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FDP President Sally Boynton Brown Resigns Amidst Sexual Harassment Controversy

November 20, 2017 - 5:00pm
Sally Boynton Brown
Sally Boynton Brown

Florida Democratic Party president Sally Boynton Brown has resigned amidst a flurry of controversy when two former party staffers said she “enabled” FDP chairman Stephen Bittel’s “creepy” and “inappropriate” behavior towards female staffers.

Boynton Brown made the announcement late Monday afternoon.

“After much prayerful consideration I tendered my resignation to Chairman Bittel and Vice-Chair Mount this afternoon,” Boynton Brown wrote in an email to party leaders. “I can’t begin to tell you what a pure pleasure it was to work with you. The people of the Democratic Party are our greatest asset and I hope you never forget the power you have to make real change happen everyday with your actions.”

Brown requested officials “follow her lead” and put the people “above all else” moving forward. 

“They work tirelessly, selfishly and sacrifice every day to support the work you do,” she wrote.

Boynton Brown is the second high-profile official in the FDP to announce they are stepping down from their jobs. 

Her resignation comes on the heels of a FloridaPolitics report in which two women said she enabled the sexual harassment of female staffers by Stephen Bittel. 

“He would do it in front of Sally,” one woman said. “He was really into talking about sex, and if you went along with his conversations he would be more amicable to working with you.”

Boynton Brown defended Bittel amidst the accusations.

“In my experience, Chairman Bittel has been refreshingly open to feedback, given by myself and others, about his conversational style and modified his approached when he learned that others found it off-putting.” she said. 

On Friday, FDP chairman Stephen Bittel said he would be resigning after a Politico Florida story detailed the allegations of six former Democratic Party staffers and consultants who said Bittel was inappropriate and “creepy” with them, leering at young women and even inviting female staffers aboard his private jet.

Bittel was supposed to formally resign on Monday, but no formal resignation letter had been submitted to party leaders at the time of this article’s release. 

Boynton Brown has been a particular source of controversy for the FDP since she hopped onboard with the party earlier this year. 

In May, Boynton Brown came under fire for comments she made about poor voters. Boynton Brown seemed to imply they didn’t care about issues and instead voted on their emotions. 

"The issues have not been the same everywhere,” she said at a Broward Democratic Progressive Caucus event. “So, I believe that people are emotionally reacting to the emotion. I believe, and again I don't have the data to back this up, but is that Bernie found a core group of people who were excited about 'issues,' and their passion, and enthusiasm, and energy created an emotion that more people reacted to. That's what I saw from an outside perspective."

Boynton Brown was a newcomer to Florida politics and replaced executive director Scott Arceneaux, who stepped down after longtime Democratic fundraiser Stephen Bittel took over as party chair in January. She previously worked executive director of the Idaho Democratic Party. 

This is a developing story. Check back for updates. 



Reach reporter Allison Nielsen by email at or follow her on Twitter: @AllisonNielsen.



You expose your true nature somewhere down the road. Time is the Judge.

In January Stephen Bittel was elected Chair of the Florida Democratic Party, in late April the they hire Sally Boynton Brown as their Party President. Back in February, Brown had campaigned for the Democratic National Party Chair. During the DNC forum on CSPAN, Brown began pandering to the black audience claiming “My job is to shut other white people down when they want to say, 'Oh no, I'm not prejudiced, I'm a Democrat, I'm accepting.” Brown explained she was from Idaho and.. “We are so white. So white. Right? Like I’ve been reaching out and trying to connect to anybody of color that I can find to be honest with me.” ..she insulted the entire white population of Idaho by claiming they were all just as ignorant as her, and didn’t know any black people ..they don’t even exist in Idaho. Many citizens in Idaho and white, were offended by her ignorance. Brown claimed she had received numerous threats and insults after that forum, yet she continued to defend her racist rant. This woman is divisive and has nothing positive to offer any organization. And this is the best person the Florida Democratic Party could hire to work for Florida? The FDP have proven themselves to be incompetent’s time for black voters in Florida to leave this Democratic Party. Back in June, Stephen Bittel had some racial problems of his own.

After the racist rant Sally Boynton Brown gave trying to win the DNC chair, who in their right mind would bring her to Florida?

IT'S ALL ABOUT the "Ten Thousand Dollar litigious 'Settlement' lottery" (Unless Allread's involved; then it's a Hundred Thousand....or more, depending upon the notoriety of the 'award providing' benefactor., or corporation.. ) These are "Witch Hunts" Folks, pure & simple; and it's fast becoming a "NATIONAL SPORT"! Let's call it "Can You Top This ! ! !"

Does this mean she's a "Pimp"?... OR ... That "underling carrion-eaters" see an opportunity to "group together for an opportune kill" and "pick clean" the carcass that "kept them in line"? (I PICK "B" ! ) {Far too much of "this other nonsense" going around lately...}

While I am heartbroken to see Chair Bittel leave, but under the circumstances, I believe he did the right thing. I applaud him on his leadership of the Party. Additional I am sorry to see Sally resign as President. She was indeed a breathe of fresh air and invigorating as she prepared the FDP for victories. I hope she will reconsider and Chair Bittel not accept her resignation. Sally please, please stay.

Seriously? You are heartbroken to see a serial sexual harasser leave? He did the right thing because he had no choice - party leaders higher up than him were telling him to leave.....And you are sorry to see his enabler leave as well? I'll be you will be more sorry when the party has to pay out hundreds of thousands, maybe millions to settle lawsuits.

It's pigs like you that we intelligent women run away from. Hope you're not married or have sisters or daughters. I pity them if you do.

"Intelligent Women" don't talk like you do; or, cast aspersions such as you do... (Have you considered "group anger management" sessions ?)

Now THERE'S a "carrion-eater"! ! ! (Or a "stone-thrower"; Take your pick, they're all of the same ilk..)

Seems like some women are having hard times selling the kitty cat. It is difficult to marry these days, that vagina comes with a hairy assed lawyer, and the alimony, the children, the dogs and the cats.

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