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In The Face of More Illegal Activity, Andrew Gillum Resorts To Lies About Racism

October 31, 2018 - 2:00pm
Andrew Gillum
Andrew Gillum

The list of potential criminal activity continues to mount against Democratic gubernatorial candidate and Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum. He has yet to clear himself of a Costa Rican trip possibly purchased by a lobbyist, he's been accused of using government services for efforts connected to his campaign, an FBI undercover sting has him receiving favors, and he used campaign funds to pay for his personal legal fees connected to the campaign infraction. 

Now a new accusation has surfaced. Subpoenaed documents received this week show Gillum again misappropriated government funds for his personal use. In a private flight he commissioned to St. Petersburg to meet with potential campaign donors, the flight was paid from the expense account of the Mayor’s Office.

Following this revelation, Gillum appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and resorted to his now-standard default position: Whenever anybody mentions my illicit activities, hit the racist button.  

This time he did more than dredge up the usual talking-point accusations he has repeated during the campaign (while constantly insisting he does not want race to be a campaign issue). Gillum went so far as to lie about his opponent supporting slavery. 

Gillum declared that in his opponent Ron DeSantis’ book, “Dreams From Our Founding Fathers: First Principles in the Age of Obama,” the congressman had a controversial stance. “He authored a book justifying slavery,” Gillum told the host. 


He provides no proof of this wild claim. Instead, he is merely parroting an article from the Miami New Times that misstates DeSantis’ words.

DeSantis' communications director Stephen Lawson responded to the accusation. “The book explains what historians say, he does not defend anything. In fact, he lauds Thurgood Marshall for his legal offensive against racial segregation and even says how not abolishing slavery in the constitution was a failure." But Gillum’s statement was not made for those likely to crack open the book in question. The accusation is enough, proof need not be provided. 

This is Gillum’s pattern; when confronted with the details of his alleged wrongdoing, he elects to distract away from the charge. His usual go-to in these cases is an attack on DeSantis, using the accusation of racism as his weapon. He has answered this way in numerous news channel appearances, and he did so again during the gubernatorial debate. 

Gillum even addressed the charges in a Facebook live video he loaded to his campaign page. “The goal is obviously to use my candidacy as a way to reinforce, frankly, stereotypes about black men,” he says to the camera. 

Are we supposed to believe, then, that the FBI is racist for the investigation that led that landed Gillum in the unreported-gifts soup? And the Florida Commission on Ethics is clearly racist for discovering his use of Mayor’s Office funds for his personal campaign. And Ron DeSantis obviously is a racist for things he did not write in his book.

This certainly points to a pattern of behavior. That of a single man, with a single defense at the ready whenever mention of his improprieties is made.

Brad Slager, a Fort Lauderdale freelance writer, wrote this story exclusively for Sunshine State News. He writes on politics and the entertainment industry and his stories appear in such publications as RedState and The Federalist.


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All one has to do is read Gillum's issue positions on his website to see that he's a *** socialist who aims grow State government massively with insanely expensive programs requiring massive new taxes. Free this, free that, guaranteed this, radically changed that. Sanctuary cities, sanctuary state, the virtual elimination of any immigration enforcement... What a terrible choice of governor this would be. I can't believe he's polling over 5%.

Florida isn't ready for Socialism and never will be. This guy certainly does not represent any Florida values, let along American values, that I've heard of. He would do well maybe in Venezuela or some other sudo democratic country that pretends to have fair voting as long as you count jailing or killing your opponent as fair game by the entrenched autocratic leader. Sorry, he is an aberration that wormed his way into winning a primary. Shouldn't have happened and I'm sure all the other candidates that ran against Gillum agrees.

It should be obvious to the Simplist of American minds /Voters that he's pure COMMUNIST.

This video speaks for itself -

Another attempt at deflection by Slager.

Another repub hit piece of propaganda by Brad. 3 in 3 days they are so scared. He of course ignores the facts these were over 2 yrs ago and if any charges they would have already been filed for a yr now...………………...But with the racist loser losing so much all they can do is keep lying and hope people are gullible enough...…………..Sorry but you've called fire too often and no one believes you anymore.

Let talk about DeSantis dishonorable discharge in the navy that he proudly claim to serve in why was he kick out of the navy

Sorry, The era in which demshevik liars could just tell whoppers and fool people is over. Why not peddle your lies to WashPOS? Got any new jokes?

Thomas, You lie like Gillum, he was honorably discharged and received many commendations and awards. And was given a reserve commission . If you have evidence to the contrary you should provide it so as to defend yourself and your reputation, otherwise correct your statement or just be comfortable being a LIAR!

Thomas, You lie like Gillum, he was honorably discharged and received many commendations and awards. And was given a reserve commission . If you have evidence to the contrary you should provide it so as to defend yourself and your reputation, otherwise correct your statement or just be comfortable being a LIAR!

Rather ironic charge from you in a piece detailing a blatant lie from Gillum. By your own reasoning then HE is scared. The acts were 2 years ago yes, but the investigation into them is taking place right now.

Nice try ole Brad.. Race baiting and Robo calls didn't work so now it's all these last minute accusations Seems you folks are getting sweaty in fear the Dems are going to win Governors AND Senate races Bye Bye Red Tide Rick .. he and DeSantis can join their Buddy wild man Trump in DC (at least until he is also thrown out )

Random accusations ... or FBI investigation into rampant corruption.

Did you just say "last minute" Hahahaahahaahahaa!!!! Erwin Jackson has been nailing the corrupt Tallahassee City Hall, including Gillum, for a very long time. You're hilarious.

Looks like a whole lot more than accusations to me. You thin-skinned Dems can't take it when you're called out.

Nice try far left troll

Give me a politician that has been completely honest about their travel or reimbursements, and I'll show you a priest. At least Gillum thought that his campaign manager Corey was taking the high road on this stuff. Now that he is close to being indicted, his Republican plant attorney is trying to throw the shade all Gillum's way, like he set all that stuff up, NOT. Didn't you fools learn your lesson with all Trump's collusion crap? Gillum wasn't even present for the City Council's vote for Corey's City Development Grant. How come no one wants to talk about this? "DeSantis has been criticized about taxpayer money for travel: The Naples Daily News recently reported that DeSantis “spent more than $145,000 in taxpayer money for travel, including trips to New York to appear on Fox News and to Mar-A-Lago, as he increased his public profile before his campaign to become Florida’s next governor. But DeSantis is refusing to release records detailing that travel.” If I was Gillum's campaign manager, this stuff would be all over the commercials. This ain't some chump change for tickets or a few hundred bucks for a hotel room, this is $145,000! Don't be fooled by the Repub scare tactics and sky is falling rhetoric. Also, do not have any illusions that Gillum would get all of his radical left agenda passed through the legislature either. However, what Gillum is ideal for is preventing the mess we have now of one party rule. Where they have deregulated everything from water testing and funding to insurance rates. You wonder why insurance is so high? Rick Scott and his cronies promptly deregulated the insurance industry in FL right after Obamacare passed, so their buddies in the insurance lobby could raise rates without state approval or oversight, and then they can blame it on Obamacare. Don't believe me? Look it up for yourself. The best thing about Gillum as Gov. is a check and balance on the Repub leadership to stop elimination of pre-existing conditions, water safety funding., etc. It is long overdue to end one party rule in this state and its disasterous effects. There will be no far left agenda or California scare tactics as the dumb Repubs would have you believe, only some good ol' checks and balances for a change. If nothing else, vote for that people... Vote Blue!

You've a talent for using many words to say nothing.

"No far left agenda"? Youxp've gotta be kidding. Read his website! Mind you, it uses sneaky language to dupe the naive -- his tax increase is never called an increase, it's called an "adjustment." He never uses the word "sanctuary" but his descriptions are exactly that. He says no student will be saddled with college debt. That of course means the taxpayers get the bills and pay them. "Guaranteed" $50,000 teacher salaries would cost the state a fortune, and those salaries would just be the base entry level. More and more money, money, money for government is the constant refrain throughout Gillum's positions. No way.

no response needed, it is clear you just can't read...

Cmon Florida voters, this a no brainer. Take this scenario : a cat 5 hits Tampa in 2019. You want this lightweight in the Governors office or the guy who has the ear of who controls FEMA? By lightweight I'm referring to Chris King because Andy Killum could be in an orange jumpsuit by then.

Yeah Harry, just like Puerto Rico, right? Orange jumpsuit over $500 bucks. You need to put the kool aid down Harry, it's making you batsh$t crazy dude... Vote Blue!

You know, I think Trump and his nutty supporters were probably really "batsh$t crazy" a long, long time ago. It was probably really obvious when they were back in middle school ... or even before! (???)

Investigations aren't convictions. Innocent until proven guilty. I know this isn't new to you. You can try to make a mountain out of a mold hill but that dog want hunt. 7 points down in all the polls. You guys are getting desperate. It's sad.

No, investigations aren't convictions. But if there IS a conviction, the people don't have the governor who won and if there ISN'T a conviction, there sure are a pile up of slimy dealings swirling around him. Voters need to consider the good, the bad and the ugly.

Deflection and distraction are common go to replies offered up by criminals when confronted with the truth. Wake up leftists you should be voting for Gwen right now but you were robbed by this fast talking liar and criminal. Sux to be you!!!!!

Gordon, I voted for Phillip Levine on the environment, and I guessed Republicans would make hay out of whatever was going on with the FBI. The other politician claiming: "I am not the target of an investigation by the FBI" is your hero Donald Trump. As it turns out, Gillum is probably the only candidate who could motivate the numbers we are seeing turn out among younger voters and if Nelson squeaks through it will be thanks to Gillum. Yes, I would have liked to see Graham win, but she might have run a "weak, low energy" Alex Sink Part 2 campaign and we'd be stuck with the disgrace of sending the great polluter to the Senate and a lapdog to Tallahassee to wait for instructions from Donald.

You were voting for any Dimm on the ballot. Thank your Union Teachers.

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