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Sorry, Stephen Bittel, We Just Aren't That into You

December 9, 2016 - 10:30am

No, Florida Democrats are not going to have a repeat of 2013. As you may recall, strings were pulled, arms were twisted, people were bought off in 2013 to get Allison Tant in as Florida Democratic Party chair.

Stephen Bittel has decided he will rinse and repeat that cycle, and because he has much more money, it will be even easier.

While on the surface it looked as if that may be the case, and Bittel was maneuvering himself into position to take over the party, apparently grassroots Democrats are fighting back.

Now, while there have been various bad actors within the Miami-Dade DEC -- and if the rumors are true that newly elected Vice Chair Dotie Joseph has joined said bad actors, that is VERY disappointing -- what IS emerging down there is making me very happy.

Sometimes it takes these low-down dirty dogs doing their backstabbing to wake up the good people, and convince them to come together! And come together they are, in a major way!

The Miami-Dade grassroots Democrats are not taking this lying down!

Several contingency plans have been activated!

What I'm seeing, though, isn't just the people in Miami-Dade coming together. Democrats all over Florida are joining in to say "No To Stephen Bittel".

You would think this was one of the men who ran into the twin towers on 9/11, the way folks are banding together to keep him from becoming chair of the FDP.

People who once were foes are now becoming allies!

Statewide, people have sprung into action, on a "defeat Stephen Bittel" campaign.

Now, one would think that Sen. -- and possibly "former Sen."  if he doesn't pay attention -- Bill Nelson would realize the people he is going to need to vote for him do NOT want Bittel running this party.  And he needs to pay attention.

Rick Scott is going to be a formidable opponent for Nelson in 2018.  If we don't have Nelson's back, he can start taking selfies in the woods with Hillary Clinton.

We didn't like it when Charlie Crist was forced down our throats.

We didn't like it when Patrick Murphy was forced down our throats.

We don't want Stephen Bittel forced down our throats.

The people are entitled to decide who we want for chair of the Democratic Party.

Stephen Bittel is an extension of Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is an extension of Stephen Bittel.

It is time for fresh blood, fresh faces, new ideas.

Bittel has money. What he wants is to cling to his access to Washington.

With Wasserman Schultz out in disgrace as DNC chair, his connections are drying up.

Even with his money, and his position as treasurer, he was not well-liked at the DNC. My question is, what is his end game?

Is he looking to become the chair of chairs? Is he looking for something national?

Stephen Bittel can't possibly JUST want to be FDP chair.

Stay tuned, folks.

My contacts in Washington are letting me know ...

Leslie Wimes is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1.



The swearing in was illegal under the FDP guidelines that said only the election of officers could be conducted at the reoganization meeting Tuesday. It is time for the Chair, and State committeeman and woman to nullify the swearing in of precinct people.

LISTEN !... I AM A DEMOCRAT (from a long line of old-fashioned, common-sense Democrats); additionally, I am somewhat of a Libertarian, and also an Independent on most matters (and candidates). I voted Republican exclusively "this time around". WHY???...Because the "Dem Party" has turned 'Socialist'; 'Communist'; 'Ultra-Liberal'; 'destructive to America and its culture'; 'divisive, as well as 'promoting-lockstep-lemming-thinking'; 'and "run" by people who hate America; Obama, Clinton, Kerry, and their financeers: Soros, the "Progressive Insurance" Richard Lewis family; and their destructive ilk... (Pick one, or ALL). I will continue to vote for AMERICA'S WELL-BEING, and in opposition to anything, or anyone, or any political Party, or any politician who is detrimental, or demonstrates , or diminishes our American country OR our Republic's U.S. "Declaration of Independence" or U.S. Constitution and its' "Bill of inalienable Rights". DEMOCRATS: GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER and "flush out" the your phoney divisive politicians, OR BE DAMNED and go way of Lincoln's "WHIG PARTY". You saw what happened to your Dem Party this year; It can only get worse for you because your leaders and "hangers-on" are still in denial: and ONLY the "recognition of cancerous politicians", a love of America and common-sense will begin to "turn your plight around" (if at all possible in this current active-special interest-mob atmosphere). Without that 'change' I will continue to vote in opposition to my Party for as long as it takes,...or FOREVER !

I agree 100%, what happened to all the good hardworking people that used to be the Democratic Party. My Daddy and Momma paid every bill they ever had, raised five children with the belief you don't buy what you cannot pay for, help everyone you can, and go to Church. Where is that Democratic Party now??

You are not a Democrat! Stop falsely calling yourself so if you had the disloyalty to vote for an Oligarchical favorite son of Communist Russia who fooled you into believing, billionaires from Goldman Sachs and Exxon will help the middle class working voter into a high paying growth economy after a life time of no public service, enriching their individual and family net worth, without preparation or experience in governance in public service. Yeah common sense, yeah right! Quit crying/decrying socialists and lost of culture if you voted for the Kremlin's and "Leaky Weeks' " preferred candidate. Get brave and do one of two things, A. Run for public service to effect positive change. Or B. Register as the Republican you are and accept the consequences of your poor choice in 2018 when gas will be above $3.25 and my son who is in the 82nd Airborne Division will be trying to deter Mr. Putin from annexing Lithuania.

Joe, get that mental illness of yours checked! GO TRUMP!! Finally, a LEADER!!

Democrats: Scrambling for sewer chunks.

Patrick Murphy was DINO.

Ms Wimes, I respectfully request you provide any proof of your, "As you may recall, strings were pulled, arms were twisted, people were bought off in 2013 to get Allison Tant in as Florida Democratic Party chair". I respectfully request you provide any proof of your allegation. So far, it's been nothing but rhetoric from you. GO TRUMP!!

You're obviously not in the know. A Leon County State committeeman nearly lost his position at the national level. The Leon County State committeewoman woman did lose her position. The Wakulla County chair got some sweet seats at the inauguration. Annette Tadeo got her shot at the brass ring. That's just some of the funny business. We're not going to talk about patting The Ballot Box.

Jonny, and neither are you, apparently. Typical, know nothing statement and misspellings. Try using some actual facts to support your allegations, Really, "patting The Ballot Box"?

Which Wakulla County chair got sweet seats at which inauguration?

When a Trump supporter defends Allison Tant, that is enough proof.

Hahaha! Good one!!!

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