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Nancy Smith

Without Double Standards, CNN Would Have No Standards at All

August 26, 2019 - 6:00am

CNN, the 24/7 news network that actively seeks the president's impeachment, has spent the last three days denouncing Sarah Huckabee Sanders as a "despicable liar" and FOX News for hiring her as a contributor.

Brian Stetler, CNN's chief media correspondent, led the Sanders attack, explaining why the former White House press secretary's new job "deserves outrage and backlash." Here's a boiled-down version of hours of Stetler's talking-heads coverage:

  • Somebody who misled the public and defended a man who calls the press "the enemy" shouldn't be able to land a network job.
  • Sanders' consistent lies "are led from the top by a president who lies even about the weather and the time of day."
  • We are living through a period of official lying that's unprecedented in our lifetimes ...

All reasons, apparently, to discard Sanders and ban her from our ethically pure network news industry (well, all networks except FOX.) 

Holy hypocrite, Batman. Look again.

On Friday, without so much as an expression of shame, sanctimonious CNN announced its OWN latest hire: disgraced former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe. Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired McCabe for lying about his leaks to the media. 

Andrew McCabe
Andrew McCabe
Remember McCabe? He got the boot in March 2018, less than two days before he was set to retire, after the Department of Justice’s inspector general revealed that he’d repeatedly lied under oath to investigators about his role in leaking information on the bureau’s Clinton Foundation investigation to the Wall Street Journal. The Inspector General referred the matter to the U.S. attorney’s office for investigation and McCabe may still face criminal charges. 

He was one of the central figures in the Russia collusion "investigation" (notice, I stopped short of calling it a "hoax") and CNN was one of the media outlets that did the most to perpetuate whatever that three-year empty-handed probe was.

McCabe maintains his innocence, arguing he was misunderstood and tried to correct the record. He filed a lawsuit against the Department of Justice and FBI director in U.S. District Court in Washington earlier this month, claiming his dismissal was “politically motivated and retaliatory.”

Maybe tricky times ahead for CNN, considering McCabe's lawsuit against the administration. Media reporter Yashar Ali of the Washington Post asks, "Is CNN going to disclose that fact every time he's on air? I’m assuming they’re hiring him to talk about matters related to criminal justice and not the stock market.”

But back to Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

I must tell you, I have great respect for this strong woman who took on what I consider one the toughest jobs in America. Remember the president's flunkies who did the job before her -- Corey Lewandowski, Anthony Scaramucci, Sebastian Gorka and Sean Spicer? When Sanders came in, she stabilized the communications disaster in the White House, all the while dealing with a touchy boss and enduring a verbal gang-banging from the most egotistical White House press corps I've seen in my lifetime.

Sarah Sanders
Sarah Sanders
As she left the White House, Sanders expressed her desire to help secure Trump’s re-election. Well, there’s no better place to tout a Republican candidate than at FOX News, according to a Pew Research Center Survey. Note that FOX was the go-to news source for 40 percent of Trump voters during the 2016 election and has been the main news and information well for conservatives in general. In terms of influence, other networks -- Democrat-loyal all -- can't hold a candle.

Sarah Sanders will appear on all Fox News Media channels, including Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network, Fox News Digital, Fox Nation, on radio shows and podcasts. Accordingly, her first appearance will be on the Sept. 6 episode of one of her former boss’ favorite shows, “Fox & Friends.”

Oh, yes, and the newsletter Axios reported in June that Sanders will be writing a book. "The book will be billed as an account of her life in politics and experience inside the Trump administration, which she sees as very positive," Axios reported.

I wish her the best with all of it. Looking forward to the book.

Reach Nancy Smith at or at 228-282-2423. Twitter: @NancyLBSmith


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These kinds of articles are really stupid - moronic, really - when they criticize CNN, MSNBC, (or any other medium the author dislikes) for being partisan or one-sided or impartial - or whatever - while holding Fox News out there as an example of a 'good' medium. Fox News is w-a-y more partisan than CNN. It's strictly the mouthpiece of Donald Trump and the reactionary wingnuts currently running the Republican party.

Um bu guh doi...

Andrew McCabe was the current era's prime example of the "new breed of dweeb hired by the dress-wearing upper eschelon of the FBI, reminiscent of J Edgar's secret, dress-up "girly-girl" tea-party attendees..."... There's not enough corporate "cruise ship security positions" available to hire all these retired sissies the FBI "passes along" (ever wonder why "cruise ship" crime & incidents are stifled?)

If you watch the news on either one of those networks you are only getting your party's "truths"... Sanders has little to rely on though in that she admitted to lying in the Mueller report, and has been caught more times than can be counted covering for 45, but McCabe is no better if he lied. I'm not sure I've ever seen any proof his firing was anything other than politically motivated though, but any idiot who thinks that investigation was a hoax is either delusional, in a ridiculous amount of denial, or just needs their head examined. The Mueller report has too many facts to question that, over 200 documented contacts from the Trump campaign and Russian operatives, documented interference in America's democracy, over 50 Federal indictments, and the idea that Trump could still be indicted once he leaves office, since current DoJ policy forbids charges against a sitting president. The wingnuts on either sides of the fence will keep this circus going for sure...

CNN is the "Colin Kaepernik of the media world"; "Happily shunned by all possessing any modicum of intelligence"!!!!

Both major parties are packed with hypocrites, but when Republicans make the claim, it's extra rich. Nancy, why would you, or anyone watch CNN (or Fox) for 3 days in a row?

My mother watches CNN EVERY DAY! It's only for a couple of hours but it skews her view on everything. Pat Sajak calls them the Cable Narrative News! They pick and choose what they cover. They covered the shooting of Michael Brown 24/7, but barely mentioned the death of a Bosnian immigrant at the hands of a gang of Blacks in Ferguson. They had forced him to stop and then beat him to death with hammers in front of his traumatized fiancee. That story was NEVER mentioned on CNN! I

Lewis Black (comedian) says watching CNN for 20 minutes is what it would be like to have a stroke.

She certainly is an admitted even liar...……………... It got so bad she stopped even having press conferences as being called on each lie by her or Trump she was spewing. …….....Of course working for a man now over 12k lies in not even 3 yrs, it was hard for her to not lie......……..How far the repub party has fallen to completely fiscally and morally bankrupt with decent people leaving in droves, a fast shrinking one....See you in 2020.


Perfect example of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). Those who believe the LIES of the Left are permanently damaged, emotionally unstable. Trump has been chosen to lead us into the lowest unemployment (Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Teens) in History and the lowest for all in 60 years and most participation in History. Not like the Socialists that claim 2 part time jobs for 2 people, sharing One livable rate and Equality in Poverty. Socialism killed 60 million people in the last century not counting their starvation, while Capitalism is how you raise million out of poverty. Results Count !!!!

CNN = the Communist News Network. Thankfully the internet is providing alternatives that make CNN and the rest of the Democrat "news" outlets irrelevant.

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nancy smith
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