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Sally Boynton Brown, Poor AND Rich Dems Care About Issues

May 20, 2017 - 9:30am

Recently, at a Broward Democratic Progressive Caucus event, newly minted Florida Democratic Party President Sally Boynton Brown declared that poor people didn't care about issues and voted based on emotions. According to the Miami New Times, she also declared that the best Democrats should hope for in Florida is a purple state.

I have news for you Mrs. Boynton Brown. You couldn't be further from the truth.

Having a job is an issue.

Putting food on the table is an issue.

Sending one's child to a decent school is an issue.

Access to healthcare is an issue.

Equal rights is an issue.

Voting rights is an issue.

Criminal Justice reform is an issue.

Guess what Sally? Can I call you Sally? Those are things DEMOCRATS care about, whether they have a million dollars in the bank, or no dollars in the bank.

Honey, you aren't in Idaho anymore. This is Florida.

If you aren't ready for prime time, let us know. Especially if you plan to participate in trying to better the party and increase voter turnout.

You aren't winning friends and influencing people with the thought that the best we can hope for is a purple state.

If that's your attitude, take it back to Idaho. I'm sure it's the there.

Here, it's just the bomb that needs to be blown up!

When it was first announced that Boynton Brown was taking over for Scott Arceneaux, I expressed reservations because of the differences between Idaho and Florida.

Those differences are becoming clear with the hot mess of a presentation Boynton Brown delivered. She made mistake after mistake during the entire thing. She's lucky the only thing people did was walk out on her.

The fact that Boynton Brown is proud that she didn't support Bernie Sanders OR Hillary Clinton in the 2016 primary is concerning.

While I supported Bernie Sanders in the primary, and was a very vocal critic of Hillary Clinton, I DID vote for Hillary in the general.

I think Stephen Bittel may want to groom Sally a bit more before he lets her loose again.

One thing I can honestly say is, this NEVER would have happened with Scott Arceneaux.

I'm very curious to know who else the FDP interviewed for the position of president. 

This was an amateur mistake, and not something that someone supposedly of Boynton Brown's caliber should have made.

Maybe speaking gigs aren't her thing. I know they weren't THAT night.

Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1.


Best thing that ever happened in Florida !! Dems selfdistruct. Death by Boynton Brown.

Newsflash: Dems intend to give up in CA by sending BoYton Brown here next. Yeah!

almost never agree with you, but it did raise some serious concerns to bring in someone from little Idaho, which is completely red in every way, and expect she was going to have a plan to turn one of the big 3 over to blue in any amount of time? I don't agree with your methods, nor your message, but I do agree this is a head scratcher...coming from an independent...

Sic 'em Leslie!!! "Carpetbaggers" were NEVER popular in the South (ESPECIALLY via "lateral entry" and espousing silliness for ALL to see)!!!

Oh you're a Bernie supporter but you held your nose and voted for Hillary anyway. What do you want a cookie? Or perhaps you prefer a statue erected in your honor because your such a martyr. Let's get real Leslie. Can I call you Leslie? Their is nothing Sally could have said to make you like her. You decide before she entered this state that she was corporate DNC shill and you and your progressive friends have try and destroy her. Am I right? I bet I am. Sally didn't say anything that your own canvasser trainers haven't been telling you for years. Listen more the speak, don't overwhelm constituents with a lot of new information apeal to voters on an emotional level. Honestly Leslie do think these attacks are helping the party? Do you think people will be lining up to canvas for us after these articles? Perhaps if you had chosen to focus on the paid call center and canvassing jobs they may have but not now. Thanks for nothing.

HEY "Bob Smith"!!!,...How in the world is "Howdy Doodie", "Clarabelle" and "Princess Summer-Fall-Winter-Spring" (whom I believe is now a Senator from Massachusetts)... C'mon, "own up" Are you really "Mr. Bluster" ? (you talk like him). Lighten up buddy...or sign up for "anger management" classes before you turn into what you sound like,.. a rabid Democrat...

"Their [sic] is nothing Sally could have said to make you like her. " All the Democrats need to do is LISTEN for a change. Instead they are fumbling around in the dark trying to guess what people want to hear, changing their message from minute to minute, hour to hour day to day just to get a positive reaction. You are right "Bob". There is little that can be said to convince anyone to trust you when you are in the middle of an identity crisis and you can't admit it. The Democrats are dooming themselves to failure because they are unable to see that they are only fooling themselves.

It amazes me that people who have never met someone, are so fast to attack and criticize. Those of you who were expecting a FDL President to be a Progressive Champion are obviously disappointed. It is up to each and every detractor to support Progressive issues. Sally Boynton Brown's job is to put together an infrastructure to help candidates get elected, something the previous administration failed miserably at. People who have met Sally or know her from her previous work appreciate her fairness and hard work. I personally wish her success in getting Democrats elected and hope everyone does as well.

Sally Boynton Brown apologized. Guess she said it after all. This Joe Kreps fella might wanna take his comment back!

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