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UCF Socialist Club Urges Students, Children to Bash, 'Kill' Donald Trump

February 11, 2017 - 4:00pm

Protesters nationwide have vowed to “Bash the FASH” in the wake of Donald Trump’s controversial presidency, and in keeping with their promise, a spirited group of left wing “social extremists” at the University of Central Florida have taken the phrase literally. On Friday, UCF’s Knights for Socialism gathered to physically bash President Donald Trump’s face in, using baseball bats and inviting children to join in.

UCF’s Knights of Socialism gathered at the university’s Orlando campus for their “Whack-A-Trump” event, where students could take a baseball bat directly to Trump and his Cabinet members' faces. The group is the same one that promoted a "Leftist Fight Club" on Super Bowl Sunday, which taught students how to fight Trump supporters.

Jacob Engels of the East Orlando Post recorded video footage of the event, which was shared exclusively with Sunshine State News Saturday morning. 

The Knights organized the event to give students the chance to violently take out their anger and frustrations on the piñatas

“Angry? Afraid? Stressed? Come vent all that out with Knights for Socialism this Friday on the Free Speech lawn in a celebration of the Mexican and Latino culture that makes America and Florida so great,” read the event’s Facebook page.

The group printed out pictures of Trump, Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The Knights then slapped the photos onto papier-mâché containers and tied a rope over a tree branch, lifting the containers to the perfect height for passersby to take a swing.

At one point during the rally, Knights for Socialism leader Dylan Tyler takes a big whack at the piñata, smashing it in half. Tyler delivers blow after blow on the piñata as the crowd cheers him on.

Tyler jokes to call an ambulance to revive the “lifeless” Jeff Sessions.

“Make sure the ambulance comes here a bit late,” the Knights jeer.

UCF’s newspaper said the event attracted a “big crowd,” but live video footage shows about a dozen students actually showed up. 

At one point, the group appears to encourage a group of elementary schoolers on a tour to be part of the Trump bashing.  

The elementary schoolers beg the Knights to join in on the fun, which the group cheers on. Some children gleefully ask their teacher if they can "kill Donald Trump."

“Show Donald Trump something!” the kids shout. “Hit him hard!”

The children shout and clap as the piñata falls to the ground. They scramble to seize the Twizzlers and other candy strewn across the lawn.

One of the protesters was also spotted wearing an "Antifa International" sweatshirt. Antifa is best known as the group behind the violent riots at the University of California's Berkeley campus.  Conservatives have already organized a petition to designate Antifa as a terrorist organization for smashing windows and perpetuating a culture of fear through their protests. The petition had gathered over 65,000 signatures at the time of this article's release.

But don’t get the wrong idea about the event, said Tyler. The Knights’ events are clearly positive, and according to Tyler, just a way to spread the word and find “comrades” to their common cause. 

“There’s been no negativity by any means, but definitely a lot of interest and a lot of good conversations with people,” Tyler told KnightNews. “That’s all we are trying to do, build solidarity with the community and network with like-minded individuals.”

The group was organized last year in the midst of a controversial campaign season where Trump dominated the news cycles with his irreverent campaign tactics, controversial comments and a promise to shake up American politics. After Trump won the presidency in an historic upset, the Knights scrambled to organize an emergency “F*ck Trump” assembly where they talked about “destroying” Trump.

Engels, who obtained footage of the event, said he thought it was hypocritical for the Knights and other liberals to violently bash Trump.

"Imagine the outrage if this was done to President Obama," said Engels. 

Conservatives attending the university agreed. College Republicans said they were offended by the event and questioned how it would mollify an already intense political climate.

“Bashing a piñata of our president adds negatively to the already tense political climate, which exists even on campus,” said UCF College Republican Jarrett Cathcart. It’s something that is meant to provoke people and spark conflict.”






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