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When It Comes to Andrew Gillum and Gwen Graham, the Media Bias Is Sickening

March 21, 2018 - 2:00pm

I have made no secret that I prefer Andrew Gillum to Gwen Graham. I can do that. I write an opinion column, albeit a truthful one.

When it comes to Andrew Gillum and Gwen Graham, some of the other things I read that are supposed to be objective, may as well be opinion pieces too.

They are so slanted towards Gwen Graham, Bob Graham may as well have written them.

Take today, for instance.

Tallahassee City Commissioner Gil Ziffer endorsed Gwen Graham.

That’s fine. It’s his right to endorse the person he decides to endorse.

The fact that he did not support Gillum on banning the box, fighting the gun lobby, and a multitude of other things aside, it makes sense that he would endorse a very conservative Democrat such as Gwen Graham.

Well, the media went wild!

“Gil Ziffer endorses Graham OVER Gillum,” the headline reads.


They say it’s big news and it’s worded that way because Ziffer and Gillum serve together.


When Alcee Hastings endorsed Andrew Gillum, why didn’t the headlines and tweets read “Hastings endorses Gillum OVER Graham”?

Hastings and Graham served together.

Why didn’t journalists seek comment from Gwen Graham as to why a member of Congress she served with didn’t endorse her, and endorsed Andrew Gillum OVER her?

When Frederica Wilson endorsed Andrew Gillum, why didn’t the headlines and tweets read “Wilson endorses Gillum OVER Graham”?

Wilson and Graham served together.

Has any endorsement Gillum received been portrayed that way?

Why is Gwen Graham being made out to be this porcelain doll, not to be called out on her duplicitous way of campaigning for Congress and governor? They are polar opposites of each other on some key issues.

Is it out of deference to her daddy?

Bob Graham isn’t running for governor, Gwen Graham is.

If she can’t stand the heat, she should get out of the kitchen.

You don’t turn the heat down for her because you think she’s this dainty woman, all the while turning the heat up for the others in the race.

And shame on Gwen Graham for allowing it, encouraging it even.

It makes sense that she is dropping in the polls.

Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1 


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“Anonymous” for someone with so much to say, and an obvious desire to have us all consider you a serious contributor, at Leas Leslie Wimes has the integrity to use her own name. As for Gwen “vote with Republicans” Graham, who dropped her married name to gain her Dad’s name recognition, MSD Wimes comments about Gwen belong on a “Right wing” site. I too look for her articles here and enjoy reading them. I remember Leslie attempted to gain status in the FDP but was denied official membership by Allison Tant(Richard) who also threatened to sue Leslie to block her from using the term “Democratic” in the name of her group. Hey Allison. Yes I saw you at the March at the Capital Saturday. Keep calling them out Leslie. Another great article here. Thanks. Frank.

Was copy/pasted. But I agree with you. Unfortunately that "bipartisan" that took place in way of her votes was the same with this new spending bill that has some things hidden to hinder the people yet again AND dems voted for it. It was a bipartisan bill. Andrew has shown that he is truly with the people as commissioner and mayor. He is on MSNBC more than Gwen. I think if she was on more they'd dig in her votes from Congress.

Here in Florida, we have to put up with a lot of undesirable characters on the right, like Rick Scott and Pam Bondi. But we have not-so-desirables on the left as well, such as DWS. One that always gets my eyes rolling is Florida's own Leslie Wimes. She was featured this week on Rush Limbaugh, the Washington Times, Fox and Friends, RealClearPolitics, and other outlets saying Hillary is in "full-blown panic mode” about African-American voter turnout. I was going to say something way back when there was a diary featuring her “endorsement" of Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton. The “diarist”, who was banned earlier this year, was miffed because Hillary didn’t reach out to Leslie’s Florida-based organization, the “Democratic African-American Women's Caucus", which Leslie founded. (BTW—calling it a caucus implies members of a legislative body, but whatever....) I'm sure she's upset that Hillary ignored her. I don't blame her though. Frankly, Bernie was wise to stay away from her as well. My issue with Leslie isn’t her attacks on Hillary, nor the fact that the only time I ever seem to hear her name is when Hillary's poll numbers take a mild hit. That is really more of an issue with the media. (It must be so frustrating to have people the media declare as "spokespeople" for an entire race. Really media--knock it the hell off already.) My issue with Leslie also isn't that she attacks Democrats in close races in social media tirades, like Patrick Murphy and Charlie Crist to name a few. No, my problem with Leslie is her association with Sunshine State News, which is a right-wing smear site that came into existence soon after Rick Scott’s election. It is much like "Newsmax" or "Fox News", except worse. (Srsly, why do conservatives try to label their bullshit sites "news"?) SSN was exposed by the Tampa Bay Times, which called out their phony claim that their parent company was CNN. The editor, Nancy Smith, refused to say who their real owners are: Editors at Sunshine have repeatedly declined to identify the owner of the news service that frequently praises Republican Gov. Rick Scott and routinely trashes Democrats and the mainstream media. Earlier this year Smith praised Scott as a "hero'' and described him as "utterly charming'' in a column critical of the Capital press corps. A study completed in July by the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism ranks Sunshine as the least transparent news website in journalism's new Internet-based landscape. The study found that news websites were more likely to offer balanced news coverage when they were more transparent about funding sources. Although Tampa Bay times couldn't find out, I have a pretty darn good guess of who it might be. I’m pretty sure you can guess as well, since SSN puts in their "About" section that they are the "only news organization in Florida with an editorial board that believes free-market, less-government solutions”. Sound familiar? SSN is designed to hurt the Democratic candidates and the Democratic cause. Leslie Wimes is a featured writer on SSN, as she seems to play the Doug Schoen role of "balance" for being the "Democratic voice". Now, let me say that I have a lot of respect for people who go to right-wing sites or shows to defend our Democratic principles or fight for our candidates. Unfortunately, that is NOT Leslie. She plays the attack dog well. Not just Hillary, but several other Democrats as well. You can see of all of her work here: This year, I should note that there are a lot of good Democratic candidates in Florida running. There are ballot initiatives that we strongly support, like Amendment 2--Medical Marijuana. There are causes we fight for, like Black Lives Matter. Do you see Leslie Wimes promoting any of these candidates, initiatives, or causes on SSN? No. What you do see is her attacking Democrats up and down the ticket. And SSN is all to happy to provide the platform to push a narrative that even Democrats like Leslie can't stand them. This isn't to say that Leslie doesn't sometimes have good points, or that she doesn't have any genuine concerns, but she should ask herself why a conservative site is giving her a platform to attack the Democrats. I can pretty much gaurantee if they thought her hit jobs would mean better Democrats or pushing our cause for racial equality, she wouldn't be there as the Democratic stooge. All she is doing is helping our Democratic opponents in tight races bring voter suppression, dog whisltes and gun violence. That's what her buddies Marco Rubio and David Jolly will bring with their Senate and House majorities. I have plenty to say about members of my own party at times, but I didn't go on right-wing sites to do it. It's a betrayal and slimy. Of course, Leslie is free to do whatever she wants to promote herself, but don't think for a second that I nor any other Florida Democrat is going to respond to what she says knowing the kind of person she is.

One thing is for sure about your piece, it is definitely an opinion column, truth and factual it is not. Who cares if someone who worked indirectly in Congress supports someone else. It happens all the time. however, when someone who works intimately in the same office as another candidate and supports someone else, it is telling. Could it be that person knows that the city struggles to meet budget and has all kinds of investigations? or that tally has the highest crime rate in the state? Those are real issues, not some made up shit about Daddy this and Daddy that... When you start having a credible opinion w/o a constant racist lean, then maybe people will start taking you seriously, until then, you will just continue to be a benefit for the RPOF as usual...

The fact that she is talking bias and objectivity is laughable! Hack!

Gillum is bought and paid for by the CA, NY and Boston elite. Wimes' arguments are growing tiresome.

Gillum is bought and paid for by the CA, NY and Boston elite. Wimes' arguments are growing tiresome.

Only in Floriduh Democrat politics would endorsement by a convicted felon like Alcee Hastings and a certifiable loony tune like Frederick Wilson be considered a good thing.

Why is it racist blacks like Ms. Wimes always plays the race card?

When It Comes to Andrew Gillum and Gwen Graham, Wimes bias is sickening for a wanna be journalist.

Diane we had to shut your racist mouth in the Dem party leaders group on Facebook when you started yapping about pam keith!

When I want to know what’s really going on, I look for Leslie’s columns. Not only are they hilarious, they are honest and on point!!!

Dear Leslie, You are NOT allowed to criticize "good white folk." Gwen Graham is "good white folk." Geez, is this 1918 or 2018? She can call out Gwen for her campaign malpractice, lack of strategy for blacks and Hispanics, and for clearly thinking this election is a dynasty and she has been anointed, it's her opinion. If DEMS don't pull their heads out of the behinds and drop this feckless, Trump loving, "JAVANKA party attending, DINO," -- Ron DeSantis will be your next Governor. That's a fact.

Sounds to me that the media may be supporting a particular candidate. IT'S OK in an opinion column, but the media, print, radio, and television seem to be taking sides. Keep taking shots at them. They are a problem in recent decades.

now who's racist Leslie...Gwen Graham don't have your IDEAS of ways Florida should be....You Sound Worried...Bob Graham was a BI Partisan Working Gov...You Leslie sure are a Partisan Racist

Leslie - You sound worried. And you should be. Bob Graham served Florida well and honorably for years in many capacities. Gwen is not, as you try to say, a "dainty woman". She is a chip off the old block for Floridians who know and appreciate her roots, her unbought knowledge, compassion, tenacity, and razor sharp edge.

Gwen Graham dropped to third in the polls! Keep calling her out Leslie! Seems you and a few others are the only ones telling the truth about her!!

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