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Scott-Nelson Debate Will Air Tuesday on Telemundo

October 1, 2018 - 6:00am
Rick Scott and Bill Nelson
Rick Scott and Bill Nelson

Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson and Republican Gov. Rick Scott have sparred at a distance for months.

But with the Nov. 6 election approaching, Nelson and Scott are poised for a head-to-head clash in their race for Nelson’s seat. The two will debate Tuesday in a South Florida television studio and the debate itself will be broadcast later in the day.

It remains unclear, of course, how much the debate will affect the campaign. Neither candidate is known for soaring oratory. But each will try to score points on what they consider compelling issues -- and hope the other guy slips up.

The outcome of the race is critical, both for Florida and the U.S. Senate. Republicans are trying to maintain control of the closely divided Senate, and winning Nelson’s seat would bolster the GOP’s chances.

In Florida, Nelson has been the last Democrat standing as Republicans have controlled every other statewide office since the 2010 elections. Democrats hope to capture other statewide offices in November, but re-electing Nelson is crucial for the party.

The debate will be taped at 11 a.m., Telemundo 51 studios, 15000 S.W. 27th St., Miramar. Air time at 7 p.m. on Telemundo stations in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Fort Myers, Tampa and West Palm Beach markets and across the stations’ digital and mobile platforms.


Why can’t we view this in English?

Red Tide Rick vs. Grandpa Bill...this ought to be good...

It will be televised later edited by Telemundo Democrat -loving-Trump-hating organization that gets subsidized by our tax dollars. Sorry, but it should be live and if you cannot understand English you should have no interest since you are not a Citizen and cannot vote.

"TELEMUNDO"?!?!?... WHAT,.. are we now "catering to the South Florida "legal & ILLEGAL voters" AGAIN???? What about we "White Male Voters"?...?....? (What are we,.."white bread"?!?) "WE" built this country,...and we're STILL saving it, in the face of socialist angst and unchecked, "Illegal Alien Invaders". Can it be TRUE that "We Don't Count"???...TELL ME IT ISN'T SO !!!!!!!!!! (It's "fast approaching time" to consider a "Two-State solution" dividing the Florida peninsula at the northern boundary of Tampa... (Keep it in mind's becoming unbearable and inevitable in this growing "mini-third world" State !) {Recent Yale University survey: "There are *15 to 36 MILLION* (THAT'S **MILLION**) undocumented "Illegal Alien Invaders" in OUR Nation".} "Telemundo"?!?.. REALLY?!?

(And you claim you're not 'racist' nor a 'white nationalist' ??? Haw, haw, haw.) And, of course, you do realize that the Cuban Telemundo audience in South Florida has been voting Republican for the past 40 or so years, don't you??? And, of course, you also remember that it was Republican Reagan that opened the floodgates and rolled out the red carpet to Mexican and other Hispanic immigrants in 1986, don't you???

Nonsense. That was mostly Salvadorans who fled their homeland in fear of their lives because of the brutality and violence of a military junta which, by the way, was propped up by our tax dollars during the Reagan Administration. We supported death squads who were engaged in things like brutally killing priest Oscar Romero, who stood up to the junta, as well as four Catholic nuns and countless innocent civilians. I personally know a man who was kidnapped at the age of 14 and forced into the Salvadoran Army. He was ordered to perform acts of torture or be killed himself. That was the story for many young men in El Salvador at that time I know about the policy and funding aspects of this because I lived in DC and worked in the U.S. House of Representatives at that time for a Democratic organization that was fighting Reagan's "secret war" in Central America. More than 100,000 Salvadoran immigrants fled to the U.S. and many of them ended up the neighborhood where I lived. They became DC's dishwashers, office cleaners, yard groomers, etc., and worked their tails off at menial jobs no one else wanted. The Reagan Administration recognized that they Salvadorans had become part of the fabric of our society, and knew there were too many to deport without creating major chaos, so they finally granted amnesty. That did not "open the floodgates" to anyone because it applied only to people who were already here. And it had nothing whatsoever to do with Mexicans. What you said about the political leanings of Cuban Americans is also not really true. It used to be because most older Cuban Americans were people who came over to escape the Russian-backed Communist Regime of Fidel Castro and leaned toward the Republicans who were all about fighting communism. But that's not the case with younger Cubans, most of whom were born here. According to the results of a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center in 2013: "Over half (56%) of Cubans ages 18 to 49 identified with or leaned toward the Democratic Party compared with 39% of those 50 years and older. Conversely, older Cubans tend to identify with or lean toward the Republican Party more than younger Cubans, by 44% to 23%. Even so, the share of older Cubans who are Republican has declined over time. In 2002, among all Cubans, some 68% who were 50 and older said they identified with or leaned toward the Republican Party." I have no doubt that's the percentage of Cuban Americans aligning themselves with Democrats has increased in the past 5 years. Political party preferences of Cuban Americans are clearly shifting and will continue to shift to toward the left. You really should check your facts before you post rants like this. Otherwise you look like an ignoramus to those of us who know what the real deal is.

WHO are YOU to cast aspersions on ANYONE???... Unless, of course, it's one of your family members. Make YOUR "comments" and STFU, (unless you're trying to "remake" a brother or sister into what ever the hell YOU want them to be). "The Two State Solution",... That's the "answer"!

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