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'What Happened,' Hillary Clinton? You Happened!

September 25, 2017 - 6:00am

Since Hillary Clinton has decided to come out of the woods, having gone through the five stages of grief, and go all-scorched-earth mode with her "look at me, America" book tour, let's look at her.

Here is a woman who thought she had the most powerful position on this planet in the bag.

She ended up fighting tooth and nail unexpectedly in the Democratic primary against a self-proclaimed democratic socialist.

She ended up losing to a wealthy reality television star with no experience other than how to motivate his base.

Yes, there were major irregularities in this election. Hopefully, we will know the final outcome of all pending investigations soon.

This was not Clinton's first time at this rodeo, however. 

She ran, and lost in 2008.

For that reason, the invitation to this pity-party she is throwing gets returned to sender.

If Clinton wants to know the rock-bottom person to blame for her loss, all she has to do is look in the mirror.

I'm saying that, and it's a compliment. I'm trying to throw a dog a bone.

This "blame everyone else but myself" is unbecoming of a woman who said she could be the most powerful person in the world.

Right now she looks weak. She looks weak, pathetic, and bitter.

While I didn't like her, I never thought she was those things, until now.

She is smart. This "woe is me" thing is stupid.

Hillary Clinton ran a bad campaign.

No matter how many popular votes she received, it isn't the popular vote that determines the presidency.

Those are the rules, and she knew the rules.

To not campaign, or campaign poorly, in swing states where electoral college votes would determine the presidency, was a bad calculation on her part.

People didn't like Hillary, and she needed to do something about that.

She didn't. All she said was, she isn't Trump. People already knew that. They also knew they didn't like HER.

The right sure as hell didn't like her.

The left didn't like her.

It got to the point where the dogs and cats didn't like her, and she still did nothing but talk about Trump.

A growing number of black people didn't like her: 209,000 black voters in Florida alone decided to tap out in 2016 rather than vote for her. That number alone would have won Florida for her.

Calling out Republican racism wasn't going to win it for her.

We look at the racism in this country right now. The degree we see didn't just pop up. It was always here.

And yet America chose a black man over Hillary Clinton in 2008.

Now that we see how Donald Trump is governing, people ask those who voted third party or not all, "Don't you wish you had voted for her?"

It wasn't about Trump for them. Hillary was the poison, and they weren't drinking it.

White women voted for Trump. This should have been a demographic that Clinton owned.

She didn't.

She claims these women didn't vote for her because their men told them not to, as if they can't think for themselves.

How disrespectful.

How misogynistic.

This "what happened" book is an example of why she didn't get elected.

She truly feels the presidency was her birthright. The people felt differently. 

I have to wonder if Clinton has been back to Flint, Michigan.

They could still use her help.

I have to wonder if Clinton still cares about all the unarmed black men who are getting killed. I see a tweet here and there, but the photo ops have stopped.

Maybe, just maybe, some people saw the Hillary Clinton of 2008 and the Hillary Clinton of 2016 as one and the same, and opted for the same result.

A pass.

That's what happened.

There WILL be a woman president. It won't be Hillary Clinton.

I think Hillary can still do some good at home. She's had a long life of public service. She should enjoy some family time. She's needed there more than she's needed publicly now.

Go be great there.

Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1



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Russians Russians! Russians everywhere! The horse is dead people. The corpse is starting to smell. As it turns out the word around the campfire is none or very few of those ads supposedly bought by the Kremlin (just Kremlin "linked" groups we're told) actually suported Trump. Now the story goes they were "targeting divisions in American society." To "sow chaos." You know becuase russians have super mental powers or something. Its worth noting that the USA spents 100 times that infamous $100,000 amount every year to meddle with Russia's democratic processes via NGOs. But yes that's right James Clapper who bald faced lied to congress about NSA spying under oath said he has "high confidence" Russia "hacked the election." People please stop; you're embarrassing yourselves. This Hillary campaign talking point has become a milstone tide around the neck of the Democratic party.

Nailed it, excellent work Leslie!

Your an idiot, as usual... HRC didn't run a bad campaign. She's a bad candidate who ran a decent campaign that almost worked. She did not lose to a black man in '08, Obama is bi-racial. The black vote didn't turn out because there was nothing in it for them, or so they thought. Now they are paying the price and crying daily about the state of affairs in the country. Guess what fools? You had your chance and decided to stay home. Look no further than in the mirror for what you got. What we all got. Perhaps this will be a lesson to you all, but I doubt it...

Lololol this comment is ridiculously you are just salty your hero lost

Says the person who can't spell "you're". I invite you to read any info you can find on how to run a campaign, there's many good videos by professionals here on the Internet even. You'll see that Clinton's campaign was terrible. Leaving all her scandals aside, her ads lacked any substance, they were mostly just personal attacks against Trump, she omitted important places she should have visited whilst campaigning, she hired bots and inflated her social sites' stats which actually is the worst thing you can do in media, she nagged millennials and independents instead of trying to convince them, she promised to keep things as they were when people begged for change and assumed she was going to win based just on because her social status, her gender, her husband and her career. Worst of all she's a sore loser who blamed the Russians, women, black people, young people, old people, men, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, other candidates, Sanders, Trump, sexism, and anything else you could think of for her loss instead of accepting it and promising to work harder in the future.

I agree. The black people who stayed home weren't checking for emails, Russians, or even Bernie Sanders. They just didn't like Clinton.

Better get your head out of the weeds, Leslie. Suggest reading this about the reality of what just happened to our electoral system and country. Fake news, calculated and targeted incites, and a Russian psyops coup d'etat - the mechanics of turning American society in on itself. The country is now ours to lose. A long and important read, if one cares about the future. Adam Entous, Elizabeth Dwoskin and Craig Timberg, WaPo, September 24. "...By early August, Facebook had identified more than 3,000 ads addressing social and political issues that ran in the United States between 2015 and 2017 and that appear to have come from accounts associated with the Internet Research Agency. After making the discovery, Facebook reached out to Warner’s staff to share what they had learned. Congressional investigators say the disclosure only scratches the surface. One called Facebook’s discoveries thus far “the tip of the iceberg.” Nobody really knows how many accounts are out there and how to prevent more of them from being created to shape the next election — and turn American society against itself."

You have drank the entire bowl of crazy juice my friend

Good grief. We didn't need fake news to dislike Hillary, there was already enough true stuff to loathe her for. $100,000 in Facebook ads vs. 1.2 billion spent by Hillary's campaign; you really think that had an impact? Please.

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