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Thousands Descend Upon Winter White House in Anti-Trump Protest

February 4, 2017 - 8:45pm

Protesters marched all the way to President Donald Trump's Winter White House Saturday evening to protest Trump's presidency, which has been riddled with controversy since it began last month.  

Around 3,000 protesters crammed onto the streets in Palm Beach, many of them closed off by the Secret Service, to speak out against Trump's policies. The president's earliest orders and Cabinet decisions have struck a chord with some voters disappointed with the direction their country is taking. 

Many focused on Trump's latest executive order banning refugees from entering the country for 90 days, a decision many have criticized as anti-Islamic and anti-American. 

Trump touched down in West Palm on Friday and planned to dance the night away at the annual Red Cross Ball in Palm Beach this weekend. 

Meanwhile, protesters aimed to get under his skin, chanting and shouting in the streets of his vacation town.  

Lead organizer Stephen Milo canceled the event earlier this week over safety concerns, citing the "possibility of the march march turning into an angry confrontational demonstration vs. a joyful show of unity" but that didn't last long.

South Florida Activism and Women's March Florida's Palm Beach County Chapter quickly took the reins of the event, putting it on without city permits which meant marchers had to stay on the sidewalks. 

"Trump is against everything America stands for," said Martha Diaz of West Palm Beach. Diaz said she was raising her voice against Trump's "anti-immigrant" policies which she says unfairly discriminate against minorities and suffering people. 

Other protesters said they felt unsafe in Trump's America since he was deciding to promote people with "radical opinions" into administration positions. 

Greg Shapiro of Fort Lauderdale waved a sign advising U.S. senators to dump controversial U.S. Secretary of Education nominee Betsy DeVos, in part because she has no education experience, but partially because of what he says are anti-gay positions. 

"She's very anti-gay, and her family is anti-gay," he told Sunshine State News. 

Pro-Trump counter protesters taunted marchers, calling them "losers" and telling them to "go home."

Saturday's march was one of many that have happened nationwide in recent weeks. Protesters have been speaking out against Trump for even longer than that, going all the way back to since he won the presidency in an historic upset over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. 

Police presence grew as marchers made it to Mar-A-Lago, crossing the bridge. Their momentum never slowed as they sent the president a message: "We're not going anywhere."

U.S. Rep. Lois Frankel said she was proud of marchers, many of whom made the full 2.4 mile trek all the way to Mar A Lago as the night went dark. 

"This is what democracy looks like," she said. 

Reach reporter Allison Nielsen by email at or follow her on Twitter: @AllisonNielsen


We are witnessing the final breakup of the Democrat Party. The demonstrations are their final shot.

He hasn't been in office less in a month. All of these "protests" are manufactured and paid for my George Seros. Stamp your feet little snowflakes, Trump will be your President for the next four years. Trump campaigned on his polices, got elected, and now is following through with his promises. Go figure. I, for one, am very pleased with his Presidency thus far. Perfect? nope. Give him sometime.

These random attacks on immigrants and other religious groups are a distract from what Trump and his cronies want to do with the tax code and deregulation of the banking system. They also want to dismantle environmental law. This is terrifying. Do people really want large corporation deciding what goes into our water and air - it is bad enough already? Do people want a world without an EPA review of where pipelines go and what is allowed in their drinking water? What about repealing Dodd-Frank legislation that was put in place after large corporations raped and pillaged the banking system and stock market. Many of us could have lost our entire savings in the blink of an eye while some people made off with out net worth. Yes, we the hardworking people that actually had a savings account could have lost EVERYTHING! People are being roiled and angered by what is going on and it will continue. We do need to stand up to this racist rhetoric. But make no mistake - we also need to focus on the real targets of this band of robber barons. We have one of the worst here in Florida - our own Governor Scott. Democrats, Independents and Republicans with a conscience need to wake up and smell the roses. We have some people that need to be voted out of office. We need people that can rise above the craziness and stand up for our communities and the real people of Florida and the U.S.

The collective intellect of the posts on this site scare me. Thank God the children are our future...classic.

The comments are very sad!

Not a surprise...more of the same from the .......'MO FREE STUFF CROWD.

It's not "my" country - as many commentators here might subjectively define "my". It's "our" country. Let's get on with polishing the lens of the lighthouse - and learning about the world outside.

Are you kidding me??!!??.. THIS IS A DISGRACEFUL DEMONSTRATION BY SOCIALIST, MORONIC DEMOCRATS.. The likes of Stephen Milo; Martha DIAZ and her Palm Beach "Womens March Florida"; "South Florida Activism"; and every other 'group' DEFYING laws, ordinances, Legal Permits, "MASKED" and/or conveying fear and threats or damage to private or public property SHOULD BE ROUNDED UP, ARRESTED AND PROSECUTED! The useless Representative Lois Frankel from the 22nd district should be ashamed of herself, saying "This is what democracy looks like !" while she marched with the protesters; (her Jewish heritage "cringes" in memory of the NAZI "Crystal Nacht" demonstration when her forebearers were rounded up on freight the NAZI's also justified their actions as "democracy"). THIS NONSENSE MUST STOP and its backers and financers (Soros; the Clintons; etc) and instigators (NY Sen. Schumer and his Congressional ilk) MUST BE BROUGHT "TO HEEL" before "nightsticks" are returns to Police and peace is it had to be in the '60's. EITHER, clear it up, and out, "politically", or Taxpaying Citizens will be compelled to "clear it up" for order to protect themselves, their families, and their property from these "marching morons"... We're at the end of our patience!.. TRUMP is America's President (get over it )!.. " We The People" are sick and tired of "Illegal Imigrant Invaders" and foreign & homegrown "ne'er do wells" disrupting our Nation (like the tail wagging the dog)... and if you continue to "push us over the edge", you and your 'organizers' will come to regret it...and by then there will be NO "off switch"..

Written like the anti-women, anti-Jewish, anti-immigrant demonizing all-not-like-you white supremacy Trump bully that you proudly claim to be . . . . . . . . . . PATHETIC . . .

This so called Judge (robart) that by his own made President Trump look bad World wide weak by way of the crooked media. Look at all the protesters Worldwide protesting again the President. Look at the Protesters in America protesting President Trump. Why? Because our President did something to protect American Citizens. If one hair is split on one American Citizens head because of the actions of (robarts) decision to overturn our Presidents action that so called judge needs to be handed over for trial for any crime committed by any Visa holder doing the crime. Mean while airplanes loaded full of unwelcome people that could be terrorists will enter America! Talk about stupidity! Letting wolves into the sheep housing. Sleep good tonight sheep. Where in the constitution does it say this is allowed (robarts)? Bush appointee. The media uses this like the Bushs were President friend, they are not because President Trump took the Presidential nomination from their boy jebbie something that the Bush family will never forgive or forget. Remember how both Bush sr. & wife had to go to the Hospital while President Trump was inaugurated. They didn't want to be forgotten those two wanted attention away from Our Newly Elected President that their son Jebbie said would never happen. The Bush attention getters appointed this so called judge. Paybacks more like it. Make America Great by, well take a look at the media and around you low lives that hate our great Country. It just isn't easy picking up out of the gutter is it!

Your "anonymous" comment just emphasized the importance of ongoing protests and demonstrations to protect the integrity and character of our country.

I could believe the libs truly cared about OUR country if only they had been out protesting/rioting during all of Obama & Hillary's stupidity and unconstitutional actions that endangered this country. They include using govt. agencies to silence and attack political enemies, overthrow foreign countries creating the chaos and deaths you see in the Middle East today, gave Russia 20% of our uranium who sold it to Iran, did nothing when Russia invaded Crimea, shot down a passenger airplane, did nothing while China built a military island, spend taxpayer money to interfere with Israel's election, ruin access to health care for millions of American's, run our nations debt up to $20 TRILLION dollars, continually lie to us, never know about anything until he saw it on the news, release terrorists from Gitmo including 5 who were exchanged for a U.S. traitor, give the number one state sponsor of terror $150 Billion taxpayer dollars, leave a void in the Middle East that created ISIS who now operates in 30 or 40 countries worldwide and who have killed millions of men, women and children in the most horrific ways, and create MILLIONS of refugees who are now flooding into Europe, Turkey, Jordan and the U.S., refuse to enforce U.S. laws releasing 1,000's of illegal, convicted criminals into our streets, blame everything on Bush, send guns to Mexico that have killed hundreds including innocent Mexicans, Americans and a U.S. Border guard, endorsed BLM and encouraged killing police, turned our young adults into blubbering idiots who require safe spaces, play-doh, coloring books and therapy dogs, run our military into the ground, lead from behind weakening OUR countries image in the world, etc., etc., etc. I could go on all day. Suffice it to say, the violent rioters are paid, the protesters don't have a clue and are following like sheep (remember Gruber said -- we were counting on the stupidity of the American people to get Obama care through) and it is ALL political.

In HONOR of this NEW BEGINNING in the History of our Great Nation, I propose we make the rest of this year one based on "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE to our neighbors next door, in our cities, states and the rest of our Earth.. Imagine a year where we all say only positive things about one another. Let's pretend that life has provided us with all our dreams. Let's walk around smiling and telling our loved ones just how much we love them at a time they would never expect it. Let's believe that if we can truly believe that this awesome, UNCONDITIONaL LOVE really exits then I totally believe we can all manifest not only this love for one another BUT also the dream life we all long for. It's easy if WE all try... SMILE and lOVE because change starts within each one of us! I LOVE you and I'm SMILING!

It depend what your definition of what love means....... Without your mentioning Jesus Christ, then you must be talking about sex love and that is so wrong, stay far away from me and my family!

Your definition sounds more Orwellian than Christian. Love is hate?

How do you like being irrational? That's the problem with you obstructionists. Let's make America safe!.

Irrational? Obstructionist? Trump "Made America Hate Again". Sad, so sad!!

So sad.

We are a republic with a constitution that embraces democracy. The president that represents the executive power is one of the three corners of the democratic system to keep balance in a democracy. Everybody in this country, except for native americans, came from somewhere after them. Legal people or undocumented persons built and still building this nation. Most of the successful businesses are managed by jewish or their descendants. America is from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego in Chile, not the United States. To talk about politics, is wise to study history, geography, social sciences and humanities. Then people are prepared to make comments that do not fall into fanaticism.

Good luck.

You my friend suffer from a terminal case of recto-cranial inversion. The remedy, in you case ,may be accompanied by a grossly loud popping sound.

1. The reason Obama and the Democrats are bring in illegals is, so they can vote for Democrat politicians, because the Black race is starting to wise up with what the Democrats have been doing to their lives. Pat them on the back, get the black vote, forget the blacks till next time for votes? 2. The laws and Constitution say..... no person is allowed into America w/o permission, unless you are a AMERICAN CITIZEN. That means all you illegals, green card holders, those bring in drugs, you illegal rappers and killers. That is the law. No judge can super-ceed the authority of President Trump. Look at the law liberal shit?

Ever heard of Marbury v. Madison?

We are not a democracy; we're a republic! The radicals of the 60's-like Congr. Frankel are, unfortunately, running (and ruining) our universities and metropolitan gov'ts. They're broke after catering to all the minority demands for free-bees so we pay more taxes. 20 of our schools feed not one, not two, but three meals daily to our citizens' children but also the illegals. But, Rep Frankel and her gang want more illegals....more for the Democrat party!! She should be happy with Pres. Trump as he favors Israel so far (until he wakes up and realizes that the Israelis want it all...Jerusalem for capital, settlements, nuclear weapons and, oh yes, is getting $38 bil over ten years. What we don't give them they'll steal (remember Jonathan Pollard!!). We need to vet our congresspeople and abolish election of any dual citizens. Put America First, President Trump. Please ignor the Frankel crowd!!!

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