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Clean-up on Aisle 6: Hogg & Co. Staging a Publix 'Die-In'

May 25, 2018 - 6:00am

From the sublime to the ridiculous, David Hogg, Parkland's most prominent media fixture, has a doozie of a stunt planned for us on Friday.

The young man, a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during the Feb. 14 deadly shooting, apparently has the promise of media attention. That can be the only explanation.

Initially, Hogg called for just a boycott of Publix (he mentioned getting his chocolate chip muffins elsewhere). Maybe he thought the boycott idea was being ignored. After all, in spite of quotes to the contrary, shoppers still show they love the Lakeland-based supermarket chain and Publix officials never stopped donating money to gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam. Putnam, remember, had the audacity to call himself "a proud NRA sellout."

Well, now Hogg has racheted up his anti-NRA/anti-Publix vitriol, and he's called for a "die-in." That's what happens Friday. A die-in. Have a look at his call to action. He wants students and activists to stage die-ins starting at 4 p.m. for 12 minutes inside Parkland's two Publix stores.

Others can join in, too, says Hogg. All they have to do is pick out a Publix, go in and hit the floor.

"I don't know whether to laugh or throw up," said Donald Klein, a high school senior in St. Lucie County, when he read Hogg's Twitter announcement.

The rise of this fabricated outrage came from the Tampa Bay Times, which detailed the backing of Putnam by the giant grocer, which also happens to be the state's largest employer.

Kids lying on the floor tantrum-style when they don't get something they want: As if Publix and its customers have never seen that before. This involvement of the Parkland activist has of course generated other attention-grabbing, pseudo activists. News reports have circulated of people claiming to be lifelong Publix customers who declare they will never shop at the stores again.

Really? Anybody believe that?

It is rather likely these folks are spouting balloon juice, and will be back to nabbing BoGo items by next month. If they were, in fact, so politically active about their produce providers, they would have curtailed their patronage of the chain decades ago. The company has been supporting Congressman and Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam since 1996, not because of his Second Amendment stance, but because Putnam’s home district is where the Publix corporate headquarters is based, and because supermarket officials believe in his leadership for Florida. 

Hopefully, Publix will continue to show its class and will not back away from Putnam.

This is where we are in contemporary America: Everything has to be politicized, and even the products on the shelves carry a party bias that must be exposed. Taking the ridiculousness to the extreme, what is a shopper to do when faced with a consumer paradox? Look at Roku boxes, for instance. They were targeted for not removing the NRA TV channel, but they also carry HULU, which boycotted the Laura Ingraham show over comments about Hogg. Do I support or boycott HULU? 

As the “news” first broke last week, the company issued this statement through a spokesman: “As the hometown candidate, Publix has had a long-standing relationship with Commissioner Putnam. We support pro-business candidates, and believe Commissioner Putnam will make a great governor.” 

This has done little to quell the flashy media reports. As more customers are quoted in editorials, or trotted out in front of the 6 O'Clock News cameras, the store chain has been compelled to come forward with additional comments. “We regret that some of our political contributions have led to an unintentional customer divide instead of our desire to support a growing economy in Florida. ... As a result of this situation, we are evaluating our processes to ensure that our giving better reflects our intended desire to support a strong economy and a healthy community.”

Honestly, the company needn’t worry too much about appeasing its customer base. While Hogg has been a media darling, with the press hanging on his every utterance (as informed, or ignorant as those may be), he has proven himself to be the opposite of a motivational force. In spite of the fawning media, his calls for action have largely yielded reaction.

Since ramping up his gun control prolix, the months of March and April saw gun sales, permit applications, and donations to the NRA swell to higher levels, some in record amounts. His ballyhooed advertiser boycott of the Laura Ingraham program resulted in her enjoying a spike in her ratings, and many advertisers returning to her show. 

Hogg also called for investors to drop the investment management corporations Blackrock Inc., and The Vanguard Group, because they had holdings in gun manufacturers. Both firms had no comment about the boycott -- largely because the 18-year-old investment guru is driving up gun sales and benefitting  the portfolios of those firms.

Media cameras will be out Friday. We'll see how it goes.

Brad Slager, a Fort Lauderdale freelance writer, wrote this piece exclusively for Sunshine State News. Slager writes on politics and the entertainment industry and his stories appear in such publications as RedState and The Federalist.


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Wow, sorry guys, my phone went on a refresh binge. So sticking with 1000 DNR stickers. Not 3 times that many as my 3 identical posts implied...

I'm willing to donate 1000 Do Not Resuscitate stickers to the cause. Just slap them on the lot of them, and problem solved.

I'm willing to donate 1000 Do Not Resuscitate stickers to the cause. Just slap them on the lot of them, and problem solved.

I'm willing to donate 1000 Do Not Resuscitate stickers to the cause. Just slap them on the lot of them, and problem solved.

Really, and we are suppsed to believe this anti-gun rehotric is in no way politcal...,lol.. silly stunts like this do more damage than good. We should be concentrating on the safety of all of our students in all of our schools not an political agendas to do away with pro-second amendment rights candidates... Think I will be shopping more at Publix now.

How odd is it that school shooters look like David Hogg and not like NRA members? This is all about David Hogg and nothing else, if he cares so much about children why have we not seen his die in at any abortion clinics. What about the children who depend on Publix to feed them as they are the state of Florida’s largest employer.

I’m doing a 90 day suspension of funds going to Publix. They caved to the wrong group. Sorry I vote with my wallet, hello Winn Dixie!

Publix was winning. Adults who actually buy groceries were still buying from Publix and nobody cared about the kid who occasionally buys a chocolate chip muffin. In fact, at the Publix where I shop, adults were buying up all the chocolate chip muffins so there wouldn't be any left for loud mouth kids. So, why did Publix cave? Why did Publix readily give up their First Amendment right to free political speech? Publix needs to fire their idiot PR consultants. You don't throw in the towel when you are winning the fight. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID. Now is when they lose my businesss.


this kid is just another useful idiot having his strings pulled by the left and heavily backed by the likes of George Soros. I am highly disappointed that Publix backed down. if we don't stand up to these type of antics Then they will just continue to gain more ground. these left-wing idiots are actually saying that the NRA needs to be defunded. The NRA is not funded by the government unlike Planned Parenthood that kills more people every year than any gun does

Publix can donate money to anybody they want to. Who was this kid to determine what Publix does with their profits. If he doesn't like what they're doing with their profits then he should just simply not shop at Publix. Going there and disrupting their business by laying on the floor keeping people from shopping is nothing short of assanine, and selfish. This whole #msdstrong" thing is getting stupid now.

If they did it at my Publix I would just use them as stepping stones and walk across their chests and heads to get to the grocery items I needed!

No you wouldn't

Publix can donate money to anybody they want to. Who was this kid to determine what Publix does with their profits. If he doesn't like what they're doing with their profits then he should just simply not shop at Publix. Going there and disrupting their business by laying on the floor keeping people from shopping is nothing short of assanine, and selfish. This whole #msdstrong" thing is getting stupid now.

This lifetime NRA member grandmother will continue to shop at Publix and supporting Adam Putnam for Governor.

Well let's see. Publix has apologized for offending their customers and suspended political contributions. I'd say the kid has had an impact.

This piss-pot kid needs a Deep Psyc Evaluation - would not be surprised if HE went "ape" and committed Shootings to prove he is... ~W~H~A~T~! Don't let him NEAR any kind of gun!

Has anyone mentioned to this little davie punk that his whole 'demand $1000000,00 from publix, or I'll call for a die-in' is something called "Extortion"? You go to prison for that, you little woosie. When this disrespectful punk turns 18 and can't claim 'I'm a minor, you can't hit me!!" status, he's likely to be punched in the face if he talks to a man the way he's disrespected adults in the past. Someone better warn him to grow up and change his attitude. Or many hits on Youtube would that get IF that were to be put on video.

If you see kid lying down in Publix, scream "Oh my God, hold 'em down while I give them mouth to mouth". LOL

OMG, I love it! What a great plan, Teddy! Wish I were in Parkland right now and I would do it!

Publix has done a lot of good hiring teenagers, the handicapped, seniors and helping a lot of kids through college with scholarships and he wants to destroy their business for supporting a pro business candidate. Maybe coming from priviliged Parkland, none of that matters, just his 15 minutes of fame.

Also the company is privately held by the employees. So the desire is to negatively impact the workers as well.

Amen! It's working! I'll do more of my shopping at Publix now! They also donate food to charity centers to help feed the poor! We have had enough of this guy but liberals empower him & probably pay him.

I think hogggg is wanting to be the bossss hoggg.

I wonder if next he will be pushing another boycott to support Bloomberg's ban on super sized soda since in failed in NYC. After all, Publix does sell soda on the large bottles. Here's his big chance to make a real difference.

I suggest that everyone go to their nearest Publix and buy one chocolate chip muffin. If you can't eat it, donate it to the first gun hater that you see on the way out the store and tell them that this muffin is available at a great business (or any business) because our forefathers were able to protect themselves from the tyranny of the government many years ago. Without guns you would all be working on your own farm or shoveling horse manure unless you were lucky enough to be a landowner or politician who could protect himself with guns or with armed security.

Listen, Publix dug their own pit. This is what happens when you come out in support of one candidate, who happens to be from your home town, who happened to support legislation for tax exemptions and benefits for your company. This is the same old pay for play politics that has been going on for the last 30 years in Floriduh. If you make those decisions, you have to live with the consequences. I agree with the Hogg kid's right to free speech. I think him and others are doing well in bringing a long standing problem to people's attention. Do not agree with these methods, however, this is what makes this country so great, having the right to free speech and peacefully assemble to prove a point. I don't think in this case, it is peaceful assembly, choose another method kids...

If I see a little diapered protesters on the floor of my Pulix they have some real bruises from my shopping cart for blocking my right to shop!

Publix was a hero after Irma, They were open with Ice and water. I will never forget their dedication and service to a hurting community, Won't shop anywhere else!



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