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Trump 2020


Instead of "cough, cough", it should have been "CHOKE, CHOKE".

You could say that again... First its Russians, now its having other countries investigate and spy on candidates. Who knows what will be next. I sincerely hope that the American public believes and recognizes through their vote, that nobody, NOBODY is above the law... Vote for anyone but Trump the Chump!

Depends on whether the majority of the voting public is of the Democrat party persuasion or of the normal persuasion.

Depends on whether the majority of the voting public is of the deplorable persuasion or of the normal persuasion.

All liberals should take a vay cay out to L A and enjoy their right and freedom to take a poop right in the middle of the street with your own kind. Enjoy!!!!!

Somebody should Baker Act you, dude! You got some real weird **** going on!

Aww come on leftist cuckie you know you want to take a squeeze in the street right outside Nancy Pelosi's statley walled and gated palatial mansion. That would be a life accomplishment you could brag on at your antifa meetings!!!!

Typical libtard

More likely coughs originating from diseases the illegals are bringing into our country.

So true: polio's back courtsey of leftists and their open border. Soon ebola will come thru the southern border. Darn those suicide loving leftists. Then to make matters worse they want to tank the economey so bad they can taste it. Darn their pie in the sky everybody gets free stuff nonsense.

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