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Unemployment Rate Slipped Slightly in Florida During July

August 16, 2019 - 10:30am
Ron DeSantis
Ron DeSantis

The unemployment rate in Florida dropped slightly in July, moving from 3.4 percent in June to 3.3. percent, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced on Friday. 

DeSantis announced more than 28,000 jobs were created across Florida in July and more than 218,000 were added to the Sunshine State in the past year. The private sector job rate in Florida stands at 2.8 percent, above the national average of 1.7 percent. Florida remains under the national unemployment rate which stood at 3.7 percent in July. 

“I am proud of our work to ensure Florida remains a state where businesses are encouraged to grow and create jobs,” said DeSantis. “We are continuing to prioritize policies that promote economic growth, including lowering taxes, smart investments in the environment and working to make Florida the best state in the nation for workforce education.”

“Governor DeSantis is leading the way – making the smart strategic investments across the state that are strengthening Florida’s economy in a real and sustainable way,” said Ken Lawson, the executive director of the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. “These employment numbers show that people believe they have the opportunity to live well and thrive in Florida.”

The education and health services sector has led the state with 65,900 new jobs in the past year followed by the professional and business services industry with 41,900 new jobs and  the leisure and hospitality field with 25,900 new jobs.

Monroe County had the lowest unemployment rate in Florida during July at 2.3 percent followed by Okaloosa County at 2.8 percent and Walton County and St. Johns County which both saw 2.9 percent.

Hendry County had the highest unemployment rate in Florida in July at 8.2 percent followed by Hardee County at 6.7 percent, Citrus County and Highlands County at 5.2 percent each and Glades County at 4.9 percent.


Yeah I would like to say that the unemployment process here in the State of Florida is really going downhill I applied for my unemployment back on August XVI and till today I have a hold with a pending adjudication on my wages now I have worked with this company for approximately 10 months and prior to that I was on assignment with a on and was able to collect unemployment once my contract was up which I only collected one check now the company coosemans produce is a very shady company and will not get back with you guys which is making me have to pay due to lack of communication or return of any correspondence that you have may have sent now I had to stay in my car because it's been over a month since I parted company with this organization my last unemployment check which was in 2018 what's the $275 for one week and immediately I was able to land a position was coosemans now there's a hold on my check and I'm out that borrowing money because of this very slow process that's going on in your office of unemployment I don't understand the reasoning behind it there's an additional balance that I had accumulated over $3,000 and they have a hold on my pay this is ridiculous George Lacen

Thank you for a job well done Governor DeSantis.

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