That looks to be the tactic of Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson's latest ad featuring four senior citizens panicked out of their minds because Dan Webster, Grayson's Republican opponent in CD 8, is going to cut $1,000 a year from their Social Security. Just yank it right out of there, is what he's going to do.

Eye glasses ... medications ... just think ... oh, my God!

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Alex Sink Fires Campaign Worker for Breaking CNN Debate Rules

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink fired a campaign worker after the worker broke the rules and text-messaged her during a commercial break in a nationally televised debate Monday night.

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CNN Debate Won't Help Charlie Crist: It's Over

Heading into Sunday morning's CNN debate, Gov. Charlie Crist is already having a bad day.

Behind the sunny smile and the ever-tan is a man who knows he has a better chance of squeezing another $10 million out of BP than he does being elected Florida's next senator.

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No Money Left to Fix Everglades? Why Should That Surprise Anybody?

The money's gone. Short of imposing new taxes, there's nothing left to get started on virtually any part of Everglades restoration. Why does that suddenly come as such a surprise?

It certainly shocked Chief U.S. District Judge Federico Moreno on Thursday, because on March 31 he had ordered a $700 million reservoir that had been stopped and destroyed halfway to completion, rebuilt. The South Florida Water Management District had money then.

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Dr. Ed Moore: Floridians Finally Got to See Who Alex Sink and Rick Scott Are

Dr. Ed Moore, a prominent observer of the Florida political scene, called Wednesday night's gubernatorial debate between Alex Sink and Rick Scott "a bare-knuckled exchange, a real contrast in style, personality and experience."

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Dr. Ed Moore: Marco Rubio, Kendrick Meek, Charlie Crist -- None Changed His Position in Senate Debate

In the opinion of one expert on Florida politics, Tuesday night's U.S. Senate debate was polite, predictable and did little to advance the election chances of any of the three candidates.

Dr. Ed Moore, president and CEO of Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida, said Gov. Charlie Crist, the independent; U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek, the Democrat; and Marco Rubio, the Republican -- under the glare of TV cameras -- responded to journalists' questions "in about as straightforward a manner as you can get. I heard nothing that came as a surprise. No new information."

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Sorry, Sen. Bill Nelson: No Decision Yet for 9/11 Hero Jose Melendez-Perez

Jose Melendez-Perez, one of the most celebrated heroes of 9/11, appealed the disciplinary action against him Tuesday, but the Department of Homeland Security hearing officer didn't render a decision, nor did he announce when one would be available.

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CNN's Wolf Blitzer: Sarah Palin and Marco Rubio Will Appear Together

Until now he's kept his distance from celebrity conservative Sarah Palin, but Marco Rubio, the Republican candidate who leads in the U.S. Senate race by a country mile, apparently sees a benefit in joining the sometimes popular, sometimes controversial former Alaska governor on a tea party stage.

Wolf Blitzer, host of "Situation Room," told his CNN audience Monday evening that, double-digit lead or not, Rubio still sees independent Charlie Crist over his shoulder.

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Obama Administration About to Lift Ban on Deep-Water Oil Drilling

Though it's too late for some drilling operations, the Obama administration is on the brink of announcing an end to its ban on deep-water oil drilling.

Carter Rolle, in the office of Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, told Sunshine State News Tuesday, "The key to getting us to this point is the new safety rules, rules that should have been in place before the Deepwater Horizon accident." He said he expects the ban-lifting announcement to come just after 1 p.m. Tuesday.

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