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Speaker Rashida Pelosi


Dese sick leftist mofos gonna take the worst @ss whoopin of their lives in 2020. Nobody with sense stands with those rats. Thats what Jim Comey would say if he had the sense to #walkaway

So many democRAT party fascists. Too bad they're so abnormal.

...from Wikipedia; "Fascists are fervently against: Marxism, Socialism, Anarchism, Communism, Environmentalism; etc – in essence, they are against the progressive left in total, including moderate lefts (social democrats, etc" Sounds good to me...

To show you exactly how ignorant of reality that this cartoonist is - along with Ms. Greenbarg - the actual meaning of the word/name "Rashida" in Arabic is "rightly guided". Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle!

Then I'm sure you love Adolph Hitler (a national socialist) as much as you love Rashida since "the actual meaning of the word/name" Adolph is "noble wolf". Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle!

Spot on for the entire corrupt Democrat party

You can say that again.

This is even more juvenile than most of your juvenile drivel

Yup, the fascist Democrat party again.

You obviously don't know the definition of the word "fascist, Sandra.. The current Republican leadership of this country fits the actual definition of the word to a 'T'.

Fascist = DNC

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