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What Do You Think? Should Donald Trump Apologize to the Khans?

August 3, 2016 - 6:00am

Perhaps he didn't mean to, perhaps it came out wrong, but in the court of public opinion, Donald Trump has picked a fight with the grieving family of Capt. Humayun Khan, an American soldier slain while serving his country.

During the Democratic National Convention, Khizr Khan expressed his anger that the Republican nominee has "sacrificed nothing and no one."

He also blamed Trump for unfairly fueling the denigration and abuse of millions of decent, law-abiding U.S. Muslims in the debate over Islamic terrorism.

"Who wrote that? Did Hillary's script writers write it?" Trump said in an interview with with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos. "I think I've made a lot of sacrifices. I work very, very hard."

His suggestion that Ghazala Khan had been silenced due to her husband’s presumed Muslim male misogyny has been received as particularly distasteful, and factually inaccurate.

Trump has explained he was merely firing back at the Khans for attacking him, when he had nothing to do with the war in the Middle East and unlike Hillary Clinton, has been against it all along.

He has also said he honors Capt. Khan for his sacrifice and his service.

But he has yet to apologize directly to Khan's parents.

So our question to you is this:


Should Donald Trump apologize to Khizr and Ghazala Khan, parents of a slain American soldier, for picking a fight with them?


Lets understand something now. Although his son was killed 12 years ago perhaps his son's views were different than his parents. As C Breeze indicated this guy was trotted out by the DNC (more like a D&C) has been a visa attorney for Middle Eastern's. NOW WHERE ARE ALL THE PROBLEMS COMING FROM???? Connect the dots. If the Khan's are claiming they are "So American" then they should suffering the same as we are that our borders are wide open, senseless murders occurring throughout the world by one special group of Islam scumbags. Ah...but wait there's more he has a personal interest in allowing Middle Easterners into the USA and if you connect the dots of his past affiliations you may be surprised as to who's he's kept company with! I feel sorry that they lost their son and celebrate his service to this country, but I don't feel a damn bit sorry for them or their their actions. that are contrary to the protection of "THIS" country! A message to the Khan's from me; If you're an American start acting like one. If thee's an ax to grind its not with Trump, its with your homeland and the enemy at hand. As Middle Eastern immigrants you should be ashamed of yourself if that's possible! This is simply an attempt to distract away Hillary Clinton and her record all for your personal gain whether that be allegiance to the agenda of the enemy, Hillary Clinton or your personal financial gain. This is at the expense of our US Constitution! AND YES I'VE READ IT!!!!

What is interesting about comments on many "Sunshine State News" articles is that they have no human name attached - so that actual responsibility for the integrity of a comment or credibility can be assessed. Kinda/sorta like a scandal sheet. "Sunshine State News" can and should do better in this critical area.

Trump schooled by a Muslim that is a far better American than Trump is. But please don't apologize, let it keep eating Trump away as the sociopath scumbag he is with decent people leaving the republican party in droves to get away from the cesspool the republican party has become. All that pandering to racists, bigots, idiots is coming home to roost as they take over the party.

As I watched Mr. Khan speak I realied that Mr. Trump had met his match. Here was a dignified, rational, patriotic American whose contribution to our democracy was denigrated by the hate speech of Mr. Trump. Trump could not let any slight go unresponded to, he is who he is, a jerk with a mike. He says Khan has no right to add his voice to the debate, questions his sacrifice, his religion, his motive.

No, Trump should not apologize. Kahn is an immigration attorney and many Americans are outraged by his comments. His son was killed by radical Islamist. Trump is popular because he wants to put America first. The mainstream media failed to give the same coverage to the Mrs. Smith who spoke at the RNC about her son who died in Benghazi. Where's the fair and impartial news?

The difference is Hillary apologized many times including during the 11 hour berating she took at the hands of the Republicans who failed to find anything. I know someone will make up shit, but if the Republican members found anything, don't you think they would have filed charges by now? Nothing, Nada, Nyet.

Mr. Kahn is an Immigration Attorney who has long been involved in arranging temporary VISA's for Middle Eastern workers to be employed in 'high' American positions (both government & private); He has become increasingly wealthy performing this task, and has long been a large quid pro quo contributor to the Democratic Party. The Kahns' Son, killed TWELVE years ago, as a member of the US Army, may well be the source of the elder Kahn's successful, and expedited, 'American Citizenship process'. BUT, these facts should NEVER be 'permission' for Democrats to "trot him out" to demean the Republican nominee for President of the United States, publically, at the Democrat National Convention. The DNC's actions in this instance are despicable and abominable, as well as disgraceful; the DNC made Mr. Kahn the "puppet-weapon" of the Clinton "campaign machine" TWELVE YEARS AFTER the death of the 'Kahn Son',... which is indicative of the length of time Mr. & Mrs. Kahn have been "contributing" to Hillary (for 'aiding' in Mr Kahn's "job"), as well as the Democrat politicians and Party...

The more we learn about Khizr Khan the more anti - American he is.

Hillary Clinton used Khan Gold Star Family as a pawn to trap Mr. Trump , that is in it self is disrespectful to all Veterans and Gold Star Families. Oops did we forget Obama and his remarks about Mr. Trump, you know Obama, the guy who paid Ransom of $400 million tax payers dollars to Iran for the Hostages. That's a big No No!

Like Capt. Kahn, I also graduated from UVa - 32 years earlier - but in the NROTC. My student body President, Lt Peter Gray, died while being dragged from a helicopter in Viet Nam. My friend and fellow graduate, Capt. James Terry, USMC, was shot multiple times in the back in Viet Nam and recovered somewhat only after 13 months in a Navy hospital. My other 14 fellow graduates were Marine's, flew F-4's, A-3's, Helicopters, and were Nuclear Submariners, Thomas Jefferson speaks through the voice of his father. And those that don't appreciate what Capt. Kahn, his Dad, and Thomas Jefferson said and did, and mean to our country, better find a place to hide. Truth and civility will win out.

The Khans were used as political pawns to go after Trump. They should be apologizing to him right along with the crooked DNC. Khan is an immigration lawyer. Has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and the Clinton Foundation. How dirty can you get? The DNC twisted Trump's Muslim policy to suit its devious agenda. Disgusting.

Trumps comments were completely misconstrued by the media.. trying hard to make him sound bad. He told them he son was a hero. and thanked them for their sacrifice.. what more do you want.. ???????? It was a war Hillary created.. he didn't.. The parents are Muslim instigators and are part of the problem.. The media is at fault - Not Donald Trump. Hillary's war.. Blame her...Thousands died because she went into Iraq for PROFIT... Blame her..

Wow, I want some of that KOOK-aid that you are drinking because if you believe Hillary was behind the war, you must be taking some massive mind altering chemicals. It was the Bush administration who wanted Iraq simply because it was a place they could try out their new bombs because Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11 and Richard Clarke wrote, Dick Cheney said there were no good targets in Afghanistan. It was Bill Clinton who warned Bush about bin laden as Clinton vacated the Oval Office. It was Colin Powell, who went before the UN to say Iraq had WMDs. It was Richard Clarke who exposed the truth of the hidden agenda to start a war. Sure, Hillary voted for it, but it was not a 49-51 vote in the US Senate to bring war to Iraq, so she did not cast the decisive vote. We had no business going into Iraq. We had to pull our troops out because Iraq's government withdrew the immunity for US soldiers being subject to violations of Iraqi law.

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