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What Do You Think? Did Donald Trump Just Commit Treason?

July 27, 2016 - 2:00pm

Donald Trump on Wednesday called on Russia to hack Hillary Clinton's email.

"Russia, if you're listening I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press," Trump said during a news conference in Florida.

Shortly after his press conference event ended, Trump repeated his call on Twitter.

"If Russia or any other country or person has Hillary Clinton's 33,000 illegally deleted emails, perhaps they should share them with the FBI!" Trump tweeted.
Clinton's campaign said Trump's comments amounted to encouraging "a foreign power to conduct espionage."

"This has to be the first time a major presidential candidate has actively encouraged a foreign power to conduct espionage against his political opponent," said Hillary for America senior policy adviser Jake Sullivan. "That's not hyperbole, those are just the facts. This has gone from being a matter of curiosity, and a matter of politics, to being a national security issue."

Trump's comments represented a stunning twist in a controversy about Russia's alleged intervention in the presidential election after the release of Democratic Party emails, which appeared to show that party leaders were tilting the playing field against Clinton's Democratic primary opponent Bernie Sanders. U.S. officials have said the emails were hacked from DNC servers in an operation originating in Russia that appeared to be linked to Moscow's intelligence agency.

So, this is our question for you, our readers:

Did Donald Trump commit treason when he encouraged Russian hackers to find Hillary Clinton's missing emails?


Trump precisely pointed to the problem: Clinton is compromised. Who knows who may have those e-mails and use them to manipulate Clinton? The possibility shouldn't exist. Her criminal acts created the problem, not Trump sarcastically pointing out the consequence of her acts.

I find it hilarious that the lame scream (not a typo) media and apparently some of you, went berserk after Trump's comment. You all realize this is nothing more than a typical media distraction to avoid talking about the real issue. And that is the comments in the leaked DNC emails. Proof they rigged an election, proof the media is in collusion with the DNC, proof those self-proclaimed all inclusive, forgiving Democrats are nothing but a bunch of racists and bigots. Gasp!!! ----- Someone tell me, how can Trump be asking Russia to hack Hillary's unauthorized, unprotected servers (yes, she had more than one) that no longer exist? They were taken down a long time ago, she deleted the emails and the servers were wiped. We all suspect, including Comey and even Doug Schoen, that our ENEMIES all ready have those emails -- all 60,000+ of them. ------ Besides -- I thought Hillary swore the 33,000 emails she deleted contained NOTHING except discussions about Chelsea's wedding, Hillary's yoga schedule, etc. So what's the big deal? ----- I was watching the news conference when Trump said it -- I laughed -- as did many. If you didn't see the news conference you are unaware of the I barrage of questions the media was peppering Trump with prior to his comment. The press kept asking him stupid questions about a non-existent relationship with Putin -- their first attempt at a distraction. They were trying to blame Trump for the DNC hack. Even Katie Couric was there to get in on the act. The press never expressed any concern for what was in the emails. ----- By the way -- According to Julian Assange, the release of the DNC emails is just Part 1. Can't wait to see what else he has! Maybe an October surprise!

You "GO Gail" !

You "GO Gail" !

Before you send Trump Donald Trump and his supporters who plan to vote for him to prison, look up and see how the Constitution of the United States defines treason. The government could not convict former Vice-President Aaron Burr for what he tried to do in the early 1800's in the Louisiana Territory. He tried to start his own empire through some crazy plan of his, in case your knowledge of US History is limited. Maybe Trump should have asked Eric Snowdon if he still had copies of some of the files he gave to his pals in China and Russia. That may have been treason. I want to know more about the Clinton Foundation and their donors.

Not treason, just shows how unfit for president he is again like he has time and time again. Just what does he have to do, like most everything coming out of his mouth is a lie, before the Trump Chumps see him for what he is, a sociopath. Look it up.. He is not for you and never will he be. He is playing you for the gullible chumps you are. And you bend over and say, thank you sir, please give me another. Pitiful.

I consider Hillary unfit for office. She is a threat to our national security because of the negligent manner in which she handled our country's top and highly classified secrets with her unauthorized and unprotected server. And then she lied to ALL of us! She denied 600 requests for additional security for Benghazi (many after the Brits and the Red Cross left because it was too dangerous! She FAILED to send ANY HELP when they were under attack which she was watching it in real time from the UNARMED drones they had circling. She abandoned OUR PEOPLE and left them to die. And then she lied to ALL of us for weeks about the real nature of the attack. WE do not leave men or women behind -- NEVER! How could she ever be Commander in Chief? How can you support a woman who takes millions of $$$'s from foreign countries who kill gays and where women have NO rights? They can't even leave their house without permission or a male escort. Millions from countries that sponsor terrorism and are killing people all over this planet? She's the one who made a deal with Russia and gave them 20% of our uranium. Now what to do you think they're going to do with that, Jerry? So who's the gullible chump?

Get the story right. You can't hack a server that's been taken down. He asked Russia to release any e mails they had in their procession. A different thing entirely.

"SSN",.. When you 'grow up', do you hope to turn into a real news outlet ?

Yes he committed treason Lock him up Put him in stripes CROOKED Donald He is one of two an idiot or a gangster His parents were immigrants so round him up and deport him

Hi Elaine, the monster's mother was an immigrant. But worse than that the man is mentally ill. Open any page of the DSM and you'd find a mental disorder which applies to him. That simply means that he has co-morbidities. He should not be allowed to run for the presidency.

You could wear out a DSM diagnosing some of the commentors on this site (that's YOU "jerry"...formerly "jerryd")

His parents were not immigrants, you idiot. His grandparents were. And they came here LEGALLY!!!!

Hillary's server was taken off the Internet more than a year ago. If Russia hacked the server, it happened a long time ago and it did not happen because Trump encouraged it but rather because Hillary was grossly negligent with our National Security. All Trump did was ask them to release the 30k+ lost emails which Hillary has assured us were personal in nature and had nothing to do with National Security. So 1) he did not ask them to hack and 2) he was talking about personal rather than national security emails.

If not treason, he is at least guilty of sedition. Hopefully he will be charged soon.

Sedition? What the heck are you, a complete moron? Trump said absolutely nothing than making a funny by asking Russia's hackers to find Hillary's, allegedly missing, emails. He also asked them to share with the media too! Sedition? You quack.

I hope he sees the joke when they lock him up put him in stripes and call him Crooked Donald Deport him and his family as they are immigrants from his Parents , his wife should have already been sent out of the country as she is an immigrant

The stupidity of the Democrat butt licking media is only exceeded by the stupidity of Democrats themselves. PS: When is the next "Taco Bowl"?

The ultimate stupidity is of those who get suckered in by a New York real estate con man, "believe me, it's huuuge"

I would not say this is the most intelligent response. You can give it but can't take it Lock him up Put him in stripes Crooked Donald

He just conspired with espionage agencies from Russia to commit an illegal espionage act against the USA, specifically influence the election. He is definitely guilty of reason, He should be arrested and jailed for the rest of his life. Trump is the most evil and dangerous person this country has ever had to deal with. People supporting him are either ignoring a lot of facts about his past, or they are simply insane. By the way, he has many business interests in Russia. He has praised Putin. He has advocated weakening NATO. He and Russia are behind this entire hacking event. If elected he will allow Russia to invade the entire eastern Europe. He will look the other way. He will then reap business and monetary benefits from an appreciative Russian government.

I agree with you 100 percent!!!! :-) He should have been locked up years ago for all his scams like the money he STOLE from those who believed in his real estate scam, Trump University, the construction companies who never have gotten paid on the casino he built and condos, etc. He had them build made millions on then filed bankruptcy!

You are a prime example of the base stupidity of the left.

Meant treason, not reason, of course. He has made many trips to Russia in recent years. This really calls from a complete investigation of his recent activities. We can allow this man to become president. It cold spell eventual doom for this great country.

Hollis you really hit the nail on the head with one part of your comment! " He is definitely guilty of reason"

I didn't read anything but the heading. However, under current policy you won't be prosecuted for anything if you didn't intend to commit a crime. It's the Hillary defense. Case closed.

Seriously? He was joking. He was taking a swipe at Hillary. Geez, people.

Donald trump is a narcissitic dictator pig with a BIG RICH MOUTH !!! how do republicans tolerate Him if you look at his polls 70% according to the polls who will vote for him are uneducated with NO college degreesNeed I say more???

Really? That's your bar? College educated? He holds that demographic. I'm not college educated. Make 6 figures. Very happy with my life and that's why I'll be voting for him. What's your sob story?

I can't stand Trump and this isn't treason, justvmore stupid stuff from him that shows how unfit for office he is. Even Trump's manager is an agent for a Russian, Putin lacky that got ran out of Ukraine for corruption among other scumbags.


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