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Slavery Is Over, But How Long Will Some Black People Continue to Be For Sale?

October 19, 2015 - 12:30pm

The question you see in the headline is the one I keep asking myself every election cycle, when I see what Patrick Murphy and others like him, do. When I say others like him, I mean those who know nothing about the black community, don’t care to know anything about the black community, and feel the way to secure the votes of the black community is by buying them.

And that is exactly what Patrick Murphy has begun to do.

We throw around the phrase “stay woke,” and yet people slept through the fact that Patrick Murphy, via his wealthy Republican parents, threw a ton of money at two of our community’s leaders, Reps. Alcee Hastings and Frederica Wilson, around the exact time that they threw endorsements at Patrick Murphy.

Now, it is very possible that these Republican parents of Murphy’s are just fans of Hastings and Wilson, so I looked at the federal finance reports myself, which are public record. Thanks, Tezlyn Figaro!!

The Murphys have never contributed to either Hastings or Wilson before, and something tells me they will never contribute again.

The $10,800 given to Hastings by the Murphys made up 20 percent of his total contributions for this election cycle and the $10,800 given to Wilson by the Murphys made up 40 percent of her total contributions for this election cycle.

If it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, acts like a duck, guess what folks? It’s a damn duck!

$21,600 for the endorsements of two leaders in the South Florida black community is what that looks like to me.

All of the endorsements that Patrick Murphy has thrown around from black elected officials now have to be looked at with a serious side eye.

I want to know what have these people received in exchange for said endorsements?

We know what Hastings and Wilson got.

Patrick Murphy has been bragging about all the money he's raised. Well, I would imagine he's going to need it, since he isn’t attached to the black community in any meaningful way.

Has Patrick Murphy ever articulated a vision for uplifting the black community or proposed any legislation for improving the lives of black people? The answer is no.

When Ferguson was burning, when Baltimore was burning, when Sandra Bland was dying, Patrick Murphy had nothing to say.

So I’m still scratching my head about these endorsements from all of these black elected officials. Exactly what are they basing their endorsements on? If it’s on being a Democrat, Murphy loses to Alan Grayson hands down.  If it’s on being black, Pam Keith wins in spades, pun intended. The only thing I can come up with is pure payola.

If it is in fact payola, he better get ready to start paying because he has a lot of palms he'll have to grease.

I say to all those greedy pastors out there, and you know who you are, if $21,600 was the going rate for endorsements, make Murphy pay you more for access to your congregations.

He has already shown he thinks black people are for sale.

As unfortunate as it is, there are those Uncle Toms and Aunt Jemimas who have discount tags hanging from their heads, so I guess you may as well get the most out of it that you can. He has raised enough money for you.

In the meantime, those of us out here trying to indeed make Black Lives Matter, and make Black Votes Matter, we will continue to plug away and continue to try to improve our communities by getting out the vote and trying to reach the people, instead of trying to line our pockets.

To the black community, I say this: Until you actually stand up yourselves and demand change, you are never going to get it. You can’t rely on anyone other than YOU to make it happen. They want your vote and that's it. After that, what happens to you, your kids, your families, they do not care, and you know it. You see it every day in the struggles that you face. You have to be tired of it.


Our schools are the ones in shambles. Our kids are the ones consistently at a disadvantage. When will we be made a priority instead of an option?

Our unemployment rates are consistently sky-high. We are the ones consistently living at or below poverty level, and yet we are an afterthought until two weeks prior to a general election.

We have to demean ourselves when encountered by law enforcement, or end up in body bags. We have to take submissive roles in order to live in a society that we helped build. Why? Because of the color of our skin.

Our ancestors were bought and sold against their will, thought of as property.

And here we are today, with our votes, thought of as being in the hands of a few, being bought and sold, as if, again, they are property.

If you aren’t “WOKE”, then I suggest you wake the hell up real quick!

For the first time in a long time we have a choice that isn’t bought and paid for.

We have a choice that not only understands us, identifies with us, but will make us a priority instead of an option, which no one else has.

I have made no secret that I support Pam Keith. While Patrick Murphy and his parents can buy whomever they choose, the media can attempt to shut out Pam Keith, but those of us who hear her, see her, and support her know she is the real deal.

We wouldn't ever support a man who thinks black people can be bought and sold like property.

Leslie Wimes is president and founder of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, She lives in Palm Beach County. This commentary was reprinted from her site with her permission.



So tired of all the whining by certain minorities, especially when billions of tax dollars have been spent on targeted education, specialized training courses, and so many other social benefits towards one race or another, and causing friction between all, and certainly leaving caucasians out on their own, to fend for themselves, legally or otherwise, but without much of government contributions. WHEN, actually, will any so-called persecuted minorities ever stand on their own two feet and actually EARN their own living, as so many other minorities have successfully done? Those who prefer to whine about their troubles seem to be a majority of government programs bred on a life free of any personal investment but when turned 18, expected to make it on their own. All that can be said, by me, is the government must be less involved in the freebie programs and force many of the beneficierys of these programs to actually work for their own self respect.

Unfortunately, ALL people are for sale. Be it money, Favors, or Just Doing the JOB. Think about it - that easing of the zoning code or granting of a conditional use. What about "making that deal" to get the employer into town. We are all in it for ourselves. Some people are just more BOLD about the acts of buying and selling. I find it deplorable that people are this way. I still hope that some can prove me wrong.

You are EXACTLY right Leslie !... "Mummy & Daddy" Murphy are in the shameless process of *buying* "Lil Paddy" a Senate seat; the "kid's" ONLY experience is in "riding Daddy's coattails" in the family business. However, I must add here that paying off Alcee Hastings ( the 12 term former indicted federal judge impeached for so;ociting bribes and perjury, and who publically said "We have no rules, we do what we want in congress.) and and Frederica Wilson (of the "glitzy brokeback mountain cowboy hats in a multitude of varying colors", and who publically said ""The Tea Party is the real enemy") is indication of the Murphy's buying Black support at any cost; and relative to the present situation, buying it at a very cheap price.. Blacks can do better, and whites can do better, for themselves AND America by researching candidates better and holding their votes sacrosanct. STAND UP VOTERS...and "flush the toilet" that our Congress has become..!

Please, don't lump her in with us Liberals!!!'re the typical liberal black....looking for the government to feed your problems! Why is it that BILLIONS have been spent on blacks ensuring that they get a proper education? What good has it done? What has your race done to improve themselves? Look at other races......they don't sit around screaming to be handed more and more money to feed their problems. They have pulled themselves up, made a life for themselves, and taken responsibility for their well being. No one is holding the blacks down more than the blacks. You kill each other, the majority of your kids are being brought up w/o fathers, education is available, but your kids aren't learning....they're dropping out of school. Hell, have you taken a look at all the programs you already have available to you? What more do you want? Stop blaming others for the sorry state of your race. Do something to improve it!!

First of all, you have completely missed the entire point of the article. It's about money in politics.!! SMH! Beyond that, I take exception to your comments. Just like all other races, people of color are each unique AND are of varying socio-economic backgrounds. There is no such thing as a "typical liberal black"--that you'd say so is indicative of your cultural ignorance and speaks to the root of the multitude of problems you mentioned. "Doing something" begins with dialogue because "When it isn't acknowledged it cannot be addressed." The majority of crime is racially homogeneous and Caucasians commit more of such crimes than any other group. So, there is really little point to what you're saying other than to prove that the legal system is skewed against persons of color. Given equal charges and similar backgrounds, a person of color is far more likely to be convicted and will invariably receive a longer sentence. This is not opinion-this is fact. At the end of the day, if ALL really was equal we wouldn't be having such conversations, but many (and I mean you) choose to ignore the obvious institutional inequality; they choose to ignore the corporate welfare that is keeping oligarchs in power while stripping all that Americans have held up as an example of our greatness as a country and focus instead on denigrating and tearing others down. Really smart way of thinking, isn't it??

TY. My thoughts exactly

I suggest "anger management" therapy for you "Starbrite", and "Patty" (is that Rep Murphy???), as soon and as frequently as to bring you both in conformity with genteel Southern America...

Leslie, SMH! Everything hidden will come to the Light...the sad thing about your finding is that this issue has been a problem in many Black elected officials ability to maintain credibility and respect!

Regardless, whether it's Patrick Murphy or, Pam Keith, they're still both democrats. Since LBJ, what has the democrat party done to help all the problems you site? Nothing. After almost seven years of a democrat in the White House, two of those years with a control of the house, senate and the White House, what have they done to solve all the problems you site? Nothing. Yet, you continue to vote democrat. I guess Malcom X was right. You're nothing but a bunch of political chumps. Don't get pissy with me. He said it. That it's still true today, is partially your responsibility.

AMEN! I lived in S. FL from 1969 to 2014 and you're spot on. Too bad Ron doesn't get it.

As long as the freebies keep coming?

Leslie, Your comments have made me decide to unsubscribe to this blog. Please unsubscribe me. Sincerely, Ron

You need to unsubscribe one can do it for you, figure it out on your own! Isn't that the GOP way???

No he won't "Bias", because he doesn'y really want to UN-subscribe, just threaten too;...You know,..the LIB/DEM way !!!

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