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Scott's $3.2 Million in Three Weeks Should Put Nelson on High Alert

April 30, 2018 - 4:15pm
Rick Scott and Bill Nelson
Rick Scott and Bill Nelson

Bill Nelson will need a trick up his sleeve to hold onto his U.S. Senate seat in November. His campaign just ran into the frightening reality of Rick Scott's fundraising freight train.

The Republican governor and Nelson's challenger says he raised an astounding $3.2 million in just three weeks, when it took Democrat Nelson an entire quarter to raise very close to the same amount.

"The news is meant as a warning shot to Democrats about how quickly Scott can raise money," The Hill newspaper wrote Monday, "even before putting his personal wealth into the campaign." 

“It is clear Americans are ready to see a change in Washington,” Scott said in a statement released by his campaign. “I appreciate the support of everyone who has helped us reach this incredible announcement today, but this is just the start. I look forward to continuing to tell Floridians why we need to get rid of the career politicians and make Washington work for us.”

The campaign press statement notes that the total "doesn't include contributions made by Scott himself." 

"That's the scary part," Washington political analyst Zeke Casey told Sunshine State News. "This is the same as saying, 'You know how much money I can and do put into my races and I haven't even started to tap my own well.'

"Keeping Nelson competitive in Florida is going to suck money out of other competitive races the DSCC (Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee) needs to prop up," said Casey. 

Some of the $3.4 million Nelson brought in for the first quarter of 2018 came from individual donors, according to POLITICO, but much of it was gleaned through lucrative funding agreements he has with the DSCC and a host of Senate Democrats also facing tough election fights in states President Donald Trump won in 2016.

POLITICO says  the DSCC will go after the wealthy former healthcare executive with gusto. "It has already dropped a five-figure digital ad buy hitting Scott for what it calls his 'self-serving politics.' Democrats are trying to build a narrative that Scott has used his eight years in the governor’s office for self-gain," the news outlet claims.

"Good luck with that," replies Casey, commenting on the DSCC's campaign strategy. "Gov. Scott has been visible, he's built a strong economy, shepherded Florida through one disaster after another and mopped up afterward. Meanwhile, half of the Sunshine State doesn't know who Bill Nelson is." 

Meanwhile, Camille Gallo, spokesperson for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, admitted she was having fun on this Monday. "Someone get Bill Nelson a hype-man, quick," she said. "Numbers don't lie and Gov. Scott's impressive fundraising haul proves Floridians want change this November instead of some do-nothing career politician like Bill Nelson."


Reach Nancy Smith at or at 228-282-2423. Twitter: @NancyLBSmith


follow the money... dark money...

Why nobody cares about their plans for Florida and the people?! What it makes a difference how much money they raised, or, in fact given to them by the looters and exploiters of this state?! Wake up folks! Don't fall in that trap. Think about your own future, not theirs!

Billy-boy Nelson needs to fade away into retirement land! His accomplishments??? I can’t think of any accomplishments except sticking to Obama’s party line, killing NASA.... Rick Scott has many flaws, but I’d vote for him over Nelson any day of the week!

Who gave him the money and what do they expect in return? Why doesn't the article list who gave the money? Small donors? More likely the big polluters. Make Big Algae and Big Sugar great again! Trump didn't have to buy the presidency, he got all the crazy votes (like mine) for free. Dirty Rick....too dirty even for Florida.

Ocean Joe is a crooked as a dogs hind leg. Why post a thing he says! If he said the sky was blue I would want to look first before believing him. Dirty Ocean Joe, go back to your cave and spare the rest of us you worn out song and dance!

There is a darn good reason why gov scott raised that money since his announcement for us senate. People trust him to provide leadership in the us senate just like he has done for Florida!

When the list of donors comes out it wont be people, it will be corporations paying to play....but then like Mitt Romney said (after the United Citizens case) "corporations are people too, my friend."

Zippy has already been promised a lobbiest job at five times his Senate salary.

Is that what it is all about, how much money a person has, what F*cked up world 'we live in.

Zippy! Very mature At least Nelson accomplished many things before and after taking office Unlike Medicare Fraud Trump Rubber stamp criminal Rick Scott

You keep beating that dead horse, Scott M, and see if you can wake it up. You can't, it's dead. It has been PROVEN that Scott did NOT commit Medicare fraud. You just can't accept the truth. Go Scott and Go Trump!!!!!!!

As Ralph Cramden used to say: "To the moon Alice!!!" (and take "Zippy Nelson" with you !)

Poor Alice, married to such an idiot, don't forget Edith and that Archie Bunker crowd. Who would you like cbreeze?

Determine Scott's Dark Money PAC contributors - then talk about his chances. Most of us are tired of hearing about oligarch money - and what it does to corrupt the policy of it's bribees.

It would make for interesting reading to see the names of those contributors, 3.2 m$ is a lot of money, I would like to see the contributors of both sides.

Yes, go to, and it is all there, for everyone. Wanna see a really retch-worthy list of corruption and whoredom, look up Alcee Hastings.

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