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From Taxes to National Security, Vern Buchanan Plans for a Busy 2017

December 28, 2016 - 11:15am
Vern Buchanan
Vern Buchanan

On Wednesday, U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan, R-Fla., who sits on the U.S. House Ways and Means and the Budget Committee, unveiled his priorities for the new year. These included national security, lowering taxes, cutting down on regulations and “strengthening Social Security and Medicare” to “help current and future seniors live with dignity and independence.”

“We stand at a critical crossroad that will shape our nation for decades to come,” Buchanan said, adding, “I’m optimistic we will embrace this challenge and take the steps necessary to fortify the economy, restore the American dream and safeguard our people against the threat of radical Islamic terrorism.”
Noting that he was starting his sixth term on the Ways and Means Committee, Buchanan said he would use that perch to lower taxes on individuals and small businesses, pointing to corporations paying less in taxes than small businesses in the Sunshine State. Buchanan also said he would use his spot on that committee to ensure Medicare and Social Security funds are preserved. 
“Medicare and Social Security are two of the most successful government programs and I’m committed to preserving them,” Buchanan said. “So many people depend on these programs. Medicare beneficiaries make up 17 percent of the U.S. population – and roughly 220,000 Americans rely on Medicare in just Sarasota and Manatee counties alone.”

Buchanan said he would bring back his “Main Street Fairness Act" proposal in January “which ensures that small businesses – which employ more than 3 million Floridians – never pay a higher tax rate than large corporations.” He also promised to introduce the “Retirement Security for American Workers Act” next month. That proposal “makes it less costly for small businesses to offer retirement benefits, and could help the more than 76 million Americans who work for companies that do not offer the opportunity to save for a secure retirement.”

Turning to national security, Buchanan said he would bring back his proposal to ensure the U.S. Department of Homeland Security vets the social media of all foreign tourists and visa applicants. 

“I'm very concerned about ineffective screening of foreigners trying to enter the country,” Buchanan said. “Other countries with loose border security are seeing attacks by radical Islamic terrorists and we need to do everything we can to keep another tragedy from happening on our soil.”
Turning to other matters, Buchanan said he would continue his fight to give tax incentives for farmers impacted by citrus greening, adding a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, banning the killing of horses for human consumption and imposing tougher sentences on criminals who kill police officers and first responders. 




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Dear Sir, I thank you sincerely for bringing back HR113, the SAFE Act. Although horse slaughter has been proven to be inhumane over and over, and the dangers to public health are substantial, it has been an entrenched foe. Please support us in our efforts to bring an end to this tragic practice and protect the horse. Our honor as Americans requires better for the animal who has faithfully helped to build this nation. Again, Thank you

Laurie Neilio

Dear sir / thanks...... from Brazil

You have no idea how glad we are and how we are counting on you to save our Mustangs. There is no reason to slaughter them, and run them down as I watched while a Mare and her Foal was killed. We've become a pretty cruel and inhumane society. I commend you, I will give credit to you, and ask that you talk with all your fellow Reps , Senators, and those higher disband the BLM, as it stands, and put someone in charge who loves and knows how to care and love our MUSTANGS.......which are our HERITAGE and HAVE SERVED US WELL.....GOD SPEED and THANK YOU AGAIN!

God Bless your soul. Words cannot express my gratitude. Thank you. Thank you xoxoxo

Representative Buchanan...THANK YOU for moving the SAFE Act forward. You have my total support and gratitude!!!

Thank you so much for being a voice for our horses with the SAFE Act! Our Government has betrayed our horses and we are their voice!

Thank you for reintroducing the SafeAct It is a crucial time for ALL Wild Life. Our sacred Mustangs are An American Icon who deserve protection. These beautiful animals should not be subjected to such cruelty, the are not meant for consumption. So many are behind you moving forward-With much Respect LJM

Thank you for the SAFE Act. Please protect our horses.

Thank you for supporting and moving the SAFE Act forward as HR113 to stop the slaughter of our Horses and Burros!

Thank u very much for bringing it back

Thank you for bring thus bill back to life ,We them American people love our Wild and domestic horses . We do not eat our beloved horses. Protect them all. Thank you again.

Thank u for gettin this back,now it's time to put it into a Bill! This has got to stop...r horses r pets not food! Thank u and please let's get a new bill for our horses and burros wild or domestic!

Thank you so very much for re-introducing the Safe Act. It so important to our horses well being. You are indeed our Hero.

Thank you for bringing the SAFE Act back again. I do hope this is the year that the SAFE Act will be passed. I am tired of hearing and reading about the horses being shipped and slaughtered. Thank you for re-introducing the SAFE Act again Vern Buchanan

Thank you for supporting the SAFE ACT for our horses. Please stop all slaughter of our equines. Also disband the BLM so it cannot round up any more of our wild mustangs.

I am so pleased to see what you are doing & Thank You !! The American people do not want their horses or any Equines being sent to slaughter for consumption .Please help the Safe Act get through once & for all !!! Much respect & blessings to you Sir .

Dear Rep Buchanan, please Sir as a member of the Ways & Means committee please make sure the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act, HR 113 hits the floor for a vote and passage during the next congress. The American people do not want our horses slaughtered for human consumption. American horses are not raised for human consumption nor are they regulated for food safety. We are deliberately contaminating the global food supply and likely our own supply of imported Mexican ground beef. Your support of SAFE is critical to the protection of the worlds food supply and American horses from cruel, inhumane slaughter. You keep up the good work! Sincere thanks - Pam York

Thank you sir for recognizing and addressing the critical need to stop the slaughter of our horses and contaminating the global food supply. We will work in any way to assist HR113 to pass.

Thank you so much for moving the Safe Act forward. Wild Mustang, Burro's and Buffalo are part of our National Treasures. So many have been captured, mistreated, and slaughtered already. You are a good man. Bless you for being their voice as well as ours.

Thank you for reintroducing the SAFE ACT. Stop the horse slaughter and trucking to slaughter. We appreciate you!!!

Thank you for moving the SAFE Act forward as HR113 to stop the slaughter of US grown and/or raised Equines, Horses and Burros esp. it is imperative we protect our citizens and the world from the chemicals given to keep them healthy but are toxic to humans.

Thank you so much for what you are trying to do to stop all horse slaughter. My horses thanks you too.

Thank you so much for helping our horses!

Dear Sir Thank you so much for reintroducing the bill to save our horses from slaughter Sincerely Margaret Scarff

Thank you for reintroducing the SAFE Act.

Thanks for backing the SAFE ACT! Support the lives of horses, not the people in the horse INDUSTRY who send them to slaughter for the meat money

Thank you for supporting SAFE act!

Thank you for moving the Safe Act forward! Thank you for protecting Social Security and Medicare. Please help Medicaid also!

Thank you for the S.A.F.E. Act! :-)


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