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David Hogg, Accidental Champion of Gun Interests

April 24, 2018 - 5:00pm
David Hogg
David Hogg

Parkland shooting spokesperson David Hogg is not slowing down his media push. The ever-present Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student has become emboldened by the mainstream press lending its full support to his anti-gun activism. 

What that same media complex is loathe to report, however, is how ineffectual Hogg’s efforts have been. In fact, the teen mouthpiece's vitriol is actually helping his targets.

The media backing taking place has encouraged Hogg to broaden the scope of his calls for action. Not only has a new book deal been reported, a release date of June 5 for the project has made headlines. This young man, even getting help on the book from his sister, apparently has some kind of impressive super-powers, otherwise where did he find the time between media appearances and school work?  

Hogg's presence on network news shows has bolstered his activist image. It's helped make him a loud mouthpiece for consumer influence. The newest call to action was that Hogg targeted investment service providers Blackrock and Vanguard Group, because they have gun-manufacturer holdings in some of their portfolios. (Curiously, the tweets he sent with this new directive have since been deleted.) This follows what many consider to be a Hogg boycott “success”.

With the help of Media Matters for America, a boycott was called against the Laura Ingraham program on Fox News Network. This was not due to her taking a controversial stance on gun control; Ingraham made a comment about Hogg being declined a college admission. (Note: It was Hogg himself who placed this detail of his life into the news cycle.) Hogg, who called for an apology and then later refused it, took this personal slight and, with information provided by MMFA, targeted the advertisers of Ingraham’s show.

A list of companies followed the directive -- delivered by a student just turning 18 -- and proclaimed they would no longer run spots on her program. As the press went wild detailing these events, and gleefully reporting on the growing list of companies pulling out, what they failed to do later is report the conclusion. Those companies fleeing missed out on business, because following Hogg’s boycott, Ingraham received a 20-point spike in viewership. 

That has not been Hogg’s only provoked result. The lengthy anti-gun lecturing we have endured since the Feb. 14 shooting has not led to an avalanche of legislation on weaponry. In fact, all the calls for new laws and gun control have delivered a very different reality. As Hogg, other Parkland students, and many non-profit groups (as well as numerous members of the press) have been demonizing the National Rifle Association, the populace has reacted in a different fashion.

The NRA has seen a sharp spike in membership since the organization became the targeted villain in much of the “debate.” Additionally, in March, following weeks of sermonizing and constant blame, the NRA broke its record for donations. Gun sales have also seen an increase as a result of the gun-nabbing lectures. It is notable that not just nationally, but in Florida, gun sales and background checks have jumped in the wake of Parkland.  

Here is where David Hogg continues his misguided track record: 

He is currently trying to compel Blackrock and Vanguard to divest themselves of companies in their holdings which have actually increased in value as a result of Hogg’s activism. It becomes laughable for him to threaten economic hardship on these entities if they do not conform to his demands, when standing firm will only see their portfolios benefit. 

The more he protests, the more they actually stand to gain.

This has been the case ever since the tragedy in Parkland. As David Hogg has been angrily stumping for change in our gun laws, what he appears to have more influence on is the Law of Unintended Consequences.


Brad Slager, a Fort Lauderdale freelance writer, wrote this commentary exclusively for Sunshine State News. He writes on politics and the entertainment industry and his stories appear in such publications as RedState and The Federalist.


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As soon as the DNC and other communist organizations are through paying this punk he will become another suicide statistic. Nice career.

Diane, David 'Media' Hogg said in an interview he was at home when the shooting occurred and rode his bike three miles to the school. Did FactCheck miss this? ... and another teacher said she 'saw' the shooter, in full body armor, helmet, etc. .....i guess you can't trust what teachers who were there that day have to say about this.

Articles like this are the reason that companies advertise for handguns on the Sunshine State News site.

The Media has a destructive habit of attempting to make 'heroes' of "clay-footed" contrarians to EVERY Constitutionally supported issue appearing in media outlets. But, the "tide is changing" in America; and these "too often fools funded by left wing sources" barely get to relish their "15 minutes of fame" before their 'stars' suddenly blink out...

Neither party addresses the underlying problem: inner city lack of hope, decimated funding for mental health and an unhealthy gun culture. Work on those issues and shootings will decline

Champion? Hahahaha!!

Hogg wants attention and a career. The media is doing just that and Hogg is throwing mud at everything to establish himself. His claim to fame is the parkland shooting and a soapbox. Take away his soapbox and sit down at a table and TALK about what is viable to make effective change. Banning all guns won't do it. Heroin is illegal and well that hasn't worked has it? Shouting and putting his face in the news will only keep the mud stirred up. Watching Hogg is like watching the magicians' right hand and missing what the left hand is doing.

The truth is, he has a right to free speech just like everyone else. People are sick and tired of this shit. Every talks about changes, but no one wants to make any. The same is true for those who are buying guns and joining the NRA. That is typical following these types of events and again, their right to do so. Where I think Hogg and others will have the biggest impact is at the ballet box. As I said, people are sick and tired of all of the failures while this stuff continues to happen. I for one applaud the kid and others from the gun rights side who are exercising their constitutional rights of free speech. I do not, however, applaud the Russians and other hackers, posting photoshopped pics and misinformation to try to silence the voices of both sides. Power to the people...

Yes, by all means, campaign on gun control. Plz.

Have you people, including Slager, got nothing better to do than try to destroy the reputation of an 18 yr old high school student? A student who just went through a horrific experience AT THE SCHOOL where classmates were being shot or running for their lives ("Hogg recorded videos from inside the school during the shooting and a teacher confirmed that he was there at the time," wonder how you cowards would react if you experienced such an event. If you lost a love one in a similar rampage.

Hogg opened himself up to criticism when he entered the public arena in such a over-the-top fashion bashing people who had nothing to do with Parkland in a very vile and disgusting fashion. He is a flamethrower and he is trying to capitalize on his fame before he fades into the background. Unfortunately, the left has embraced this "flamethrower" approach and champions all who utilize it.

He had about a 2-week limit - I am a proud lifetime member of the NRA. I am sick of "kids" like this labeling me a child murderer or name-du-jour. Your 15 minutes are up Hogge, go away.

So your point is that because of his experience he is beyond the scope of factual analysis? How does the shooting grant him the power to demonize, and exempt him from facing a rebuttal?

Hogg has made himself a poster boy/target by putting himself in the limelight! I have absolutely no sympathy for a teenage punk trying to make a name for himself off a tragedy! Lame indeed!

It is easy to be full of yourself when you are a teen

Look up "Twerp" in the dictionary and you'll find his picture.

Maybe Hogg was the real gunman that day in parkland since the conspiracy folks are stating there was more than one gunman as usual. He has no issue about trashing other people's free speech for someone that is supposed to be getting a degree in journalism, right?

That " child" is probably a mental case that wears old Superman costumes

He's labeled a "Parkland shooting survivor " yet in one of his earliest interviews that's been conveniently scrubbed, he stated he was at home, heard about the shooting and pedaled his bike to school. I see one of the few outspoken pro 2nd Amendment supporting students was questioned by Coward County's finest after posting pictures of him and his father at the rifle range. Oh the horror. They have quit the little slice of Nazi Germany going on over there. And after all this, Sheriff Israel is still drawing a paycheck. Only in Floriduh.

I read somewhere some women said if that was her son she would grab him by his ear and drag him off the stage. My sentiments exactly.

Please don't spread propaganda. The Hoggs are employed by G. Soro's & worked for Podesta's group in Ca., before joining Valerie Jarrett's Gun Confiscation Team. There's photos of him with them.... plus no one with any common sense would think Nat'l Advedrtising & control of School Boards... to force schools to allow kids to participate, came anywhere but from the NWO 4th *** Progressive Movement.

Poe poe Pee Wee Tell us about your big butt Hurt

Children as young at 6 should not be allowed to post on this page

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