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Democratic Black Caucus Election Halted

June 22, 2019 - 2:45pm

If it isn’t poll taxes being levied against its members, it’s attempts to rig elections.

What on earth is wrong with the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida??

Lydia Hudson, the current Black Caucus president, is running for re-election.

Russell Drake, the current vice president, is running for president this time around.


Things took a turn towards cheating when six days prior to the election, Lydia Hudson, with the help of former Black Caucus president Henry Crespo, current DNC member Grace Carrington, and others voted to kick Russell Drake out of the Black Caucus.

Lydia Hudson
Lydia Hudson
Some say the only reason Lydia Hudson won the last time was because Russell Drake was on the ticket with her, and brought his supporters to vote.

I guess that scared Hudson, Crespo (who still has his hands in the mix) and others who knew that they wouldn’t be able to control Drake.

In came the trumped-up charge.

Hudson and her cabal claimed Drake submitted payment to the state black Caucus with a check that only had his signature on it.

Russell Drake
Russell Drake
Now the state Black Caucus didn’t hesitate to CASH that check, which was back in February, but the Hudson hooligans saw that Drake was going to give Hudson a run for her money and came up with this not-so-bright plan to get rid of Russell.

Former Hillsborough County Black Caucus President Robin Lockett was shocked.

“I have never sent the state Caucus a check with two signatures, and I have never had an issue or problem with the state cashing our checks”, said Lockett.

Lockett is in agreement that something in the milk isn’t clean.

Apparently, members of the Hudson cabal reached out to Lockett’s successor, who is also the election chair for the now-canceled election, but told her “not to tell Lockett.”

Russell Drake sent an email to the Florida Democratic Party regarding the attempt to pave the way for Hudson by throwing him out.

I was able to get a copy of the email. See the email by clicking on the "attachment" shown in blue below.  

I reached out to Terrie Rizzo concerning this fiasco, but of course, she said nothing.

Fortunately for Drake, and I suspect the black Democrats in this state, the right thing was done and the election was halted. See also the FDP's letter in a second "attachment" shown in blue below.

Russell Drake has concrete plans for the direction of the Black Caucus, as opposed to being led around by the big nose.

Stay tuned for updates, because you know when there is an issue, they're going to call me!

Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1


I am new to Leesburg. How do I get tickets for the democratic black caucus' dinner, dance fund raiser in September ? Thanks for the help. (352)-3918266;

As soon as something occurs that the lefties don’t agree with, it becomes election rigging

Thanks Ms. Wimes for writing this article. We are still waiting for the following items from the DBCF Conference: 1. A 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 Financial Report; 2. A complete listing of the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 DBCF membership; and 3. A complete listing of ALL 2018-2019 DBCF Officers on the website with email addresses. I share with you this quote with you about leadership from John C. Maxwell, "A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." Rebuilding is a must if we are to survive!!!

Florida is not necessarily deep red, however with what the Democrats have been offering lately personally I choose to look at the big picture and turn down their proposal flat, They speak with extreme prejudice towards anything or anyone that doesn’t agree with exactly how they think. Life is Never totally done to an exact science either parties way, and if both parties don’t start working together then our Country is doomed! I don’t understand why more people have not yet realized that? Are we all so selfish that we really refuse to work together? It will be the end of us as a nation if so, such a pity. Have a blessed day.

At one time, from 1955 to 1995, the Democratic Party was pretty solidly unified, in spite of differences in its constituent communities. Today, the Democratic party and its coalition of constituent communities is much more like a disconnected community of high school clubs and after-school activities. Until all the constituent communities can get their acts together and actively back a short, sweet, and effective party-wide platform, the Democratic party will suffer second-class status.

I think it's a mistake that they adopted communist dictatorship as their party-wide platform. Perhaps you disagree.

When I woke up yesterday morning, said my prayer and prepared to dress to go to Tampa, a bad feeling overcame me and I decided to take care of some urgent business in Gainesville. It is ridiculous that after thirty-seven years an organization with full potential to lead the state democratic party, with the help of our black voters are still caught up with petty back stabbing maneuvering for leadership. Crespo did not come Gainesville and attacked Charles. He attacked me, but on church grounds, The Lord guided me to set him straight. We got our charter back thereafter.

Damn! How many butts did Crespo kick in Alachua??!?

Thanks, for all you do and write about.The FDP is on notice about the Black Caucus in Florida and the black vote!!

The timing here certainly feels suspicious. But we need to deal with the facts. If Mr. Russell violated the policies and procedures of the organization, they are right to take disciplinary actions against him. Rules are rules!

Kick Lydia, Henry, and all of the leftover vestiges of Crespo’s Administration out. The party hid the fact that Crespo attacked Charles up in Alachua County!

We cannot move forward with these type actions outside our By-Laws. No vote should be taken; except in person, and with the entire membership voting, after thirty day notice. SM

You're a smart lady Leslie, always with your finger on the "pulse"; the Democrat Party always initially opts to co-opt the Black community early in EVERY election season... (it's more than time "to shed those shackles"), and to exercise "individuality"...

How disgusting! Lydia Hudson is the one who should be suspended!!

And they wonder why Florida is deep RED.

is 30K votes deep?

It was enough for "deep" depression for Hillary.

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