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Will the Real Gwen Graham Please Stand Up?

March 2, 2018 - 12:15pm

We all know that politicians tell voters what they want to hear in order to get elected.

We have come to expect it even.

What we don't see often is complete flip-flops, not only on issue positions but on characterizations of who they really are.

Enter Gwen Graham. Her latest flip-flops are of Charlie Crist proportion.

Gwen Graham, in an effort to capitalize on the Parkland school shootings, has appeared as the “saddened mother” who says AR-15s should be banned.

In order to court the vote of progressive voters, Graham sought and received the endorsement of Nan Rich, the progressive former gubernatorial candidate whom Graham failed to endorse during Rich’s campaign.

Well, what happened to the Gwen Graham who described herself as “very conservative” when running for Congressional District 2? You know, the Gwen Graham who appeared to be offended that she was described as a progressive. The Gwen Graham who preferred to have Bill Clinton campaign with/for her, rather than Barack Obama.

I guess having a white former president campaign for her was much better than a black current president.

Are you paying attention, black voters?

This Tampa Bay Times article spells out very clearly who Gwen Graham was in October 2014: "Asked whether she would like President Obama to campaign for her, Graham said how pleased she would be to campaign alongside Bill Clinton, who in fact is coming to Tallahassee to campaign with her Sunday." Read the story.

Let’s talk about guns, shall we? Gwen Graham, who is riding around this state on Bob Graham’s coattails, said the big difference between herself and her father was on the topic of gun control.

Bob Graham voted to ban assault weapons.

Gwen Graham said every law abiding citizen should be able to have any gun they choose.

“I understand the peace of mind that comes with gun ownership. I certainly support the second amendment and I don't think that any law-abiding citizen should have any gun that they choose to have taken away from them," Graham said.

Where have we heard that “law abiding citizens should have any gun they choose” before?

Why Marion Hammer, of course -- another conservative Democrat who shares Gwen Graham’s position!

Democrats are hammering (ha!) Hammer on a position the so-called frontrunner in this Democratic race for Governor shared?

We wonder why we lose.

Graham has been saying the NRA spent $300,000 against her, and she won.

Let’s look at a few things. With a choice between Steve Southerland, a tea party Republican, and Graham, a self-described VERY conservative Democrat, they went with Southerland.

As they will with other Republicans Gwen Graham is chasing!

She didn’t fight the NRA! She agreed with them. She just wasn’t THEIR choice when it came to that race.

Again, we wonder why we lose.

Andrew Gillum actually fought the NRA in court, and won.

I don’t get the impression that Philip Levine, or Chris King, would flip-flop on the gun issue.

As for Gwen Graham, she showed us who she is and how she felt about the Second Amendment.

Hell, Sunshine State News liked her answers to the News Service of Florida's "Five Questions" so much, they printed them.

Now that she needs Democrats who aren’t as gun-crazy as she was a few years ago, this new Graham has emerged.

I’m not buying it.

Neither should voters on EITHER side of the aisle.

Who are you getting? Gwen Graham who hugged her AR-15 when she needed voters in CD2?

Or are you getting Gwen Graham 2.0, who now wants the governor’s mansion and will flip-flop like she's Simone Biles to get it.

Wait a minute, scratch Simone Biles. She’s black, and just like Graham didn’t want Barack Obama to campaign for her, and instead wanted Bill Clinton. I'd better choose Mary Lou Retton or Keri Strug.

They have the complexion for Graham’s protection!

To quote Eminem, whom I’m sure Gwen Graham would prefer to listen to over, say, Snoop Dog, (you know why) ... will the real Gwen Graham please stand up?


Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1



Establishment Democrats are still trying this old “run a Republican lite” strategy? Gwen Graham is worse than Alex Sink! Also, what is with Graham’s hair? Is the mousey-brown supposed to make her appear serious??? Geesh!!

comical racial divide in the Dem party. no wonder they always lose in FL... too funny...

FL 02 is hardly the State of Florida or don't you remember, all politics is local? I think Tip O'Neil said that or was it Bobby Dylan.

Lisa, you're pathetic attacking Bernie supporters as part of the problem! Clinton supporters shoved Hillary down our throats and you end up losing to Trump! As a loyal progressive, i WILL NOT settle for or support DINO Gwen Graham Hurm. Yes, she's married to Steve Hurm and that is her legal name! Gwen Graham and politicians like her (and Hillary) are not the future of the Democratic Party! Gwen Graham was running for Congress in a Congressional district in the Florida Panhandle and declared, “I understand the peace of mind that comes with gun ownership. I certainly support the Second Amendment and I don’t think that any law-abiding citizen should have any gun that they choose to have taken away from them.” Gwen Graham in just like Hillary, a liar and fake progressive who will say or do anything to get elected!

I just saw this being discussed on Joy Reid’s show. You don’t have to like Leslie Wimes, but she was spot on with this! Now, are the Graham supporters still going to deny what Leslie said?? There was video of Graham saying exactly what Wimes said she said!!

Where are the lies? I don’t see one single lie in Leslie’s column. Not only did she point out Graham’s flip-flops, she did it using Graham’s words in written pieces by other outlets. Graham’s supporters want to attack Leslie rather than address Gwen Graham’s position on weapons of war and her attempt to re-brand herself into more of a progressive. I’m a black woman, and I appreciate Leslie keeping it real. I didn’t know these positions Graham had, but I’m glad they were pointed out. I won’t be voting for her and I will be sharing this article with as many people as I can! Gun violence affects people too much and this position of Graham’s is a deal breaker for me!

And yet another hack job OPINION piece from Wimes, pitifully disguised as a "column" when it is so clear she is in the tank for Gillum and is just so sad he isn't getting traction (poor ideology and FBI investigations tend to have that affect). *** I car for Graham or Gillum but this shill continues to push the Gillum agenda as "columnist" and SSN should be ashamed, I know they operate a different model, but nothing about this hack piece is a column, it reads like an atack ad on Graham and should probably have said "paid for by Andy Gillum for Governor". *** Where is the journalistic integrity Nancy? *** I guess Wimes is just another part of the fake news scenario, fortunately with an audience of probably a couple hundred, she doesn't have much impact, but still, the irresponsibility (including the race baiting) consistently shown her her "writing" is embarrassing and shameful! *** Just join his campaign already Leslie, I know fundraising is tight, but surely they've got a few bucks for you to join and help save a sinking ship.

Did you see AM Joy this morning??? They discussed THIS!! I guess Joy Reid is lying too, right? Just admit it. Leslie Wimes was right!!

You didn’t address Gwen Graham’s own words not once! I guess you are in the tank for her! I supported Gwen Graham when she ran for Congress. I live in Gadsden County. I won’t be supporting her this time! What I will be doing, though, is following Leslie Wimes’ column from now on! If the only thing you can do is attack her over Gwen Graham’s positions, that means neither you nor Graham has a defense. I guess it IS difficult to defend the indefensible!

You're not wrong Leslie.....I would support Gwen in the general to have a dem governor. I also thought about her voting record at the time in Congress. While she is Bob Graham's daughter she's also not Bob Graham who was more progressive. She was representing her district at the time and I, like some, am not fond of the things she voted for. But I like your article piece on Andrew Gillum. Turning out the base is important just like it was in Alabama and there's no fake news about him exciting voters alike to GOTV. African American women are the backbone of the party.

And this is how democrats lose elections...infighting and eating their perfect bait for the republicans!

Where was your concern when Democrats were attacking Andrew Gillum? Are you only concerned because “de white woman” is being held accountable? I can only imagine the field day journalists would have if it were Andrew Gillum who flip flopped around like a fish out of water! Since it’s Gwen Graham, you want to cry about infighting. No thank you. She doesn’t get a pass because she is white OR because she is Bob Graham’s daughter!

Oh my concern is for Gillum too. *** All they have on him are investigations. Well they forget 45 has ongoing investigations too. Otherwise he's (Gillum of course) is personable and charismatic. I meant infighting that sometimes in the party. I have pledged to Team Gillum being there till the very end. It is no secret Gwen's positions in Congress have some explaining to do. Gillum has been dragged around since he first announced his candidacy. People are afraid of him but many love him.

Ladies and Gentlemen: *** First those of YOU who will vote for Gwen Graham...............YOU as a democrat should have your head examined by a professional..........REALLY...........look at the chart of dots representing members of Congress ...Gwen Graham was (and is) more a Republican than Republicans I know. *** I have no choice by to spend my $7816.38 and put my name at the top of the Democratic Primary ballot to Stop Gwen is bad enough to have a 5000 vote former Mayor of Miami Beach wanting us to worry about his having to wear boots to get to his ocean front home. *** Give me a break...........ALL four democrats will not beat Adam Putnam...even with his well known 2nd amendment statement and republican belief. *** So go now and vote for Gwen Graham...............I will be in Michigan ON June 1, 2018 and will not vote in the democratic primary.................I have a personal budget plan to have the $$ to run............just to STOP Gwen Graham and Philip Levine. *** This is not about Richard Paul Dembinsky is about stopping poor democrats. *** 386 314 3646 *** *** 24/7 *** my cell phone Keep your opinions but remember I held the hand of Janet Reno for 2 minutes (at her Daytona Beach rally; *** I did not want to shake her hand but she walked up to me with my hands behind my back next to the East Wall of the Dickerson center..............I tried to explain to her.........that she will lose unless she apologized. *** ...........I was not wrong on Janet Reno; *** she years later signed a photo of me visiting the closed democratic party headquarters in D.C.....she wished me Good Luck................see common caring people never win........but occasionally we are correct on judging local voters. I had 73,299 votes for State Senate in 2016. Google daytona beach strange candidate

Well I can see the idiots are out in full force as usual. Small, but loud population with their screams of Republican lite- the two parties are the same bullshit. I can see that this is just another Berner hit piece aimed, once again, the only female and Emily's List candidate. More of Bernie's people attacking women. Plain as that. Bernie's not that progressive at all. He courts anti abortion candidates and wants to cast identity politics aside. Identity politics brought us Civil Rights legislation, Roe V Wade and a host of protections for marginalized people. Bernie has a D rating from the NRA as opposed to an F rating which most democrats have. Bernie's not a Democrat. Bernie voted against the Brady Bill five times and voted against Sandy Hook families having the right to sue Big Gun Manufacturers. Twice. Google his voting record. Google Bomber Bernie. Bernie stated that cervical cancer was caused by not having enough sex. He also authored an essay stating that women fantasize about being gang raped. He's constantly degrading Democrats publicly to divide the Left to elect republicans. That's what Karl Rove and Putin pays him to do. And on the subject of Putin, Bernie voted against the Magnistky Act and voted against Russian Sanctions twice. His campaign manager, Tad Devine, worked with Manafort and Gates in the Ukraine for a pro Kremlin candidate that became a dictator and was eventually violently ousted by the Ukrainian People. Every bit of this you can Google and find plenty from reputable sources to back up every bit of this. But, you Berner people with your "purity tests" make me sick, especially when your saviour, St Bernie, couldn't pass it himself. And, like Trump supporters, I'm sure that some of this malice is followed by a bunch of Russian bots jumping on board. It's known fact that Russia backed Trump and Bernie and Stein, slayed other republicans and most importantly, targeted Hillary Clinton. That's a fact already proven by Mueller. Chris Romero is right on target.

You are just pitiful. So Bernie made Gwen say this stuff?

You need a snicker bar! You MUST be hungry. Now it is Bernie Sanders’ fault that Gwen Graham is Republican-ish in her gun positions? Graham is probably a part of that 53% of white women voting for trump.

Well, I see just about everyone here is "anti-Gwen Graham" except for me. Fine, have your way. I'm a registered Democrat and I always vote Democrat up and down the ballot in every election - even if it's not the candidate I supported in the primaries. That being said, I'm still voting for Gwen Graham in the primaries but I'll happily vote for Andrew Gillum or Chris King...and I'll even force myself to vote for Philip Levine should any of them win the primaries. I doubt the rest of you will. It's your call though; if the rest of you want to "throw" the Gubernatorial election if Graham gets the nomination, then just remember, you've just added 4 MORE YEARS of Republican control over the Governor's Mansion (possibly 8, incumbents can be pretty difficult to beat). Anyway, enjoy squabbling. I think I'll go to a more credible news source....nothing here but silly editorials.

How big is the difference between Republican and Republican-lite?

Ok, well...since you seem to think Gwen Graham is "Republican lite," then I'll explain the "difference" to you this way. The difference is Republicans do NOT want to save Obamacare (Gwen Graham does). The Republicans don't want to save Florida's wildlife or ecosystems (Gwen Graham does). The Republicans don't want to raise the minimum wage (Gwen Graham does). The Republicans don't believe in Climate Change (Gwen Graham does). The Republicans don't want to expand Medicaid (Gwen Graham does). The Republicans want to privatize social security and Medicare (Gwen Graham does NOT). The Republicans do not support the restoration of voting rights to non-violent ex-felons (Gwen Graham does). And as for gun laws...ok, so perhaps Gwen did take a more relaxed approach when she was running for the U.S. House of Representatives in Florida's 2nd Congressional District (a conservative district mind you). However, Gwen Graham has been given an "F" by the NRA and the NRA supported the Republican incumbent of that district - they even funded her opponent. Anyway, I'm very happy Gwen Graham has strengthened her position on gun reform. Maybe the Pulse Nightclub and the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shootings were a wake up call for her. And she is a mother of 3 - I imagine those tragic events must have had some effect on her (they certainly had an effect on many people). All in all, there's the difference between supporting Republicans and supporting what you refer to as "Republican lite" when referencing Gwen Graham.

Thank you, Chris Romero. Well put! I, too, support Gwen for all of the reasons you outlined. I will say that I am an ex-Republican who left the party because of the extremist behavior of "if you don't toe the line exactly, you're the enemy". I vote for whomever I think will protect Florida and loves Florida. If you've listened to Rep. Tom Rooney and his comments on why he is choosing not to run, you'll see that they're up against a toxic environment.

And exactly what bills did she file while in Congress to support these “beliefs” you claim she has?

How come you never mention Gillum's FBI investigation? or the illegal use of public e-mail for campaign purposes? or illegally using public funds for his campaign? or his atrocious response to the Hurricanes in Tally? or being caught lying about the number of donors to his campaign? or stealing another candidate's e-mail lists? or Tallahassee's worst in state crime rate? No need to go on, you get the picture, but never a word about him? I wonder why that is... joke!

Or touting Bernie's policies and wanting to court mostly the Bernie wing of the party.

Traditionally candidates with strong public policy records campaign on that public policy record as a means of connecting with voters. This article is about Gwen’s public policy record. The record she refuses to run on because it’s unpopular with Florida’s Democratic base. All of your Gillum smear is just that smear. It doesn’t change the fact that he has a public policy record and years of service that voters can get behind versus Gwen’s two years in Congress here she voted with Republicans on Keystone, Obamacare repeals, and sides with them on guns. Why is she not campaigning on this simple narrative, “When I was in Congress I filed the following bills to help Floridians...”

Watching these Graham people twist and turn over her position on guns is funny. Oh, and apparently this latest character knows more about the FBI investigation than the FBI! Haha! Face it. Her positions on guns stink! Just admit it and move on!

I think Gwen Graham’s often quoted slogan when she represented us in Congress was that she did things “ the North Florida Way “ - codeword for her saying she is / was a “ conservative Democrat “ . She seems to now be pivoting to attempt to sell herself as promising to be a more “ South Florida Way Democrat “ -codeword for “ liberal “ . You basic inquiry of “ Which is the real Gwen Graham is a fundamentally good question .

Chris Romero is a complete idiot, and the reason Dems lose. Keep sticking your head in the sand! Gwen HURM is pathetic!!

Ah no, Chris Romero is not an "idiot." He's actually very well educated and well informed about all of the candidates running. That's obviously more than what can be said about you TROLL.


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