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Andrew Gillum Ahead of Ron DeSantis in UNF Poll

October 30, 2018 - 9:45am
Andrew Gillum and Ron DeSantis
Andrew Gillum and Ron DeSantis

A week to go until the general election, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, has the lead over former U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., according to a new poll from the University of North Florida (UNF).

The Public Opinion Research Lab at UNF released a poll of likely voters on Tuesday which has Gillum with 49 percent followed by DeSantis with 43 percent while 7 percent remain undecided in the final days and less than 1 percent back other candidates. 

Both candidates have nailed down the party base with Gillum taking 87 percent of Democrats and DeSantis getting 84 percent of Republicans. Gillum’s lead in the poll comes from voters outside the major parties with 56 percent of them backing him while 31 percent support DeSantis.

“Almost 3 million people have already voted, and Gillum is clearly leading in the gubernatorial race,” said Dr. Michael Binder, faculty director of the Public Opinion Research Lab at UNF. Binder noted Gillum’s lead with voters outside the major parties and said he projected these voters will make up 19 percent of the electorate in the general election. 

In other state Cabinet races, former Judge Ashley Moody, the Republican candidate in the state attorney general race, is ahead of state Rep. Sean Shaw, D-Tampa. Moody takes 47 percent of likely voters while 40 percent of them opt for Shaw. Moody has done a better job of securing her party faithful with 84 percent of Republicans backing her while Shaw has the support of 74 percent of Democrats. The candidates are running close with voters outside the major parties with 40 percent of them for Moody and 39 percent for Shaw while 22 percent of them are still undecided. 

In the state agriculture commissioner race, Democrat Nikki Fried has a slight lead over state Rep. Matt Caldwell, R-Lehigh Acres, in the poll. Fried takes 43 percent of likely voters with Caldwell right behind her at 41 percent. Caldwell can count on 77 percent of Republicans while Fried has the backing of 79 percent of Democrats. Fried has an edge with voters outside the major parties--41 percent to 34 percent--but a quarter of them--25 percent--remain undecided. 

“Moody appears to have a comfortable lead in the Attorney General race, but the Agricultural Commission race is much tighter. Fried has a small lead, but there are a lot of undecided voters in both of the lower information cabinet races,” Binder said.

The poll also looked at two proposed amendments to the state Constitution. Amendment granting voting rights for some felons--has the support of 69 percent of those surveyed and the opposition of 23 percent. Amendment 9, which bans energy exploration in state waters and adds vaping to indoor tobacco bans, has the support of 48 percent and the opposition of 36 percent. To pass, a proposed amendments needs the support of 60 percent of voters.

The poll of 1,051 likely voters was taken from Oct. 23 through Oct. 26 and had a margin of error of +/- 3 percent. 



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Now the Fascists want to pass an executive order to override the constitution... Only in Trump's America... What an idiot. Vote Blue!

Definitely a fascist move, under the circumstances, and it actually begs the question: How is Trump's virulent anti-immigrant perspective any different from Hitler's anti-Jewish perspective???

Don't be fooled by the Repub scare tactics and sky is falling rhetoric. Also, do not have any illusions that Gillum would get all of his radical left agenda passed through the legislature either. However, what Gillum is ideal for is preventing the mess we have now of one party rule. Where they have deregulated everything from water testing and funding to insurance rates. You wonder why insurance is so high? Rick Scott and his cronies promptly deregulated the insurance industry in FL right after Obamacare passed, so their buddies in the insurance lobby could raise rates without state approval or oversight, and then they can blame it on Obamacare. Don't believe me? Look it up for yourself. The best thing about Gillum as Gov. is a check and balance on the Repub leadership to stop elimination of pre-existing conditions, water safety funding., etc. It is long overdue to end one party rule in this state and its disasterous effects. There will be no far left agenda or California scare tactics as the dumb Repubs would have you believe, only some good ol' checks and balances for a change. If nothing else, vote for that people...

Amen! "One-party rule" is akin to true dictatorship.

Andrew Gillum is a progressive liberal socialist whose political platform is to raise taxes, which will destroy Florida’s booming economy. He is a smooth-talking snake oil puppet (just like Obama) whose strings are being pulled by 2 of the nastiest men living today: George Soros and Tom Steyer! Be careful for what you wish!!

DeSantis is just a lickspittle sock-puppet of Trump and his nasty financial involvements with the corrupt Russians and the Saudis, two of the most corrupt countries in the world today.

DON'T BELIEVE ANY POLLS! Just look at 2016! The crazed left has control of everything, from social media to the airwaves right down to local! Florida will NOT be turned into California! Stop the insanity #WalkAway

Yeah right. Just like your dirty Hillary was up in the leftist Jew haters scientific polls a week out in 2016. Remember that Jew hater leftists? Sure you do. Get ready to cry again leftists!!

Gillum is probably one of the best candidates for governor in the History of the state. His intelligence and calm demeanor and leadership qualities have shone through in this nasty campaign waged by attack dog susie wiles and her troops. Why not the best this time for Florida.. A leader for a change..Andrew Gillum

Absolutely true! Vote Gillum to Save Florida!


The zealots and wingnuts in the Republican party have become ardent fascists in terms of their ultranationalism and their authoritarianism, and Trump has become their cult leader.

Get off welfare and vote for Republicans like you have some money and are not dependent upon government like a loser!

Completely nutty comment and definitely representative of Trump's "base": uneducated white men. (The level of ignorance that appears here from time-to-time is often overwhelming!)

Go Gillum!

Go Gillum Go...

When you put up a racist candidate backed by a racist president that backed shutting down the government, stopped the dreamer act, tried desperately to cut healthcare and running up the deficit, national debt along with tax cuts for the rich, corporations , that is what you get even in Florida...……….Remember the last repub house leader after having to deal with those 30 idiots quit and was so happy, smiling and said it's all yours, meaning you idiots, and gave it to Ryan. …………..So DeSantis is a main cause of the congress who can't do much of anything is his biggest accomplishment...……….My how far repubs have fallen...…………..And let's remember Repubs are a much smaller party than 2 yrs ago as the decent people left, leaving the deplorables like DeSantis, etc left..

I'm so sorry you are so upset. Those of us who understand what President Trump is doing and are reaping the benefits want to continue on the road to even more prosperity for all Americans, not just a few. With more money in the State and Federal coffers, we can offer affordable health care as Congress revamps each part of Obamacare into a much better, streamlined system that will work. Not some pie-in-the-sky Dems wishful thinking. Obama knew he'd be out of office when the sh--hit the fan when it came time to pay for Obama Care. Pres Trump was left with a huge mess from previous Presidents including Republican Presidents who didn't have the nerve to tackle problems we all knew needed handling or we the taxpayers as usual would end up paying for. Vote Republican so we can at least give President Trump's Agenda a chance to help Florida get the major Federal water problems handled. We do not want a governor who will resist and obstruct our President at every turn. That will ensure conflict and upset for Floridians. We want someone like DeSantis who has the President's admiration. It pays to be friends with the boss.

How does a woman defend a guy who's a proven white male pig when it comes to women, an admitted sexually abusive pussygrabber, and a serial cheater on three wives (so far)?

LOL!!! I'm not upset, I'm rather happy because Repubs are going to get their racist thieving buts kicked...………..If you look at the numbers Obama has done better and now after the stupid sugar high of the tax cuts for the rich, corporations we'll get higher interests rates, higher prices on oil, etc that near none went to increase worker pay along with the most ignorant way to do trade...……...Already he has given in to Korea, Mexico, Canada getting almost nothing for US workers...……….And Russia, NK, Saudis, etc are playing Trump as the fool he is...…..So we have already seen the start of the downturn with the stock market, higher interest rates, inflation...………….And it has turned personal with me as I was going to start a small factory but most all the material I'd used was now 30% tariffs, more expensive taking my profit margin, killing my chance as now handicapped from supporting myself...……….For the tariffs the US might get 10k jobs...………….But because of the tariffs we'll lose over 1 million jobs in manufacturing, solar installing, washing machines, Harleys, etc and that doesn't include all the construction, manufacturing jobs lost to the coming recession Trump's, repub stupid policies bring come to a head. …………….Obviously not that many want a racist like DeSantis, deal ith it...…….Most Floridians just don't like what repubs have become, the now [party of losers, whiners, liars scared of their own shadow wimps...……...My how far the party has fallen into moral depravity. ……...You should be so proud watching the destruction of the repub party you helped happen..

You need a man like Gillum who can provide a welfare check, some free college, free healthcare etc... You aren't a successful person who contributes to society and are not good enough to vote!!!

Ofay, u have no clue that u are being used by the GOP. As I am sure u are some tobacco chewing ofay from the rural part of the state with no education.....GLown!

They are both racist and Gillum is a corrupt socialist with ties to an anti-Semitic group! God help us if he wins!!

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