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Trump Makes America Wait by Hiring Foreign Workers for His Private Club

November 10, 2017 - 11:45am

It's an annual rite in Palm Beach. President Trump’s exclusive Mar-a-Lago opens for the winter season, and in preparation, there's the hiring of new staff.

Embarrassment alert.

In a serious departure from from messaging about the importance of American workers, the resort has undertaken another annual tradition: requesting the right to hire foreign workers.

Claiming a lack of domestic interest in the dozens of job openings for waiters, cooks, and housekeepers, the president’s operation has petitioned The Department of Labor (DOL) for permission to turn to workers from overseas to fill the nearly 70 staff positions.

This is not an automatic granting of allowance. Labor stipulates applicants first must put forth an effort to seek citizen workers for those positions. Only then will permission for visas be granted.

The ad that appeared in The Palm Beach Post stated, in reference to the service staff, Mar-a-Lago is looking for skilled workers:  “3 mos recent & verifiable exp in fine dining/country club” were the requirements, according to the want ad. This raises obvious questions: Do foreign nations really have more "fine dining/country clubs" than we have in America? Would this same hiring requirement be applied to those brought in from other nations? 

President Donald Trump
President Donald Trump

It seems more than reasonable that some local workers in these fields would be available. These are not jobs in the agrarian labor sector, those with brutal outdoor conditions that are often held up as the kind described as “jobs Americans simply will not do.” They are hiring for country club service roles, and experienced kitchen staff; South Florida’s tourist industry is awash in employees of this caliber. 

The ad ran only two times in the paper, the minimum requirement that needed to be met to then qualify for the visa application through the DOL. That the resort was doing the bare minimum to meet the legal threshold before applying for the right to look outside the country for help is more than supposition. 

Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach
Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach

There was even a jobs fair in the West Palm area, with a number of resorts appearing for hiring purposes. The Washington Post contacted organizers of that event and they confirmed Mar-a-Lago did not have any representatives in attendance for recruitment purposes. And this was not an infertile field of prospects.

At the job fair WaPO found a number of people  who were willing to be hired for nothing more than the chance to get a foothold inside the illustrious resort and move on to better positions. “I would do anything: make beds, scrub toilets, whatever they need,” said one prospective worker. “That place is the top of the top.”

That kind of enthusiasm does not seem to be the priority for the employer. Despite Mar-a-Lago's owner boasting about the importance of the American worker, his personal country club is placing its focus on those it can draw from across the border.

Brad Slager is a Fort Lauderdale freelance writer who wrote this story exclusively for Sunshine State News. He writes on politics and the entertainment industry and his stories appear in such publications as RedState and The Federalist.


Do as I say, not as I do... If nothing else that is the entire mantra of the Trump presidency...

You "whiners" STILL deserve what Hillary & the Democrats were gonna give you,... at least another decade "on the plantation". BUT, "Praise the Lord", you've ALL been saved (in spite of your demented souls and grasping fingers) !

Dude take your meds. You make absolutely no sense.

its no use, he is an unemployed trailer park president...worse yet from NY who needs to take his fat ass back to NY and get a job...

...Not to the senseless...(Go look in your mirror..)

So? Nothing illegal. A nothingburger.

Nothing Illegal just told hypocrisy from the leader of this country. That’s all.

Of course we have all these trump apologist hurrying to rush in and defend this phony ass president. What ever happen to putting America 1st. I mean that is what he ran on. Really Tampaguy everyone in Palm Beach has a job. That has to be the stupidest comment I have ever heard. Palm Beach unemployment rate is 4.5% higher than the national average at 4.2%. So your comments is completely baseless without the facts. To me and I’m sure many of Americans out there. The president should practice what he preaches. Then maybe you get people to follow. It’s no wonder why trump’s base is heavily loaded with uneducated people. You can definitely tell with the people on here trying to justify something Trump has been preaching about since he decided to run for president.

Folks that live close enough either HAVE jobs or don't need to work ($). Very simple. No harm, no foul.

Palm Beach unemployment rate is higher than the national average. Look it up. Learning how to use a computer will get you ahead in this world and not make you look like an ass.

I don't recall The President of the United States going to Mar-a-Lago to interview and hire workers Do you Brad??? If you recall he absolved himself from all involvement in his businesses both domestic and foreign.I guess this article supersedes you making paper airplanes and playing tidlie winks. Write something substantive will you?

But I do remember trump writing and approving his sons letter to the public when he met with the Russian lawyer. That being said I’m sure the sons run to daddy and ask him for advise on a company he is going to get back eventually anyways. I mean if they fuck up his bussiness they might get left off the will. Lol

"Bussiness"??? Is that the sale of a "kiss for a dollar"?!?.. You may just have a potential career and a future "Voted yes"!... And if you kiss a lot of babies and save a lot of dollars, you just might become a politician and "save the world"...(Just don't put any pictures on "facebook",...remember, that's what "cooked the Wiener" in New York !)

Well, I see Jerry is back. Would have thought he would be to hoarse from screaming at the sky the other day to write. Let me put on my thinking cap. They probably don't want convicted felons. That lets out ck people. The MS gang members have too many tattoo's. The kids don't want a job as -someone pointed out- because they are too busy protesting. Believe it or not, these positions take some skill and a work ethic. That's what we don't have much o

You only show how morally degenerated you, the repub party has become, Thanks.................. Remember Tuesday where you lost Va, Maine, other places bigly because of people like you............. 2018 and fair districts are coming as are the millennials and decent repubs just leave your party in droves.....Keep up the good work ;^).............. And thanks for the gift that is Roy Moore that will take the party further down the sewer it has become................ And let's not forget I am a fiscal conservative, just actually moral, progressive, unlike you, Trump people. .

He wanted to hire DACA kids; but they were ALL "activists" out demonstrating ( ;- )= ( Get a life Folks!...Or at least a hobby...) Trump is going to be OUR President for another seven years (and we'll ALL be better off for it !

Deflection, Lynn. And prevarication. Common sense helps.

Trump's a whore. He'll do anything to anybody to get his hands on a few extra bucks. He's also a born liar and mis-representer and has no problem saying one thing and doing another. Pam Beach County pond scum.

My family was in that business and professional workers asshole says he wants travel north in the summer and south in the winter doing just what he wants.............. And there at lot of them................. Just he want workers for minimum wage that he can have deported at any time making them basically slaves to keep the job................ Not only does he do it there but in most of his resorts, etc............Professional apply but are turned down........ But you Trump Chumps can't see how he lies, scams and screwing you, bending over bigly and saying, 'thank you sir, may I have another?" Sad.............. What idiots.

get over yourself BRAD...your article Nonsense of a F+ writer....Do your Investigating ..Not just writing Liberal crap.....If you done your job RIGHT you Know....Pres.Trump don't have Anything to Do with Operations of Country Club...cause He Signed it Off on Trust of Family...AND 2nd..his Immigration Policy That ALL YOU LEFT WINGers keep Crying about.....HE wants Good Law Abiding EXPERIENCED WORKERS in all areas Coming OVER the Border...NOT WELFARE FREE liberals..Maybe you should start writing About MS-13 & Mex.Cartels are coming after Journalist like they do in Mexico....that the RUMOR I hear on the Street...

Since tomorrow is vetarns day and I do appreciate your service. I will reframe myself from calling you a complete fucking moron (in the words of Rex Tillerson). 1) what’s wrong with the workers here. I heard a lot from trump followers and trump himself how people from other countries are taking our American JOBS. Really no trump supporter has an issue with that. How ironic. The hypocrisy is astounding by these blinded trump supporters.

Just so we are clear: You are saying that the man is capable of running the entire country, but he is helpless and has no influence over a business operated by his family, which he personally owns.

Brad, Have you been under a rock for the past 10.5 months? When President elect Trump took his oath of office and became President Trump within 30-45 days he signed over his total control of all family businesses to a trust in which his son's and daughter are in charge of the overall monitoring of the Trump trust not President Trump.

Which, is essentially what I stated. My point is if it is the family running the show he could certainly instruct them to hire American workers, as he is encouraging all other businesses to do. That they do not is a stark example of hypocrisy.

Got a human name?

If there were American workers willing and capable of doing the work, Donald Trump would hire them. He can't hire just anyone as this is a top exclusive club in Palm Beach, one of the luxurious places in the country. If there were qualified American workers, why didn't they apply? They know that workers are hired every season. It's not a secret. Is this just another attempt to "slap down" the president, Brad?

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