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Nancy Smith

A Shrinking Clinton Foundation: Much of the World Will Mourn It

December 22, 2016 - 6:00am

When the dust settles, the biggest loser in Election 2016 could be the Clinton Foundation.

Or more correctly, the 11.5 million people in mostly developing nations who depend on the organizations and projects the Foundation boosts.

Right now I'm not even thinking about the barrage of investigations by Congress, federal regulatory agencies, state attorneys general and maybe even a probe by a special prosecutor that could await Foundation officials after Jan. 20. The knives are out, and maybe the Clintons deserve it.

I'm looking at the reality that Hillary Clinton lost. She lost. She went from almost leader of the Free World to an aging former first lady and secretary of state who takes quiet walks in the woods.

Her attraction to megadonors disappeared overnight.

Bill and Hillary Clinton
Bill and Hillary Clinton

Be honest, most wealthy donors foreign and domestic gave to the Clinton Foundation primarily to access power. No Hillary and Bill Clinton in the Oval Office, no power to access, no need to give to the Foundation.  

"I would expect there will be much greater difficulties in fundraising for the organization," Leslie Lenkowsky, a professor with Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University, told CNBC in an interview.

Hillary Clinton "technically has no political prospects ahead of her. They're both important people, but dealing with a past president and future president were attractive to a number of donors," Lenkowsky said. Some of the largest checks came from a range of influential donors like the governments of Norway, Australia and Kuwait.

"Some of that goodwill will disappear, [and] they will have to raise money the old fashioned way, which is proving they deserve it," he added.

Actually, donations have been in a steep decline ever since Hillary announced she was running and the FBI took an interest in the Foundation's operations. According to the group’s most recent tax filing, contributions dropped 37 percent to $108 million, which is down from $172 million in 2014. And that was before the "disastrous" presidential election.

Since the organization's inception, more than $2 billion have flowed to the Foundation, including tens of millions from big donors, according to the Foundation's public database.

Although the Foundation has a wide array of initiatives -- promoting economic equality for women, boosting entrepreneurship in emerging markets and tackling climate change -- it is probably best known for its health-care initiatives under one of its separate entities, the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI).

Since 2005, according to CGI, it has spawned initiatives that:

  • Raised $313 million for research and development into new vaccines and medicines;
  • Helped provide better maternal and child survival care to more than 110 million people, and;
  • Provided treatment for more than 36 million people with tropical diseases.

If you want a better idea what the sprawling Foundation does, read the Aug. 29, 2016 Fortune magazine story, "What Bill and Hillary Clinton's Controversial Foundation Actually Does."

Certainly it is considerable and admirable -- in spite of allegations of pay-to-play and abuse of Hillary's office as secretary of state. 

At least 85 of 154 people from private interests who met or had phone conversations scheduled with Hillary while she led the State Department donated to her family charity or pledged commitments to its international programs, according to a review of State Department calendars released to The Associated Press last August.

Combined, the 85 donors contributed as much as $156 million. At least 40 donated more than $100,000 each, and 20 gave more than $1 million.

OK, we're all at least a little suspicious, some of us are even outraged. But the fact remains, the Foundation's defenders were right about one thing -- this organization has been responsible for a lot of very good work in a world that needs it.

The Clinton Foundation will survive. Bill Clinton is out there right now raising money for it again. But it will have to be restructured, its works significantly pared back. In Philanthropy World, it will become just another foundation.

The Clinton Foundation will never be the blanket for the Third World it was before.

If you can see beyond partisan politics, I hope you will agree with me that the Foundation's wounds -- the ones we can't so easily see -- are very major collateral damage. And for me, that's a genuine shame.

Reach Nancy Smith at or at 228-282-2423. Twitter: @NancyLBSmith




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When I was a child, there was the Red Cross, Salvation Army, United Way (was that UNICEF?), the Humane Society, and some private esoteric ones. Now, as an adult and an attorney, I know that one of the largest frauds committed against the public is the proliferation of private "non-profit corporations" and 501(c)(3) entities. In truth, Every need imaginable, for man or beast, could have been addressed by just a handful of national,regulated organizations. I wonder what the unemployment rate would be without the proliferation of these smaller, rampant entities, where organizers can name their own salaries. (I acknowledge that there are genuine and worthy ones out there,but there is no reason why their targeted needs(s) could not be addressed by one of a few national ones.

The Clinton Foundation is not the only vehicle that can perform these types of research. I imagine there are thousands of companies like my own who would love to have funding to help the needy, but lack the political visibility and various forms of corruption to enable the viral input of funds. For example, rather than giving the Clinton Foundation 20 million dollars... give it to a variety of ethical companies which can compete with innovations. If I had a fraction of the money donated to CF, I'd have teams of people benefiting humanity in dozens of ways. Instead... I just have to shake my head and know that it is, what it is.

6% of $2 Billion - what a deal!!!! Way to go nancy, Bill and Hillary blew over 1 Billion of donations: private jets 5 star hotels best restaurants best locations private cars and chauffeurs renting entire chateaus You go Nancy - tell us how 94% of the donations were spent on the Clinton's personally?

Trump's Destroying Arizona's Economy Illegal immigrants are boycotting Arizona by the thousands and moving elsewhere - showing their outrage with Donald Trump's proposed law of sending illegal immigrants back to their native countries. In the small town of Guadalupe, AZ, south of Phoenix, Manuel Renaldo is one of those who are vowing to punish Arizona by leaving. As he loaded his stolen car with his taxpayer-furnished belongings and family of ten, Renaldo told this reporter through an interpreter: "It's a matter of principle; I refuse to be supported by a state that treats me like a criminal!" The effects of the exodus are already being felt by some Arizona retailers, who are reporting dwindling thefts and sales of beer, tequila, spray paint, and ammunition. Also hit hard are the state hospitals, which have reported a dramatic decline in births and emergency room visits. State welfare agencies are preparing to lay off staffs that distribute food stamps and unemployment benefits. ATT00001.jpg Tattoo parlors are in an absolute state of panic! Renaldo told a reporter, through an interpreter, that he and his family are moving to Canada, with a new Liberal government under Justin Trudeau and new higher taxes, hardworking people will better support him and his family with dignity! Kinda Brings A Tear To Your Eye, Don't It?

I don't think people gave exactly for "access to power." I will frame it this way: They gave to show that they were with the Clintons in what they were trying to do to better the world. The Foundation has been careful to a fault and no one is going to find anything corrupt there. What Bill and Hillary are guilty of is collecting and having "friends." Rember "Friends of Bill" in his campaigns? Over 25 years they achieved a great thing: They can call anyone in power in the world and connect with them. Bill had the vision of using acquaintance and social contact to make things happen. "Hey, don't you agree with me that this thing here needs to be fixed? You and I with some of our friends can do it." The downside is that all these connections can appear just as bad as they may be good. Now Trump as a billionaire and as President has that kind of influence, but he will not use it for good. The clintons need to work their rolodex and bring together people who want to rebuild the Democratic Party. Because it is unlikely that either of them will run for anything in years to come, they can do this.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You live in Left wing LALA Land. Did John Morgan pass you a doobie? Or swinger Charlie Crist?? The ONLY reason anyone gave to the clintons was to buy access. it was the ONLY reason. There are dozens of charitable organizations around the world that are 10x more efficient with donations and do better work and impact far more people. I love the apologies and excuses, LET'S EXAMINE THE FACTS. THE CLINTONS STOLE MILLIONS FROM THE UNDERPRIVILEGED FOR JET PLANES, EXPENSIVE HOTELS, 5 STAR MEALS AND LAVISH PARTIES. THE CLINTONS STEAL EVERY YEAR. 100% PAY-TO-PLAY. THEY SHOULD BE IN PRISON FOR RAPE, GRAND THEFT AND TREASON. WE DO NOT NEED TO LIE FOR THEM ANYMORE - THEY ARE DONE THANK GOD. DONE.

Spoken like a true Democrat! President-elect Trump has done more in the past few weeks than Obama could dream of! He's saved some jobs, arranged for a company or two to remain stateside, and will continue to do more good for the US, unlike Bill & Hillary who have used their foundation as a savings account and, at least Hillary, should be tried and then jailed, fairly of course, but certainly put away!

Where is the $3.9 Billion for Haiti and the $6 Billion that is missing from the State Dept.? Sure hope there is a thorough investigation and indictments and convictions if the facts support those results.

Hi Nancy, I live in one of the so called Third World States. I wonder why a donation from a state has to first go to a US foundation before finally being delivered to the beneficiary country. This makes it take long. If its going to America, then let it benefit the Americans. If its going to Asia, Africa etc (From a foreign state), let it go straight. A state should only donate to a state. I have twice seen Bill Clinton in my country, but thinking he is on a tour. I dont see any project or result from this foundation in my country or those around me. My thinking was that the Clinton Foundation was picking donations to help Americans. I had also imagined that whatever works the foundation does outside American is from small donations from philanthropic American Individuals and companies. But these being interstate donations, am worried and cant trust.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are liars of the worst sort. They STEAL DONATIONS for first class private jets, 5 star meals and hotels, limousines and parties. Projects in the third world - just read about Haiti. Want to get to know the real truth - get "CLINTON CASH" . FRAUDS, LIARS AND THIEVES

"Foundations" are as bad as the United Nations (UN),...they are UNethical and UNaccountable. The United Nations forces caused the Dominican Repub./Haiti Cholera outbreak years ago; and UN troops are rife with corruption and violations of 'human rights' wherever they 'touch ground'...and why wouldn't they be?... Their membership includes major violators of "human rights": Russia, China, the Saudis...and other "nations". (Oh, and didn't the "Clinton Foundation" rip-off Haiti recently "to the tune" of MILLIONS OF DOLLARS which the Haitians are suing for the return of???) The Clintons are "big-time" organized CRIMINALS, and in prior eras in America, they would be spending LONG prison terms, where they belong.

What a shame that we are now 6 weeks past an election and there are still two very divided side to our nation. On the one hand, you have Nancy, who is trying to find a way to help with the healing process by pointing out the obvious - there are deserving people out there who will not be helped by the Clinton Foundation. She is not saying that the Foundation did ALL good, nor is she issuing a blanket pardon to the Clinton's if they did something illegal or used the Foundation for their own good. In fact, she points out that investigations will still go on - and good, they need to. It isn't like Nancy has ever been a huge fan of the Clinton's, nor has she been a Trump supporter. On the other hand, you have people so blinded by their hatred for the Clinton's that they can see NO good that could have possible have come from the Foundation, and therefore attack Nancy for trying to find something -- anything -- that maybe we can all agree on: that there are people in this world who need help - and sometimes that help requires money. It's Christmas! I beg of all of you who are so filled with anger for one side or the other to put that anger aside, and try to find something good in the other side. We are Americans - and we so badly need to find a way to be UNITED. There are a lot of really important issues out there that need to be addressed. There are a lot of very big problems that need solutions - and solutions that actually work usually require input from all sides. Thank you, Nancy, for trying to find a way to point out the good that might have come from the Clinton Foundation, regardless of what it's motivation stemmed from, and regardless of where some of the money went. I don't look past those issues, but will wait for a fair and thorough investigation reveals the facts - not just what I want to believe or see - regardless of which side I was on in November.

No anger Paulie - just facts you prefer to avoid. Take the few hours it takes to read "Clinton Cash" with its 100 pages of detailed footnotes. Then get "Year of the Rat". Then i suggest you wake up to the reality that the Clintons used the Foundation for personal pleasure. Their actions are despicable and any attempt to make htis about the people that recognize that theft is beyond disingenuous by you. Every single dime Hillary used to pay for 5 star hotels and private jets didn't go to those it was intended for. Millions every year. Saqme with Bill and his exploits in Haiti, Nigeria and elsewhere. Don't you dare even think of expecting anyone outside of the Democrat apologists to step back one second and thank the Clintons for one thing. They STOLE paulie - STOLE and LIED about it. May they rot in hell for the people they have destroyed directly and the tens of thousands they could have helped with the donations they used for their personal lavish lifestyle. ANGER? No, facts that you refuse to even review. You want unity? Then get REAL Paulie. I suspect the real bottom line is YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW.

The scam investigation will stop as their goal, keeping Hillary from being elected by lying hard and fast has worked....... Yet no mention of the Trump Foundation that Trump recently admitted he was guilty of felony tax evasion and obviously did little good for anyone but Trump?........ There is a real crime you say zip!!......... But your pocketbook will find out when Trump, repub policies give your money to the rich, corporations and we go back into recession losing jobs, lowering wages.

JUst another poor loser, hey Jerry boy? Can't stand the fact that the Democrat brand of "equality' has done more to destroy lives than anything the free enterprise system has ever done. America is free and thank God we stopped the damage. So Jerry will make slime comments and trash the facts - and then benefit from the American revival already on the way. Piss on it Jerry and enjoy the ride others give you. You are truly clueless.

jerry, Wake up to REALITY and come out from under your rock!

I am not buying it Nancy. The Clinton Foundation is organized crime. Bill and Hillary should be in prison.

Nancy, it doesn't matter, at all, if you had posted this prior to, or after the election. Some of your article, as Gail pointed out, contains incorrect information AND, more importantly, Lynn points out how only 6% of the donated money ever hit its mark. The other 94% hit the Clinton's pockets, so shame on them. My opinion is that charity begins at home so please, inform us of all that good work the Foundation did here, in the good ol' USA.

Nancy -- Not sure who did your research for you, but it is flawed and omits the facts that make this 'foundation' unsavory and unethical. The money was given to their cronies who would use it to make millions for themselves and then turn around and donate back to the foundation. Such as what DIDN'T happen in Haiti including the $3.9 billion that came from U.S. taxpayers. No houses were built, no food was donated, no hospitals built -- nada. In January, March and May of 2015 Haitian people protested outside the Clinton Foundation headquarters in NY accusing the Clinton's of robbing them of “billions of dollars," duplicity, malfeasance, and theft. And let's not forget about the $6 billion that went missing from the State Department that was in Hillary's hands. There are plenty of good, decent charities for people to donate to -- ones who do real work for the poor.

Sorta like the old Chinese Laundry saying, " No Tickie, No Shirtie"......." No Access, No 'Donation' "

Only about 6% of the donations went toward charity and helping people. The rest went to helping the Clintons.

Sorry Nancy - I don't buy the so called "good" that the Clinton Foundation did!! What it really did was to fund the lavish life style of Clintons and their cronies.

You should have posted this before, not after, this final election.

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nancy smith

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