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Trump Brings Victory Tour Home, Fires Up Thousands in Orlando

December 16, 2016 - 9:30pm
Donald Trump
Donald Trump

The crowd roared as Donald Trump took the stage.

“With your votes, the great citizens of this country declared to the world that from now on it's going to be 'America first," Trump said in Orlando Friday

Trump soaked in the energy of the 20,000 Floridians who came to support him, vowing to restore "respect" to the American flag, rebuild the military and restructure the country's foreign policy. 

"It's a horrible thing. We are going to do everything we can, we are going to get it straightened out one way or another," he said about the nation's foreign policy. 

Trump promised to build safe zones in Syria, promising to "help people" overseas all while  fixing the country's jobs sector and education system. 

He recalled Election Night in great detail, naming all of the states he won and all the upsets which happened during the evening. 

"The map was so bloody and red. It was beautiful," he said. 

Trump said many doubted his capabilities on the campaign trail. Polls had Clinton out in front as the favorite of the election. She, polls said had the presidency in the bag. 

Trump, however, said the night was full of surprises, especially in Democrat-favored areas in the Midwest and near Canada. 

"They said 'You cannot break the blue wall'...not only did we break it, we shattered the hell out of it," he explained. 

The "Thank You" rally was his first public Florida stop since winning the presidential election against Democrat Hillary Clinton in an historic upset last month. 

Outside, vendors sold Trump t-shirts and the famous red baseball caps emblazoned with Trump's famous "Make America Great Again" slogan. 

Familiar Florida faces also made appearances at the rally.

Republican Party of Florida Vice Chair Joe Gruters emceed the event and U.S. Reps. Dennis Ross and Neal Dunn also showed up. 

"Donald Trump is going to do something this country has desperately needed: the unification of this country," said Ross. "We are all Americans. We all deserve the opportunity for success."

RPOF chairman Blaise Ingoglia also made an appearance, lauding Florida's accomplishments in helping bring Trump's campaign to victory.  

Gov. Rick Scott also showed up to offer a helping hand to Trump at the rally. Despite chairing a pro-Trump super PAC which dumped millions of dollars into television ads in swing states, Scott only appeared at one Trump event on the campaign trail at a rally in Tampa in June. 

Scott has frequently drawn comparisons of his own political career to Trump’s since neither one of them have had much political experience before taking office. 

On Friday, Scott said Trump was the right pick to put America back on a path to prosperity. 

"Now we have a president who is a good friend of mine...a father, a grandfather, a husband," Scott said. "He's going to turn this country around."

Attorney General Pam Bondi also allegedly showed up at the rally, but did not speak to the crowd. Bondi tagged along at Trump events frequently while he was campaigning for president. 

Trump and Bondi are longtime friends and it’s been rumored the state Attorney General is in talks for a position somewhere in Trump’s administration, though both have been quiet about the matter. 

The crowd thanked Trump in a series of chants, flipping the script from an event to thank his supporters to the crowd admiring him in turn. 

"This is truly an exciting time to be alive," Trump told the crowd. "The script is not yet written...what we do know is that the pages will be authored by each and every one of you."

Unity, Trump said, was his ultimate goal. 

"We will bring our country back together," he told the crowd. "We will love everyone in our country. When Americans are unified, there is nothing we cannot do."


Certainly I am speaking about that and I said nothing about it being illegal or not for accordance to the law. It's more about principle that people the support him, give to his campaign and he chooses to give to his sons winery and his businesses.

Thank goodness you are back jerry! I was afraid your parents had not checked on you and you expired in their basement from dehydration due to the volumes of tears you shed! It aint all that bad, jerry, why don't you send out a bunch of emails encouraging wacko electors to decide for themselves who should be prez? Give you something to do while you wait for your check to arrive in the rents mailbox.

We gave Obama a chance 8 years ago, with NO experience now we have the opportunity to do the same with Donald J. Trump we are a great nation and it's time to let Trump lead this nation. Sour grapes need to be crushed into Wine.

in 4 yrs I bet they will be screaming kill the bum as we go into a deep recession, few jobs because of Trump, repub policies that take the money and give it to the rich, corporations, just like 2000-2008..........And unlike Scott who claimed the jobs Obama made, Trump won't have anyone to make jobs he can claim.......... We now have a very good economy heading up. We'll see what happens with rump Chumps in charge.

Jerry no need to take any money and give it to the rich. They already have money and are already rich. What his plans are is to get living with your parents basement dwellers like yourself gainfully employed generating tax dollars to clean up the mess left behind by Barack Obama. Just think, The USA will finally have a president after 8 years!!!! Did you not hear Obama's last (thank God) press meeting chiding the media about Hillary's loss for reporting the truth about Hillary Clinton's emails? Not once did he mention the content of those emails. That was the damaging fact for her , the hypocrisy of her campaign. Isn't it great? She got what she deserved, and deserved what she got!

Soon the Left will be screaming because Trump will be profiting in his business's because of the improved business environment that he created. Go Trump!

I don't know know about that. But he sure as hell profited over 10 million that he took from his campaign and gave to his businesses.

Certainly you're not talking about the $10mm he fronted to the campaign and was repaid in accordance with federal laws, right?

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