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UCF Socialist Club Urges Students, Children to Bash, 'Kill' Donald Trump

February 11, 2017 - 4:00pm

Protesters nationwide have vowed to “Bash the FASH” in the wake of Donald Trump’s controversial presidency, and in keeping with their promise, a spirited group of left wing “social extremists” at the University of Central Florida have taken the phrase literally. On Friday, UCF’s Knights for Socialism gathered to physically bash President Donald Trump’s face in, using baseball bats and inviting children to join in.

UCF’s Knights of Socialism gathered at the university’s Orlando campus for their “Whack-A-Trump” event, where students could take a baseball bat directly to Trump and his Cabinet members' faces. The group is the same one that promoted a "Leftist Fight Club" on Super Bowl Sunday, which taught students how to fight Trump supporters.

Jacob Engels of the East Orlando Post recorded video footage of the event, which was shared exclusively with Sunshine State News Saturday morning. 

The Knights organized the event to give students the chance to violently take out their anger and frustrations on the piñatas

“Angry? Afraid? Stressed? Come vent all that out with Knights for Socialism this Friday on the Free Speech lawn in a celebration of the Mexican and Latino culture that makes America and Florida so great,” read the event’s Facebook page.

The group printed out pictures of Trump, Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The Knights then slapped the photos onto papier-mâché containers and tied a rope over a tree branch, lifting the containers to the perfect height for passersby to take a swing.

At one point during the rally, Knights for Socialism leader Dylan Tyler takes a big whack at the piñata, smashing it in half. Tyler delivers blow after blow on the piñata as the crowd cheers him on.

Tyler jokes to call an ambulance to revive the “lifeless” Jeff Sessions.

“Make sure the ambulance comes here a bit late,” the Knights jeer.

UCF’s newspaper said the event attracted a “big crowd,” but live video footage shows about a dozen students actually showed up. 

At one point, the group appears to encourage a group of elementary schoolers on a tour to be part of the Trump bashing.  

The elementary schoolers beg the Knights to join in on the fun, which the group cheers on. Some children gleefully ask their teacher if they can "kill Donald Trump."

“Show Donald Trump something!” the kids shout. “Hit him hard!”

The children shout and clap as the piñata falls to the ground. They scramble to seize the Twizzlers and other candy strewn across the lawn.

One of the protesters was also spotted wearing an "Antifa International" sweatshirt. Antifa is best known as the group behind the violent riots at the University of California's Berkeley campus.  Conservatives have already organized a petition to designate Antifa as a terrorist organization for smashing windows and perpetuating a culture of fear through their protests. The petition had gathered over 65,000 signatures at the time of this article's release.

But don’t get the wrong idea about the event, said Tyler. The Knights’ events are clearly positive, and according to Tyler, just a way to spread the word and find “comrades” to their common cause. 

“There’s been no negativity by any means, but definitely a lot of interest and a lot of good conversations with people,” Tyler told KnightNews. “That’s all we are trying to do, build solidarity with the community and network with like-minded individuals.”

The group was organized last year in the midst of a controversial campaign season where Trump dominated the news cycles with his irreverent campaign tactics, controversial comments and a promise to shake up American politics. After Trump won the presidency in an historic upset, the Knights scrambled to organize an emergency “F*ck Trump” assembly where they talked about “destroying” Trump.

Engels, who obtained footage of the event, said he thought it was hypocritical for the Knights and other liberals to violently bash Trump.

"Imagine the outrage if this was done to President Obama," said Engels. 

Conservatives attending the university agreed. College Republicans said they were offended by the event and questioned how it would mollify an already intense political climate.

“Bashing a piñata of our president adds negatively to the already tense political climate, which exists even on campus,” said UCF College Republican Jarrett Cathcart. It’s something that is meant to provoke people and spark conflict.”







This is comparable to ISIS teaching their young children to decapitate by using stuffed animals to learn how. What kind of indoctrination is this teaching children to bash the face of the President? Whoever allowed this should be fired. Can you imagine the outrage if this was Obama's picture they were bashing? SHAME on whoever is responsible, but SHAME is not enough. They should be fired and if they are students, they should be expelled.

These idiots, yes college students that are taught to be stupid by liberal professors that have infiltrated the universities. My first father-in law was one of them, and english professor. Being fresh out of the USN in 72 we would have debates about politics. I was young,owned a business and was living the American dream. He constantly had excuses for commerce and answers that hardly made sense to me. I nuked hm with common sense answers and won most of our conversations. That all happened when I was A political! His logic about the democratic politics simply didn't make sense to me. These morons protesting, burning flags destroying property are exactly what the left is looking for. Uninformed, misguided, searching for a purpose piss pots! I believe the worse thing that ever happened was ending the draft. The discipline you learn are taught in the service is life altering and will stay with you for life. Every young man should spend two years min. in uniform. I can guarantee you we wouldn't have this free for all stuck on stupid logic running through their young skulls full of mush! The draft was eliminated right after the Vietnam war. The left took the opportunity to exploit the service with doing away with the draft, due to the unpopularity of the war. Funny how history repeats itself only this time its 10x's worse...

I share your view re military training, a view I've held starting with my entry into the Army in 1945 and all the years since. You're also spot on about the communist/collectivist takeover of our educational system. We can change things with a lot of hard work but it certainly will be worth it.

This begs the question, "Why do we fund or subsidize universities? It should only be for people who want to make a contribution to society, not for socialists who want to sit on their asses and wait for the government to provide. Stop wasting tax dollars subsidizing universities. Anything that is subsidized lowers quality and increases cost. College would be affordable if only those who wanted it bad enough to succeed. I doubt that if they had to go nights to earn a degree and pay for it all, they wouldn't graduate with a degree in Sociology, Psychology, or Women's Studies for sure.

our tax dollars at work? NO Stop this stupidity NOW

People have a right to gather, organize and speak freely about things in government with which they disagree. This is our Constitutionally protected right of free association and speech. Progressives in the U.S. have been badgered, taunted, abused and harassed. We are sick of the lies and propaganda of FOX news and the alt right. This new administration is so off the chain and over the top that people are furious. We are concerned about our civil liberties. We are concerned about the environment. We are concerned about healthcare. We are worried about our jobs. We are worried about how we project our power in the world. We are worried about women's rights and the rights of minority communities. The GOP right wing is not used to being challenged and countered by aroused citizens. We are not paid - we are fed up. We plan to march and we plan to make our elected officials hear what we have to say. And it so happens that some of us are good community organizers.

Wow, you are 180 degrees off the mark. Let's hope that when all of you good little community organizers finally leave the hallow halls of the Wonderful World of Snowflakes that you do so with a PhD - as in Pop Has Dough, so that the people who work for a living don't end up stuck with your unpaid student loans for that useless Bachelor in Aggrieved Studies.

Say what?? You are joking right? The left over the past eight years has done nothing but attack the constitution and try and "Fundamentally Change America through socialist BS. Get over yourselves , no one cares about you feelings or your anti American thought process. If you do not like it , kindly leave, instead of screwing it up for everyone else.

Good Lord! What an immense load of whinning, petulant and absolutely inaccurate bull patties. If anyone has been taunted, abused and harassed, it isn't the cotton wooled, safe space scurrying, speech code demanding progressives. For the past eight years, out in the real world, we've put up with an endless stream of

Gaa! I'm so annoyed I can barely type! ...we've put up with a endless stream of boo-hooing, finger pointing and temper tantrums over the seemingly never ending list of "victims" of some slight or another who must be in some way recompensed for their "disadvantages" by their "oppressors" and accusations that everyone who doesn't agree with the cause du jour is guilty of some form of (insert word here)-ism or is a (insert word here)-ist. Enough! A lot of us out here thought the last political regime totally sucked, but we didn't burn anyone in effigy. We didn't bash out window at Starbucks, although I have to admit that it's a tempting thought considering their grossly overhyped and overpriced nearly charred coffee. We didn't set limos on fire. We didn't stage protests where it took 250 dump trucks to remove the trash and sewage your fellow travelers left behind on the site where they were protesting a pipeline that they said would be "bad for the environment". We don't show up at venues where progressive speakers are appearing and shout them down because we don't like what they say. And you have the unmitigated gall to say that we're the one's who are "Fascists"?

You are a racist that hates Whites.

Obama was an offense to many of us, but we respected the office of the President and his right to execute the job whether or not we agreed. You are sore losers who disgrace our country! We are one nation under God, but you forget.

Hoodlums is the right word! They are also uneducated and stupid.

C Breeze right on target. Way to go brother. 14

Go find the story concerning two frogs dropped in two very different pots. The first frog was dropped into a pot of boiling water. He responded immediately. Then the second frog was dropped into a cold water pot with a fire under the pot. Now what happened to that first frog? Then what happened to frog as the water became warmer to boiling over time? I'm the frog in the first pot. Your the frog in the second pot. Your being boiled alive by Globalist(UN and like-minded Elitists) and Big Government politicians from the two major political parties that have been stealing your very freedom, our Constitutional rights, our liberty to be successful and you don't know it! I remember what freedom is or was, I lived it. You haven't and probably never will. Don't blame us old freedom loving individualist who are trying to save you from being boiled alive and don't even realize it. I going to jump for freedom from political correctness.

It's called a piñata. By the way, if you want to see the upstanding example promoted by most responses here, just search Youtube for "A Look Back At How Republicans Protested When Barack Obama Was Elected In 2008 & Re-elected In 2012!"

UCF's ignorant, mal-educated azzwhypes should be arrested, charged with sedition, indicted, and prosecuted before they get older, more stupid, and continue to be unfit for civil society. Professors fomenting this sedicious activity should be terminated (their own students will testify against them to save their own azzes); and the University should be stripped of ALL Federal funding. These UCF morons won't be happy to see the "blood in the streets"...if it ever turns out to be their own... The massive, gigantic size of UCF guarantees the degree of anonymity that these malcontents need to havoc, damage and injury ! Pay attention here Governor, because you and your Legislature are facing a "timebomb" if this nonsense doesn't stop. I was involved in the '60's and '70's Vietnam War and Civil Rights RIOTS and the "Watts" sympathy RIOTS (just like the "Fergeson" debacle): It was not anything I would like to see repeated (especially since 80% today's college students are DUMBER THAN DIRT, and will be hurt just like dumb animals unable to even perceive WHY !) We are NOT seeing 'freedom of speech' "demonstrations", We are seeing "Insurrection"! BETTER GET ON IT GOVERNOR, BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE !!!!!!!!!!!

Did you go to college? Your comment is rife with spelling errors. It makes my brain itch.

...can't be much of an itch !...

Believe C Breeze said bout what needs saying.

Back during the Viet Nam war era the Florida State University campus earned the dubious reputation of being Berkeley East, what with sit-ins on Landis Green, "Radical Jack" Lieberman and the like. At least these students are learning the value of right to free speech--after all, it is the speech you don't like that the First Amendment protects.

Free speech when it's something you like but where is it called free speech when free speech is met when someone saying it offended them......... it all pooky!

Adult Democrats are behind all these terrorists. They are committing treason and the President will pull their right to be a college. I think this is a black racist college, so their tests are the same as 8th Graders. The reason is, they are no longer Americans. Treat them like illegals and take them to the borders?

If President Obama were the subject this, they would be arrested for terrorism.

These are simply hoodlums, and they are teaching hate to our children. Teaching hatred is never okay.

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