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Glen Beck Wrong: 'Restoring Honor' Rally Won't Be Last Large Gathering at Lincoln Memorial

Based on a investigation, a report on CNN Sunday morning disclaimed -- in fact, shredded -- Glen Beck's ominous warning that his "Restoring Honor" rally Saturday would likely be "the last large gathering" ever allowed at the Lincoln Memorial.

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Whose Scott-McCollum Poll Came Closest? Ours, Ours, Ours!

Yoooo-hoooo, George Bennett ... We're over here, we're over here!

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Ken Pruitt Wins in St. Lucie County

Former Senate President Ken Pruitt, who retired his seat in 2009 to return home and be closer to his family, won his primary race Tuesday and now is the Republican nominee for property appraiser in St. Lucie County. Pruitt, who took 55.88 percent of the vote, defeated real estate property manager Judy Culpepper (44.12 percent). He will have Democratic and third party opposition in the general election.

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Bill McCollum's Humble Little $21 Million, Corporate-Gift, Spending-Committee Grass-Roots Campaign

Whatcha smokin' there, Bill, some of your grass roots?

Sorry, had to ask.

Here's why: According to The Miami Herald, Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill McCollum actually told a rapt media gathered in Longwood Tuesday morning -- and you might want to sit down for this one -- "This has been a grass-roots campaign. It's the strongest grass-roots campaign I've been involved with since the very first one I ran."

Strong? I'll say. I've seen weaker roots a foot thick in the DeSoto National Forest.

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USF: BP Oil Back, Off Panama City in Toxic Concentrations

The April 20 Deepwater Horizon disaster is far from over for Florida.

Vast concentrations of BP oil toxic to marine life may have settled to the floor of the Gulf of Mexico just off Panama City, according to a report due to be released later Tuesday.

Researchers from the University of South Florida, back Monday night from a fact-finding excursion in the Gulf, say they will release their report later Tuesday.

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Brer Bill McCollum Hippity-Hops Around Very Miffed Hispanics

After hippity-hopping back and forth on Arizona's immigration law -- it's too much ... no, not enough; we don't need it ... yeah, let's bring it -- Brer Bill McCollum, the Republican gubernatorial candidate-bunny, decided to propose his own, tougher version for Florida.

What did Hispanics -- his largest supporters in the briar patch -- say?

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Paula Dockery Nails It: Charlie Crist Passes U.S. Sugar Deal Baton to Bill McCollum

Sen. Paula Dockery, R-Lakeland, passionate about her love for the Everglades, Thursday said she was disappointed but not surprised by the South Florida Water Management District Board's unanimous vote to approve a twice down-sized U.S. Sugar deal.

Bad deal for the River of Grass, she said. Bad deal for taxpayers, too.

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$26 Billion Stimulus Bundle Passes; Teachers Big Beneficiaries

Republicans didn't like it and most of them -- Florida's delegation included -- didn't vote for it, but on Tuesday afternoon Congress nevertheless approved a $26 billion plan to save thousands of public employees' jobs.

Teachers are among the chief beneficiaries.

The economic stimulus bill is expected to be the last Congress considers before the November election. When the president signs it, it will bring the total direct federal spending on the economy to just over $1 trillion since late 2007.

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More Northwest Florida Waters Cleared for Seafood Harvesting

An even greater expanse of federal water off Northwest Florida is now open for commercial and recreational fishing.

In a press statement Tuesday, Gov. Charlie Crist declared bad times for the Panhandle economy on the mend and good times ready to roll for recreational and commercial fishermen. "We invite traveling Floridians, as well as visitors from around the nation and the world, to come and fish, explore our beautiful beaches and enjoy Floridas delicious seafood, the governor said.

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Shhh, Can't Say 'Taxes'; But Here's an F-Word That Trips Easily Off the Lips

Cash-starved Florida municipalities are getting sneaky. Even in the middle of a deep recession, "taxes" -- the T-word -- is as verboten as ever in the Sunshine State.

But guess what word isn't? "Fees" -- apparently not such an F-word as you might think, because cities and counties are getting away with murder imposing them.

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