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State House Members Outpace Senators in AFP's Florida Legislature Scorecard

September 12, 2019 - 6:00am
Jeff Brandes, Skylar Zander and Paul Renner
Jeff Brandes, Skylar Zander and Paul Renner

Looking at more than 150 bills that were brought up in Tallahassee this year,  Americans for Prosperity’s Florida chapter (AFP-FL) released its legislative scorecard on Thursday. 

Led by state Sen. Jeff Brandes, R-St Petersburg, seven members of the state Senate -- all Republicans -- received either “A+” or “A” grades from AFP-FL. More than half of the 120 members of the House and almost every member of the GOP caucus received either “A+” or “A” grades from AFP-FL in the scorecard. Incoming state House Speaker Paul Renner, R-Palm Coast, led AFP-FL’s honor roll in the House. 

AFP-FL offered some insights on how it compiled its ratings.  

“The group tracked over 150 of the most impactful bills from the 2019 legislative session, including policies to expand transparency on how local governments spend taxpayer dollars, create the Family Empowerment Scholarship, take bold steps towards criminal justice reform, and repeal parts of Florida’s certificate of need laws to help expand access to health care,” AFP-FL noted. 

“Florida is improving access to health care, expanding opportunities in education, and paving the way for the Sunshine State to have an even brighter path into the future,” said AFP-FL state director Skylar Zander. 

AFP-FL named 50  “Champions of Economic Freedom” which it called “the gold standard for legislators who have acted in the best interests of their constituents by pursuing policies that advance economic freedom during this year’s legislative session” and received “A+” grades on the scorecard. 

“We applaud the 50 legislators that earned an A+. 2020 will provide an opportunity for our activists to continue to fight for policies that ensure every Floridian has the best chance to fulfill their potential,” Zander said.

AFP-FL is sending mail pieces supporting the 50 state legislators who earned “A+” grades on its scorecard. 


What they do again on prison reform!!! Brandes did try... Disanti nothing!!

Why do we allow the terrorist organization called the Democrat party to continue to exist?

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AFPs "formula" of "less government and lower taxes", when taken to the limit, will result in chaos and anarchy. They offer nothing in terms of modern, effective governance. Who would really care what their "legislative scorecard" has to say? They're an extremist rightwing lobbying group!

Blah blah blah...

I am still AMAZED by how many Floridians (both native-born and Move-ins) cannot think far enough ahead t se what a shift to Socialized Government would DO to our 'very special State'. Our legislature, primarily the Right-Wing folks have kept us in excellent stead. Let's REALLY "dump the Left" in 2020 Elections!

The state of Florida's finances is a perfect example of how to run a state budget. As an example, even though New York has less population than Florida ,their budget is nearly double that of Florida.As an example ,Florida has 5.5 billion dollars in surplus for a rainey day.New York is over two hundred billion in debt. The most dangerous cities are predominently run by a Domocrat leadership. Overwhelmingly gun crime is committed in five Democrat run cities. Florida leadership is in good hands,that is why people keep moving here. Ask me which states have the highest taxes ?

It's a shame the all the Democrats sücked so bad that not even a single one of them received a respectable score. Those democrats should be removed from office.

Amen, girl! On the mark!

AFP, what a goofball group!! Who cares!!

Blah blah blah blah

Amen, bro! On the mark!

Great list. Now we know who not to vote for as anyone with an A by them is voting for subsidizing connected businesses and against the people. These are the same group against open market grid , against solar, for polluting industries, for developers who want the state to pay for their stuff like toll roads, against local rule, etc.

They're clearly corporatists. Consumers are only there to support predatory capitalism.

Then GTFO and go to Cuba where you don't have to deal with Capitalism.

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