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Skank, Oh, My!

May 10, 2018 - 9:00am

That one word has completely consumed Gwen Graham’s campaign and her supporters and it has been fun to watch!

How can a candidate claim to be tough on guns, stand up to the Republicans on education or anything else for that matter, yet crumble over the word “skank?"

Never mind, this same group of people were overjoyed when Hillary Clinton rightly or wrongly called half the country "deplorables." 

Never mind, this same group of people has called members of their own party, such as Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Corinne Brown, Fredericka Wilson, etc. “skanks.”

They’ve called Melania Trump "skank" on a regular basis.

Never mind, these same groups of people have called Bernie Sanders every name except the child of God!

They are clutching their pearls and losing their lunch because I called Gwen Graham a skank!

Ha! What’s even funnier is that this same group of people are the first to say how “irrelevant” I am. (So irrelevant that Gwen Graham came to me seeking advice.)

Then, why are they so upset about what I say? Nothing I say should matter, right? My words shouldn’t break the Florida Democratic Party Internet like this.


They hang on my every word. I know it, they know it!

They called on Andrew Gillum to denounce me. Why? I don’t work for his campaign. He doesn’t control what I say or do. Let’s say he denounces that. I’m just going to come back and call her something else. Then what are they going to do?

See how that works? I control me. I don’t have an overseer. This is not the plantation, although I know Democrats like to think it is. I’m a free black woman, Democrats! You control nothing over here!

I know it bothers you, but not every black Democrat belongs to you!

The reality of the situation is this:

The media have been biased against Andrew Gillum.

I have received several calls from Florida journalists and politicos who admitted that what I said regarding “in the tank for that skank” was right on the money.

Gwen Graham flip-flopped on guns.

Gwen Graham cast votes inconsistent with Democrats (Keystone, Syrian refugees, ObamaCare).

Gwen Graham took money from shady characters.

Gwen Graham took money from Blue Dog PAC, during a time when the Blue Dog PAC took money from the NRA.

None of that was reported on in the same manner that Andrew Gillum has been reported on.

Why not?

Here is another reality to deal with for those clutching their pearls.

I have received a lot of correspondence saying if Gwen Graham is the eventual nominee, it’s going to be a repeat of 2016 for a large number of black voters.

They won’t vote for her.

They’d rather leave the governor’s race blank.

That’s just how much they don’t like her.

One person said she has lived with a Republican governor for the last 20 years. Four more won’t matter if she has to vote for Gwen Graham.

You know what I told her?

I understand!

It isn’t my job to convince her to vote for Gwen Graham if she doesn’t want to!

I’ve received a lot of messages similar to that.

Face it. People feel COMFORTABLE telling me the truth. 

When I said the same thing in 2016 about Hillary Clinton, people chose not to believe me. Guess what? 209,000 black voters stayed home. Countless others left the president slot blank or voted for Mickey Mouse or Harambe.

Choose not to believe me this time.

It matters not to me.

Now keep clutching your pearls over skank.

Keep letting me break the Florida Democratic Party Internet.

It’s fun to watch.

Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1


Amen sister, tell it like it is! Finally, someone who speaks the truth... These broke, wig, hood rats don't have a clue...

I’m so happy to read that you’re thinking about me. That means the message that I’m drilling to change this party is working and the only option you feel you have is to make it something bad. Child if I had lost an ounce of respect by the folks that mattered you wouldn’t have mentioned my name and Gwen wouldn’t be running up trying to hug me every chance she got. Go sit down.

So you are saying Leslie Wimes controlled all of the black voters who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton or who stayed home? If that’s the case, instead of trash talking her, we need to get her in our side cause that’s some serious power!!!!

This whole article just reiterates how stupid you are and how stupid the black voters are that you talk to, or refuse to vote because of someone you don't like because she is not black. Andrew Gillum has no chance in hell of getting the Democratic nomination. Either you can get behind someone else, or get out of the way and quit being the Republicans unpaid, idiot lemming. You and people like you are everything that is wrong with the political party system. I'm so glad I'm an independent, but if I was a Dem, you would be permanently banned from the more ways than one, lol.

You don’t even have the good sense to pick a side. Shut up.

go back to the Miami projects...

Wow! Wimes makes a valid point. We’ve all called names. On both sides. I’ve even done it towards republicans. To now get up in arms because it’s done towards my Candidate is hypocrisy.

You just don't get it. It's not the word, it's the lack of class behind it. You have a problem with Graham? Fine. No problem. I get it. But calling her a "skank" does nothing to advance your point. It's schoolyard crap, and you got called out for it. Boo f**king hoo.

This is so dumb. This is just a graham supporter who is mad that Wimes called her out.

Lol!!! You stupid democrats let Leslie own you again!!!

Nice try, Leslie. You don't own anything. Lol.

Even I thought it was stupid to make such a big deal out of this, and I don’t like Wimes. Stop giving her more of a platform than she already has!! Good grief!!!

Gwen Graham badmouthed President Obama every chance she got, and I'll never, ever forget it. I know she has a North Florida base to represent, but there were times when I wondered if she was even a Democrat. Andrew Gillum has been my choice from the moment he stood up to Rick Scott after Hurricane Matthew. He's continued to stand up for what's right ever since. He will bring absolute rock solid, fearless leadership to Florida.

North Florida base???? LOL She only showed up in N. Florida to campaign and win the election. Other than that she has live in the Orlando area for years. She is a political wind sock like the Clintons

"Skank", "Skunk",.. same-old, same-old... they both "smell bad"! "Nepotistic Gwennie's" ONLY "North Florida" base resides within the confines of Tallahassee; the rest of North Florida tired of "Do nothing "Gwennie" quicker than it took her to complete her ONE term and flee towards her next imaginary goal in the Gov's Mansion in "OZ". The Panhandle's theme song: "I don wan'er, you can hav'er, she's to weak fer me !" (Sung to me out loud, off key, by an old Panhandle resident on the phone... who then said "This ain't South Florida Son: Like Lincoln said: "fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me !")

what would you know about south FL lard ass? Take your fat can back to NY and get a job tiny...

Wow "Cow Fart",.. your hateful, one-line, multiple, idiotic comments are all over (throughout) this article: Whose campaign are you working for,.. nepotic "Gwennie's"?


North Florida voter here and teacher. We need to boost our economy. With the school system being one of the largest employers and Gillum committing a billion dollars and raising teaching wages I’m knocking doors for Gillum. I just want to retire without worrying about being a burden on my kids. Gwen is a PTA mom who somehow became a millionaire. We don’t have that path in North Florida. We have to pray to the good lord and work.

So teachers would rather be a burden on the taxpayers for their cushy retirement! Got it. Nice. Why not spend more money on the betterment of the children? Where will "Magic Andy" get the billion he is promising? Off the backs of the poor of course. The teachers unions are corrupt mafia types who are interested in enriching themselves and the teachers aren't any more noble either. They corrupt the young minds they are entrusted with and turn them into illiterate social justice warriors No path to millionaires in N. Florida? Hardly. You can do it as a politician, state employee, Leon County employee, and more.


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