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Sunshine State News' Allison Nielsen to Talk Florida Gun Issues with WEBY

March 12, 2017 - 9:00pm

Sunshine State News reporter Allison Nielsen will be on the air Monday morning with Greg Penglis from 1330 WEBY in Northwest Florida talking gun issues in the Sunshine State. 

Allison will appear on the air for an hour-long segment focused on Second Amendment issues in Florida, focusing on gun bills making their way through Tallahassee during this year's legislative session. 

Allison Nielsen
Allison Nielsen

Allison will be a part of the show's "Action Radio" program, in which listeners take up bills and hammer out legislative proposals to send to state and national lawmakers. 

Allison has covered the National Rifle Association, gun issues and Florida gun groups for SSN since 2013.

From Stand Your Ground to campus carry, gun issues have fired up state lawmakers in 2017, proving again this year to be one of the hottest issues moving through the Capitol. 

Last week, Sen. Anitere Flores, R-Miami, caused a commotion when she told pro-gun Sen. Greg Steube, R-Sarasota, that she would not be voting in favor of the majority of his gun proposals this year, sending Steube's bills to the legislative boneyard. 

Listen to Allison beginning at 8 a.m. CST Monday morning. 


I Highly Disagree With Campus Carry '' It Should Not interfere With People That Are Trying To Get Their Education on Campus '' There is To Many Cases Where Gun's in School's Wind up in The Wrong Hands of Student's '' Think Firearms on a Campus Only Creates a Hostel Work Space For Young individuals None The Less More Shooting's Would Generate With a Carry on Campus Who's Stupid Idea Was To Think of Carry on Campus Should Be Legal ? Anyhow... you Might as Well Keep Letting Students Carry Pocket Razor Blades in Campus To use as a Weapon So They Can Hack & Slash Each Others Jugulars Laws Are Getting Pathetic And Complete Ludacris When Officers Don't Give a F U C K about Anyone Else Just To Save There Own Skin. Police are Nothing More Than The State Of NWO For Terrorists '' That's Right I Said it '' Now With This all in Mind I Will Continue To Speak The Truth of The World of Evil That you Are So Blinded To See in Front of your Face. you Want Truth ? you Can't Handle it '' The Truth is Violence is Only Going To Get Worse '' The Worlds Greatest Corruptions Are entitled By Those Who Create The Main Reason of Survival Anyone Who Cannot See This is a BLOODY FOOL as you See School of Fools With Carry On Campus OH Man Wait Till you Hear The Next Story it Will Go Something Like This: Student Who Now Has Rights To Carry on Campus Show's up For Class Meanwhile He May Look Like any other Student Going To School But This Student Has The Free Will With This Carry Law.... Little No One Knows Just What Actually May Be Going Threw This Students Mind.... & Now He is out For Blood on Campus Due To Yes The Law That you Who Want Carry on Campus '' Bank on That ''

I'm on a campus now and I would NOT want to see some of these clowns here carrying a gun. NOT safe, especially at a frat party or just a party with other students getting drunk and then arguing. Nope, not for me, I agree with others who are against this. NO GUNS ON CAMPUS!

I too am a retired LEO (28years) and I am quite OPPOSED to campus and airport carry laws. I could live with carrying in an airport but NOT in schools! The argument 'for' carrying from an alleged retired cop absolutely stuns me. That a retired LEO would favor such a law is just wrong. With all those years behind him, perhaps it's better he's in retirement rather than still policing wherever he served, shooting it up and who knows who. VOTE NO ON CAMPUS CARRY!!!

I am a retired law enforcement officer(28 years) and I am in full support for campus carry and airport carry bills because I know from my experience and training that criminals do not attack law abiding citizens if criminals know that citizens have the tool to defend themselves. Look at Chicago and DC, most murders are drug or gang related. The states that you cannot get concealed carry permit because self defense is not considered a good enough reason the criminals are robbing, raping at will and doing what ever they want

Thank you Sunshine State News for this announcement. Since my show is brand new, this session we are only going to talk about the bills. But next year, "action radio" will be filing bills.

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