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Skank, Oh, My!

May 10, 2018 - 9:00am

That one word has completely consumed Gwen Graham’s campaign and her supporters and it has been fun to watch!

How can a candidate claim to be tough on guns, stand up to the Republicans on education or anything else for that matter, yet crumble over the word “skank?"

Never mind, this same group of people were overjoyed when Hillary Clinton rightly or wrongly called half the country "deplorables." 

Never mind, this same group of people has called members of their own party, such as Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Corinne Brown, Fredericka Wilson, etc. “skanks.”

They’ve called Melania Trump "skank" on a regular basis.

Never mind, these same groups of people have called Bernie Sanders every name except the child of God!

They are clutching their pearls and losing their lunch because I called Gwen Graham a skank!

Ha! What’s even funnier is that this same group of people are the first to say how “irrelevant” I am. (So irrelevant that Gwen Graham came to me seeking advice.)

Then, why are they so upset about what I say? Nothing I say should matter, right? My words shouldn’t break the Florida Democratic Party Internet like this.


They hang on my every word. I know it, they know it!

They called on Andrew Gillum to denounce me. Why? I don’t work for his campaign. He doesn’t control what I say or do. Let’s say he denounces that. I’m just going to come back and call her something else. Then what are they going to do?

See how that works? I control me. I don’t have an overseer. This is not the plantation, although I know Democrats like to think it is. I’m a free black woman, Democrats! You control nothing over here!

I know it bothers you, but not every black Democrat belongs to you!

The reality of the situation is this:

The media have been biased against Andrew Gillum.

I have received several calls from Florida journalists and politicos who admitted that what I said regarding “in the tank for that skank” was right on the money.

Gwen Graham flip-flopped on guns.

Gwen Graham cast votes inconsistent with Democrats (Keystone, Syrian refugees, ObamaCare).

Gwen Graham took money from shady characters.

Gwen Graham took money from Blue Dog PAC, during a time when the Blue Dog PAC took money from the NRA.

None of that was reported on in the same manner that Andrew Gillum has been reported on.

Why not?

Here is another reality to deal with for those clutching their pearls.

I have received a lot of correspondence saying if Gwen Graham is the eventual nominee, it’s going to be a repeat of 2016 for a large number of black voters.

They won’t vote for her.

They’d rather leave the governor’s race blank.

That’s just how much they don’t like her.

One person said she has lived with a Republican governor for the last 20 years. Four more won’t matter if she has to vote for Gwen Graham.

You know what I told her?

I understand!

It isn’t my job to convince her to vote for Gwen Graham if she doesn’t want to!

I’ve received a lot of messages similar to that.

Face it. People feel COMFORTABLE telling me the truth. 

When I said the same thing in 2016 about Hillary Clinton, people chose not to believe me. Guess what? 209,000 black voters stayed home. Countless others left the president slot blank or voted for Mickey Mouse or Harambe.

Choose not to believe me this time.

It matters not to me.

Now keep clutching your pearls over skank.

Keep letting me break the Florida Democratic Party Internet.

It’s fun to watch.

Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1


I'm too much of a communist to vote for Democrats, but I hope Gillum wins. I hope he wins and pisses off all the bougie white liberal women who wanna talk to the manager about the uppity black lady who thinks she has rights. I hope all those whiny skanks with their overpriced lattes and their "Coexist" bumper stickers then feel real buttmad about having to endure the rule of someone they prefer to think of as a "superpredator" or possibly "the help." Nobody is With Her; get With It.

Disgusting. I can't wait to read you column about John McCain.

I cannot believe a fellow Democrat woman is attacking another Democrat woman this way! This is abhorrent and unacceptable behavior Miss Wimes! Gwen Graham is a skank, Leslie? What if Gwen is chosen our nominee? Did you even bother to think that your words could have consequences, Leslie? That your words would alienate Gwen Graham supporters like me who want to see a woman as Governor? I suggest you tone it down and watch your words going forward. Many of us can and will stay home in November should your guy, Mr Gillum, end up the nominee.

Oh go hyperventilate into your Starbucks bag you crone.

Leslie Wimes, you should be ashamed of yourself. Your far left views are not representative of any Democrat I'm associated with. You owe Gwen Graham an apology for this egregious attack. You embarrass Sunshine State News as a columnist. As a matter of fact, I'm done reading this page thanks to you. Gwen Graham is a decent woman, and she will be the Democratic nominee for Florida Governor. You cannot face that your preferred candidate has failed to catch on with primary voters. Maybe Gillum should clean house and lose divisive, political lightweights like yourself? Might serve him well.

I support Gwen Graham for Governor. Florida is a moderate state, not too liberal, not overly conservative. Gwen has the ability to attract disaffected Republicans who are tired of the status quo in Tallahassee. Gwen can attract independents and build a winning coalition. All I'm seeing from the Andrew Gillum campaign is baseless attacks against a decent woman who believes in a bipartisan approach. I'm a registered Democrat, as is my husband but if Gillum is our nominee, you can count me out. Might be a safer bet to go with Adam Putnam.

Don't worry, Andy doesn't have a prayer, no matter how mouch Soros or Hollywood money he gets

Leslie, I'm not a Graham supporter in this race but your comments trashing Gwen Graham as a "skank" is a disgusting and a very "Trump like" thing to do to a fellow Democrat female. You continue to embarrass yourself and the Florida Democratic Party with your terribly divisive rhetoric. Newsflash: Ms. Wimes. Your candidate, Mr. Gillum, is ethically challenged and this will be exploited by the Republicans should he be the nominee. Mr Gillum should step aside for the good of the party and stop splitting the progressive vote. He cannot win. There is one candidate in this race that can win. That's Mayor Philip Levine!

Seriously why is there no media coverage over the fact that Bob Graham's former staff is working with the US Attorney's office and intentionally dragging Gillum's name into this City of Tallahassee investigation? Gillum should have been cleared months ago but these clowns are intentionally keeping his name out there to hurt his campaign and help Gwen. Its absurd and they should be called to the carpet on this.

Andy is neck deep in the corruption. Just last week he trampled the first amendment rights of a citizen in a meeting. No care in the world. Even if he were to be cleared he would be up to his eyeballs in the next scandal.

Because the media wants to protect their fragile little golden candidate because they believe - and they are wrong - that she is the best general election candidate for the Democrats. Anyone remember Alex Sink? She comes off cold and aloof and not very genuine. Hey Gwen can you take off your high heels again and tell us how hard it is to walk in heels? Or tell jokes that nobody gets? She is awful. Her position on Syrian refugees is the same as Trump's for Christ's sake. And she voted against Pelosi because she is too liberal. She is the worst type of politician - someone who will go with the wind. We need someone solid on our values.

I'm hoping for a Murphy/Jolly ticket...apparently from the polls, so is everyone else...

Sure, let's run someone who lost a seat for the Senate to Marco Rubio. Next...

Amen brother, forget about those other fools...

Yes lets support 2 2016 losers. Murphy was completely exposed as a fraud - a total fraud against Rubio. Fake resumes, fake contracts, fake businesses. He made Marco look like a rocket scientist and grand statesman. Yeah thats the guy I want - rich white kid who took daddy's money to get into Congress then got exposed. Some of you are pathetic. These 2 are sorry losers. Jolly is the same old GOPer. He's just mad because he got his ass kicked in redistricting. Its time for progressive change in Florida. I hope you right wing bloggers know whats comin yor way.

I wouldnt vote for Andrew Gillum if George Soros paid me directly. Or for Gwen either. I could not disagree more with Ms. Wimes' liberal viewpoint. But I do enjoy her let the chips fall where they may style and boldness. She is one of the better columnists at SSN.

If George Soros offered to pay me directly, I would probably think about it. Just saying. George, if you're reading this, let's talk!

Character counts. Sorry Leslie, you lost this game. Gwen Graham will be Florida's next Governor.

Character is a word missing from Ms. Wimes' vocabulary. I hope Gwen wins the nomination.

Leslie Wimes writing is vulgar, exagerated, and full of personal attacks. She adds nothing but a lack of class to the political conversation. She brings the whole level down. Just sad.

straight out the liberty city mayor's

As I posted on my FB Page today along with the video of Mayor Gillum, he is the only candidate of the six total in the race that I have had a substantive conversation with. He and my son went to the same school in Miami. The Mayor and I share the same values on all social justice issues. I will be voting for him in the primary and general. Is Gwen Alex or is Alex Gwen? Name calling, truly who cares? If you are a candidate and do not have a thick skin just step out of the way.

Crazy DINO Wimes, again? She's the Florida Democrat's version of Roger Stone. It's interesting that only the GOP outlets give her a soapbox.

That’s actually not true. I’ve seen her on CNN, MSNBC, BBC. She’s been on NPR. She’s been in Politico numerous times. She’s been in Fox News. Just because you don’t like her doesn’t mean you should lie. In fact, she’s been right just about all the time.

nice try Miami hood rats...

No harsh commentary from me. I'm just working hard for Andrew Gillum to win the Democratic gubernatorial primary, and then the November election. I've met all the Democratic candidates, and heard their pitches. The clear-cut choice for me, and hopefully for the majority of Floridians, is Gillum. If you haven't already listened to Andrew speak and make his case, please invest the time to do so. It will be worth your effort. The sad, but hard fact, is that politics is money. Some of Andrew's opponents are flush with cash, but the Gillum campaign has to work extra hard to cover costs, and will not be able to outspend others in the race. On the positive side, Gillum supporters can outwork the others, and if everyone believing in Andrew will convince at least one other person to vote for him, the victories will be ours.

bankrolled by Soros dumbass...

I know Angie Roberts isn’t talking about lack of respect. She was thrown out of our party for being a big fat racist towards Hispanics. I’m sure she is probably racistbtowards blacks too. She was the chair of our party and was forced to step down. It’s public knowledge. No one up here listens to her. She was divisive and terrible for democrats up here. She is the last person to speak about anyone. We are a better DEC now that she is gone!!

nice try Miami hood rat...!

I think people are less clutching pearls and more saying , yep, that's the same ol' Wimes BS. Mean, hatefilled, bully nature. She has a huge chip on her shoulder. She works to manipulate the Black vote against anything except the overly progressive agenda. That's what she is hired to do, shit on the Democratic Party. I don't know why she and Nikki Barnes and the Bernie left of left agenda supporters don't go independent or NPA with Bernie. oh yea, they have no money and its cheaper to take over a party. Let the black vote stay home again, its your right, but it is your community that will suffer along with every poor, immigrant, disenfranchised, the environment, public and social program,ect.....what you don't have Leslie is respect and Nikki has lost hers by adopting your play book of the nasty clapback. If a voter cant support whom ever will win the primary, they are just poor sports, sore losers and spiteful with no concern for the future generations they have created . I can bet Gwen Graham is unbothered by your juvenile tactics. Oh and she is no skank, she is a Governers daughter, a college graduate, a lawyer, has a great work ethic and likable. So much so people on the right are willing to also support her. Whoever wins the Governors race will be representing all of Florida Red and Blue. I am supporting someone I feel can be non partisan and make decisions best for us all in Florida, That's Gwen Graham and I hope Andrew Gillum will be Lt. Governor preparing himself to run after she is re elected.


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