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South Florida Representatives Who Opposed the Iran Deal Now Oppose Trump’s Withdrawal

May 14, 2018 - 6:00am
Ted Deutch, Alcee Hastings and Lois Frankel
Ted Deutch, Alcee Hastings and Lois Frankel

When it comes to global politics, a number of Florida politicians have shown they may be better focused on local issues. As crucial as international issues can be, changing positions based solely on partisan positions effectively neutralizes one’s credibility on the matter.

Not many would immediately link Tehran and South Florida, but it turns out Donald Trump has managed to span that divide -- even as he is cursed for purportedly burning a bridge. When the president announced he was going to bring an end to the long-divisive Iran deal, forged by Barack Obama, it set a course for the Florida Senate race. By extension, a number of regional Democrats have chosen sides, and they have done so by way of flipping their views.

The Rick Scott vs. Bill Nelson Senate contest this year will be one of the most closely watched races in midterms. The two candidates have already entrenched themselves in party lanes. Scott is measuring much of his campaign in relation to Donald Trump, while Nelson has positioned himself as a stalwart opponent of the president, appealing to his base. 

The Iran decision has instantly become a campaign issue. Bill Nelson released a video in opposition to the decision within minutes of the announcement. Scott and the Republican Senatorial Committee greeted this as good news, announcing Nelson’s stance against the president. These partisan postures have stretched to now include incumbents.

In 2015, when the agreement with Iran was reached, three prominent Democratic House members from Florida opposed the deal. Ted Deutch, Alcee Hastings, and Lois Frankel all voted in the House resolution against the deal. (The Senate mostly opposed it as well, but lacked the full 60 percent needed to pass the resolution.) Today, however, now that it's Donald Trump ending the non-binding agreement, all three hold a different position.

Each of the House members has come forward to voice his or her displeasure at the president’s decision to end the agreement.

Deutch ...

THEN: Opposed giving terrorists billions, and allowing centrifuges and ballistic missiles.

NOW: “I regret (Trump’s) decision to weaken American leadership around the globe.”


THEN: “JCPOA allows Iran to remain a nuclear threshold state while simultaneously reaping the benefits of relief from international sanctions.”

NOW: “Unilaterally withdrawing from the deal may put our credibility on the international stage in jeopardy at the worst possible time.”

Frankel ...

THEN: “It legitimizes Iran’s nuclear program after 15 years and gives Iran access to billions of dollars without a commitment to cease its terrorist activity.” 

NOW: "Mr. President, you are wrong to think that if we withdraw from the nuclear accord, we can negotiate a ‘better agreement.’”

Wouldn't you agree, it's fair to assume that today these positions are strictly made based on who's promoting the withdrawal? 

All of their original objections would become satisfied by ending the agreement. Note how all three of the legislators this week give completely different reasons for opposing the termination of the deal. Their prior grievances would all become satisfied, but now they each cite that saving face is more important than preventing an avowed enemy from becoming nuclear.

The ultimate irony is that, if they are doing so in order to show support for Bill Nelson, they have also become disqualified as rational voices. By changing their position, for altogether superficial reasons, each one has become a neutered voice on the subject, and their opinion on the matter holds virtually no value.

Brad Slager, a Fort Lauderdale freelance writer, wrote this commentary exclusively for Sunshine State News. He writes on politics and the entertainment industry and his stories appear in such publications as RedState and The Federalist.


Typical “finger in the wind” south Florida politicians, I was for it until I was against being against it, now I for being against it. Just vote for me!

The south of Florida MUST be filled with "Paranoid Pot Smoke". This is ridiculous -- these idiots don't even realize how "HUGE" Iran's Nuke arsenal really is. Changes in latitude, changes in intelligence.

Alcee Hastings was a crooked Federal Judge, and now the 20th Election District (Ft.Lauderdale), with a criminal background, and apparently a "lifelong reputation" soiled with the chronic "Bill Cosby disease". Hastings once publically said" "We have no rules, we do whatever we want in Congress". Lois Frankel is not the MOST useless Congressional Representative in Congress (District 13 Boca Raton), but it would be "a tight race to the bottom of THAT pit"... NOW, Ted Deutch,.. almost a decade of "slithering down Congressional Hallways" as Illeana's "Mini-me" with NO real accomplishments to call his own... What's this "Strawman without a brain" gonna do when "Dorothy" retires to Miami ?... (These three Election District (20; 23; and 27) incompetents, have apparently been representing South Florida cretins for well over two decades... WHAT is populating these three Districts???..."Snowbirds"?..."NY & NJ "earlybird hunters"?... "B&B intolerance"?... "Illegal Alien Invader enclaves"? ("Something is wrong in River City SOUTH???)

They were not entirely opposed to the deal, only parts of it. No one in the international community, except Israel of course was in favor if the US violating the contract. What many were and are in favor of, was renegotiating the terms as an international accord. Now, we stand alone, which is never a good place to be from a global perspective. It is always better to tell the truth Brad...

The truth is that when Obama wanted to strike this deal both arms of Congress opposed it. That is why it is a non-binding resolution and not a treaty. Therefore it is hardly this global-shuddering disaster for the US on the world stage.

Thank you for your input John 'Fonda' Kerry; (How's your Iranian "Son-in-Law"?).... Even "STANDING ALONE" is better than living under a SINGLE "Barak Hussein Obama Mandate" !!!!! signed// An "old fashioned Democrat" (back when Democrats produced "Statesmen", instead of whiners),..[or should I say "Winers" as in: rose', white, red,..."cork sniffers all" well as pretenders to a normal intelligent quotient].

your comment doesn't even deserve the benefit of a thoughtful response. You only manage to show your ignorance and lack of intellect. You sound like a disgusting fat ass from NY...

"Ignorance (such as yours, "Cow fart") truly IS bliss"!

Deutch is a clown. I hear Javier Manjarres should be able to take him out on election night.

When are the good people of Florida going to send this loathsome carpetbagger back to Pennsylvania where he belongs? Oh that's right, it's Coward County.

Minds and positions are allowed to be changed, however, is there financing and other support from the national party involved?

While I agree that change can happen, note they cite different reasons today for their position. Had their initial complaint with the deal been satisfied then yes, a change of heart is expected. They each have flipped their stance, and each cite a different reason for that shift.

This is what happens when even the idea of responsible government and it's responsible professional workforce are trashed. To paraphrase Walt Kelly, as he once noted in POGO, "We have met the enemy, and the enemy is us". Next knee jerk reaction to the next knee jerk trashcan fire, please...

You MUST be talking about the OUT OF CONTROL "State Dept", the "Justice Dept", and "Hillary's" contrived and alleged "SEVENTEEN Intelligence Agencies"... Which were ALL "trashed" in a mere two terms of an incompetent Barak Hussein Obama and his cursed Administration. So, don't even try to malign Walt Kelly and his "Okeefenokee Denizens", "Robbie-boy": you don't possess the "chops" for proper "paraphrasing", obviously. ("Knee jerks" reside on the "Liberal Left"!)

these are currently Republican run entities Einstein. even a dumb, fat ass from NY can figure that one out...

What on earth does this gobbledegook mean? Put Vodka on you cornflakes did you?

Weak Pelosi / sycophants .... ‘yes mam , Ms Pelosi ‘

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