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What Do You Think? Which Convention Touched You More?

July 29, 2016 - 6:00am

If you watched both conventions, you may be suffering from ideological and tonal whiplash. 

As the Washington Post describes it, one common feature of both conventions: organizational missteps and unscheduled dissent. 

The Republicans had a plagiarism kerfuffle and then a stiff middle finger from Ted Cruz in prime time. The Democrats had their hacked email scandal, the deposing of the party chairwoman and then a steady series of disruptions and a walkout Tuesday evening from Bernie Sanders supporters.

Republicans were all about a country threatened by imminent terrorist attacks, illegal aliens, criminals and Hillary Clinton. Democrats were about a still-great, still-hopeful country -- but one in desperate need of more love, empathy, justice and equality -- and Donald Trump would only take the nation in the opposite direction.

The contrasting tones carry political risks for each party in what has been a violent and chaotic summer, with terrorist attacks at home and abroad. The Republicans are the party of change this time, led by an insurgent outsider who has never held elected office and says America is in a “moment of crisis.” The Democratic establishment, fully in command here if not always in control, is banking that the public is not eager for a Trump-scale disruption of American political life.

With all that in mind, our question for you is this:

Which convention had the more compelling argument for you personally, the Republicans' or the Democrats'?


I so appreciated the upbeat, solution oriented tone of the DNC, and shudder at the fear and hate spewed as well as the lack of experience or insight at the GOP Convention. The quality and diversity of speakers at the DNC was impressive: from Independents, life long Republicans and Democrats, as well as numerous military retired individuals, who have known Hillary for decades, and all of whom enthusiastically endorsed her. It was so obvious that many staunch Republicans are distancing themselves from Trump and all he stands manydid not attend the GOP Convention.

Neither... Go Johnson!

A lifetime of corruption, tells it all - Hillary is horrid, a serial liar. She detests the military, while embracing all illegals and remains a champion of generational welfare. Go figure, comrades.

Like there is any competition at all. One was run well with presidents, many quality speakers, performers that had policies, facts and how to make our nation greater. Vs the other which nonpresidents showed up and quality of the speakers and content, lies they spewed were poor filled with fear and hate....... And clearly shows what kind of leader the nominees will be.... If I was a republican which as a fiscal conservative I should be growing up on repub economics. But republicans don't follow fiscal conservative thought but are corporatists. And dems are now the party of balancing the budget and fiscal responsibility and real national security. Who would have thought that yrs ago yet now has come to pass. How far republicans have fallen by preaching hate, racism, etc and now getting their just rewards.

How easily you are fooled but like Hillary said "all my supporters are morons" and this comment proves it. Nancy's biased intro is atrocious she is killing Sunshine State News. One point - Melania copied from the same 25 years old book that Michelle copied from 8 years ago Sad an alleged 'reporter' could not know that

WHAT?? How removed from reality are we????

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