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Martin County Nonprofit Makes Learning about the Constitution Fun and Profitable for High Schoolers

April 26, 2018 - 5:00pm

The Center for Constitutional Values doesn't make the big headlines in Martin County. Those belong to blue-green algae and public records violations. But, trust me, this nonprofit, whose simple mission is to promote the community's understanding of the United States Constitution, is something very special.

Mayfield to Scott: Hold AAF Financing Back While Congress Assesses Its Legality

April 26, 2018 - 6:00am
Debbie Mayfield

Sen. Debbie Mayfield, R-Melbourne, has asked Gov. Rick Scott to call a 90-day moratorium on the involvement of Florida Development Finance Corporation (FDFC) and any of its affiliates in the financing of All Aboard Florida/Brightline because members of Congress are weighing its legality.

What If Sandra Faye Twiggs Were Your Mother?

April 25, 2018 - 6:00am

Not many stories bring me to my knees. But what happened to one 59-year-old woman appearing for a Broward County bond hearing in first-appearance court April 15 shot straight through my heart.

First District Court of Appeal Overturns 'Five Million Dollar Ant Bite Case'

April 18, 2018 - 5:45pm
First District Court of Appeal

The First District Court of Appeal avoided another "lawsuits 'r' us" black eye for Florida Wednesday, when it reversed the infamous "Five Million Dollar Ant Bite Case" -- a case that would have let a $5.2 million award stand for ant bites a tow truck driver claimed were sulfuric acid damage.

Barbara Bush, Popular Matriarch of the Bush Family, Dead at 92

April 18, 2018 - 6:00am
Barbara Bush

Former first lady Barbara Bush, known for her unpretentious elegance, devotion to family values and the twinkle in her eye, died Tuesday. She was 92.

Neil Combee: I'm Running for Dennis Ross's CD 15 Seat

April 17, 2018 - 12:00pm
Neil Combee

Neil Combee, who resigned from the Florida House last November when President Donald Trump's administration tapped him to direct the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Farm Service Agency in Polk County, announced Tuesday he will run for the CD 15 seat U.S. Rep. Dennis Ross is vacating.

Mayors, It's Illegal to Spend Tax Dollars on Legal Costs for Weston v. Scott

April 17, 2018 - 6:00am
Coral Gables Mayor Raul Valdes-Fauli and Gov. Rick Scott

The lawsuit against Gov. Rick Scott and other state officials over state gun laws is a phony. The 12 mayors who signed onto Weston v. Scott know it; now they're doing what they can to look out for themselves, constituents be damned.

An Outspoken Broward Deputy Dies and It All Goes Quiet; Why?

April 16, 2018 - 6:00am
Jason Fitzsimons

Conspiracy theories have always turned me off, and I'm not posing one now -- but doesn't anyone else want to know what happened to Broward County Sheriff's Deputy Jason Fitzsimons?

Sewage Hits the Fan in Brevard

April 14, 2018 - 6:00am

It's good to see a Florida waterfront county where so many citizens -- if not the majority of their county commissioners -- are prepared to do whatever it takes to rid local waters of sewage effluent. 

The $100 Million Parkland Boondoggle Broward Schools Doesn't Want You to Hear

April 11, 2018 - 9:00pm

Kenneth Preston is another side of the Parkland shooting story. The hushed-up school-safety side.  

This 19-year-old home-schooled Broward County student isn't about guns, isn't interested in feeding into the election-year politics of any party's agenda, hasn't gathered admiring Hollywood friends to bankroll a national revolt.



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