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We Will Not Give Up Until Venezuela is Free

August 4, 2017 - 12:45pm

Just one day following the conclusion of the shameful Constituent Assembly aimed to empower Nicolas Maduro’s regime, the dictator and his gang of thugs have struck again. This time, during a cowardly overnight raid to seize two members of the opposition party, Leopoldo Lopez and Antonio Ledezma.

 The world saw the devastating images from Venezuela over the weekend. Maduro’s continued brutalization of the Venezuelan people with violence and a total lack of democracy is atrocious.
His brazen efforts to rewrite Venezuela’s constitution under the guise of democracy is an insult to freedom, and taking power away from his citizens against their will is completely reprehensible.
Now, with his latest move— to remove two prominent freedom fighters from their homes just hours after further U.S. sanctions—  Maduro has sent a clear message to the world: the freedom and lives of the people of Venezuela are disposable in favor of empowering his totalitarian regime.  
Over the last several weeks, I have continued to applaud the Trump administration’s swift actions against the Maduro regime which has endangered the lives of millions of Venezuelans.  Just this week, Nicolas Maduro himself was added to the U.S. Treasury's list of Specially Designated Nationals, thereby formally defining Maduro as the dictator he has proven himself to be. This important distinction follows the “election” of the Constituent Assembly on July 30 that was designed to favor pro-Maduro candidates on the ballot.  Despite the efforts to thwart this brutal regime, over 100 innocent lives have been lost. Nicolas Maduro must step down now, and we must not stop until this dictatorship is no more.
The Venezuelan people have shown their strength and resilience in the face of oppression. It is incumbent upon the United States and the rest of the free world to stand with them. We must continue to make it clear to the people of Venezuela fighting for freedom that we will not give up. We owe that to the brave men and women who stand for democracy at the ultimate cost.
We will not tolerate Maduro’s assault on freedom and democracy and must continue to find ways to advocate for human rights in Venezuela. That is at the very core of why I am proposing to officially prohibit the Florida State Board of Administration from making investments that support the Maduro regime. This is a step in the right direction, and I look forward to working with our state legislature and federal partners to take further action against the dictatorship. True freedom and democracy is the only acceptable outcome for the people of Venezuela. 
We cannot accept anything short of the complete release of all political prisoners and for Maduro and his gang of thugs to step down. The time is now to make room for real democratic leadership that respects the will and rights of everyone in Venezuela.


Rick Scott is the 45th governor of Florida. 


more sabre rattling about Trump doing something that amounts to nothing... Kind of just like he w/o action....exhausting.

Gee Ricky, that sounds like the demands I've made to you yet, you've never stepped down, nor had the backbone to face many in debate! Gee Ricky, wonder why? IF you're committed Ricky, why not stop CITGO from doing business in Florida? NO backbone Ricky!

This is "Deja Vu" (all over again)!!! Are any of you in possession of a "memory" when Iran's populace were in EXACTLY the same position before "Khomeni" returned from forced banishment in France, to take control of Iran and place it (and its people) entirely in the hands of the mullahs? We have observed, from afar, TWO successive dictators in Venezuela. We have, long ago, observed Cuba's Castros' also implement the "iron fist"; we also "backed Kruschev down" in 1962's "Cuban Missile Crisis". ALL of these (and OTHER) cases were left undone, and populations hopeless by a meek, gun-shy, gonad-less, pontificating American Congress still dodging their abandonment guilt of Vietnam. Our ONLY "surge in the right direction" was initially in Afghanistan, when Texas Congressman Charlie Wilson (of "Charlie Wilson's War") took an initiative that actually made sense.. But "politicians" let it "go on and on" until we finally "lost our grip". [But that's "history", and America no longer has any concept of (or respect for) "HISTORY", and we are ALL the weaker for it ! {I won't even herein attempt to bring up the name of "He who shall not be named" who sullied the Oval Office and set American policies back at least a half-century, all on his own, with a complicit emasculated Congress...}

more nonsense from the trailer park president...

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