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Andrew Gillum, Bill Nelson Ahead in New Poll

October 31, 2018 - 9:45am

An Ipsos/Reuters/University of Virginia Center for Politics poll released on Wednesday shows Democrats ahead in two key races in Florida. 

The poll of likely voters shows U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., ahead of Republican challenger Gov. Rick Scott 49 percent to 44 percent. When leaners are included, Nelson takes 50 percent while Scott gets 45 percent. 

In the gubernatorial race, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, the Democratic nominee, gets 50 percent followed by former U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., with 44 percent. When leaners are included Gillum stays at 50 percent while DeSantis moves up to 45 percent. 

Asked what is the most important issue in influencing their vote, 16 percent say healthcare and 15 percent say immigration while 12 percent say the economy, 11 percent point to Social Security and 9 percent say Medicare and Medicaid. 

Asked who has the better policy on healthcare, 43 percent say Nelson and 35 percent say Scott. On immigration, 40 percent say Scott has the better policy while 39 percent say Nelson does. Scott scores points on the economy with 43 percent saying he has the better policy on the economy and jobs while 36 percent say Nelson does. On the environment, 43 percent say Nelson has the better policy while 30 percent prefer Scott. Nelson also leads on social issues like abortion and same-sex marriage 42 percent to 32 percent but voters think Scott has better policy on the Supreme Court 40 percent to 35 percent. 

In the gubernatorial race, 46 percent say Gillum has the better policy on healthcare while 35 percent say DeSantis. Asked who has the better policy on immigration, both candidates get 40 percent. DeSantis has a slight edge on the economy and jobs 41 percent to 40 percent and on crime, law and order issues 42 percent to 40 percent. Gillum has double digit leads over DeSantis when voters are asked who has the better policies on the environment, education and social issues like abortion and same-sex marriage. 

Despite carrying Florida in 2016, President Donald Trump is disapproved by a majority--54 percent--of those surveyed and has the approval of 45 percent. Trump is scheduled to appear at rallies in Fort Myers on Wednesday night and in Pensacola on Saturday. 

The poll of 1,069 likely voters in Florida was taken from Oct. 17 through Oct. 25 and had a margin of error of +/- 3.4 percent. 


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It looks like Independents are going to swing these races for the winners so as they say Florida is truly a swing or purple state and as NPA's go so does the sunshine state! And in every poll I have seen which is about 20 of them since the first day of the general election started and the primaries ended it looks like the Democrats Nelson and Gillum and even some congressional and state senate candidates in their races will be the beneficiaries ! So it looks like purple Florida will have a little more tint of blue this time! * Remember...Trump, Scott and Obama all won their statewide races by just 1%, that's it!

Don't be fooled by the Repub scare tactics and sky is falling rhetoric. Also, do not have any illusions that Gillum would get all of his radical left agenda passed through the legislature either. However, what Gillum is ideal for is preventing the mess we have now of one party rule. Where they have deregulated everything from water testing and funding to insurance rates. You wonder why insurance is so high? Rick Scott and his cronies promptly deregulated the insurance industry in FL right after Obamacare passed, so their buddies in the insurance lobby could raise rates without state approval or oversight, and then they can blame it on Obamacare. Don't believe me? Look it up for yourself. The best thing about Gillum as Gov. is a check and balance on the Repub leadership to stop elimination of pre-existing conditions, water safety funding., etc. It is long overdue to end one party rule in this state and its disasterous effects. There will be no far left agenda or California scare tactics as the dumb Repubs would have you believe, only some good ol' checks and balances for a change. If nothing else, vote for that people...

That’s the same analogy that the german people thought of the nazi party, “what can it hurt to vote in the radicals?” Why would anyone in their right mind vote to stymie Florida’s economic progress by voting democrat?

"Just the Facts" for president!

For the 30% surveyed who felt Scott would be better for the environment..."show up to the Emergency Room" stat, you are suffering from a cranial blockage of some sort. I keep fearing Scott can pull off his greatest scam ever, but Trump's visit is going to seal the deal....for Bill Nelson.

Florida have always been a state of 1% when it comes to winning election. All polls are bullshit, the man who will win the race is the one who out hustle the other one. That's why am glad Gillum is Dem nominee cos he is a fighter and a hustler. He's putting his all into it. At last it will all come down to who turn out their voters. Everybody go vote blue other wise Florida is screwed with Ron and what makes florida what it is, which is the environment will be destroyed forever. Ron will never stand up to the polluters because the same people are the powerful GOP machine who are putting in all the work to defeat Gillum. But Gillum is a one tough son of a B*tch and the GOP Florida have met their match.

Hmmm, must have been a Sophomore Class practice-poll exercise...

Neither Nelson nor Gillum will win by 5%, you can book that, just like Trump didn't lose to Clinton by 5%+ two years ago. The only poll that is accurate, or that matters, is next Tuesday.

Trump lost by 3 million votes, only won on the electoral college fiasco...…………. I'm not sure they won't win by that much as the undervote this time will be dems, women, decent people including repubs that have left the party as it went bit shite crazy...…………... And the last week has shown everyone we have more to fear from the far right terrorist than Islamic terrorists...………….Trump is going to fight terrorists, when is he going to start against these right/nationalist/Nazis Trump obviously is fine with nutcases?...…………..And by association, you, for supporting Trump, other repubs that don't stand up, support them...…….. Whether you agree with that or not, it is now the facts on the ground everyone is well aware of and most really, really don't like it...…………..Enough to get off their buts and vote you out....And you have no one else to blame but yourselves, try as you might, you are just lying to yourselves, pitiful. ………..You are truly right, it is next Tuesday....;^). Just look at Trump's numbers with only 1% undecided and most of those for Trump are not crazy about him...………….But it what you get for backing such fiscally and morally bankrupt repubs.………….Thanks to you that put up with such deplorables, hey have now taken over the party lock, stock and barrel as they say and you deserve what you get...…….HaHa!

Gillum and Nelson perfect for Florida...16 years of Republican rule in Tallahassee will come to an end..Science and facts will become the foundation of government. No more Red Tide Rick..No more throwing millions of dollars at corporations.(BYE BYE Enterprise Florida) no more cutting budgets for water quality.. Scientists not political cronies on water management boards.. Nelson will be part of Checks and balances on the Mad Hatter in the WH.

If Nelson and Gillum are such scientists then why do they both supoort radical practices of taking of unborn life through taxpayer funding of abortion, abortion on demand and partial birth abortion. A fetus is not tissue it is scientifically proven to be a part of the unique human life gestation process .

How do the progressive Democrats claim to be the party of science when they don't believe you can scientifically prove gender? Oh, that's right. That would be an inconvenient truth.

And with that you prove why repubs will lose, a total lack of reality. ………….Fact is the true gender is in the brain, not body parts...……...So just what would a person with both or neither sexual organs be?...………….Fact is we are all a mixture of male/female but only the brain determines how we think about ourselves, what our real gender is...………..I'm lucky to be but male in body and brain but why would you hate on those who are not, deny them their rights? ………...It takes a low life scumbag to hurt those who by no fault of their own were born the way they are...……………..And it has been proven 1 out of 4 hard anti gays are actually gays but people like you drive them crazy, hating themselves as self hating gays...……..It's why repub pols keep getting caught having gay sex ...……….You should be so proud...………….Could you be the 1 of those 4? .

Go Gillum! Go Nelson! Vote Blue to Save Florida!

Lord help us, can you imagine Tallahassee?

I hope all those people truly head to the polls... It is way past due to take back our country...

Things seem to be breaking blue across the county! So much slime that the ads don't matter - everyone's minds are made up! The only question is who will vote! Looks like Mr. Gillum is able to give the "Bully" a bit of his own medicine! But don't put too much into the polls. The only figure that matters is when all the votes are counted! And then, recounted!

seems the dems are more than dishonest once again! Old/new lows.....rig an election

Uhhhh care to explain how millions of people taking their state/country back equates to a 'rigged' election? Voting blue is the only recourse americans have after putting a racist into power.

On the mark! AND ... the most recent "rigged election" around here was 2001 ... and it was clearly the Republicans that did the rigging!

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