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Rick Scott: Time to Permanently Ban Members of Congress From Lobbying

March 4, 2019 - 9:00am
Rick Scott
Rick Scott

U.S. Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., is pushing an effort to ban former members of Congress from lobbying once they are out of office. 

Scott announced on Friday that he is backing U.S. Sen. Mike Braun’s, R-Ind., “Banning Lobbying and Safeguarding Trust (BLAST) Act” to ensure a lifetime ban preventing former members of Congress from lobbying. 

“I’m proud to introduce this bill that imposes a permanent ban on members of Congress becoming lobbyists,” Scott said on Friday. “Rather than serving the public, too many in Washington spend their political careers preparing for a lucrative job at a DC lobbying firm where they can cash in on their connections and their access. Congress should never serve as a training ground for future lobbyists, and putting an end to the revolving door is a common-sense way to make Washington work for families.”

“One of the reasons I left the private sector for Washington was to help President Trump drain the swamp and we can accomplish this by permanently banning congressmen and senators from lobbying Capitol Hill. Together we can end the revolving door of career politicians coming to Washington, spending time in Congress, then enriching themselves from their service to the American people,” Braun said.    

The bill was sent to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee last week. So far, there is no counterpart over in the U.S. House. 

While Scott has been in the Senate for less than two months, he has worked with Braun before. Last month, they teamed up on the “End Pensions in Congress (EPIC) Act” which would end congressional pensions. 

The EPIC Act would end taxpayer-funded congressional pensions, while letting members of Congress continue to use the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) which Scott’s office labeled as the “government equivalent to a 401(k).”

“I’m proud to introduce this bill ending taxpayer-funded congressional pensions. I’ve been in Washington a month and I can already see how dysfunctional it is. When Congress failed to do their job and created the longest government shutdown in history, hardworking Americans were forced to go without pay while members of Congress were still collecting paychecks. That is wrong and is exactly why I’m fighting to reform Washington,” Scott said when the proposal was introduced in the middle of last month.  

 “It’s time for term limits and it’s time to make those in D.C. realize that the era of career politicians is over. Americans should not have to foot the bill for generous salaries and pensions for members of Congress, and I’m proud to be working on common sense solutions to make Washington work for families across the nation,” Scott added. 


It’s time to stop lobbying and make it a crime to take money from lobbyists. We the people should make the decisions about America not money grabbing government employees and clog corporations.

Thank you!

Big corporations.

Term limits for Congress: Four term in Congress, then Four term in prison for corruption

So your argument against this bill is that you don't like who proposed it? You must be a liberal......

Sounds Good but why didn't he do that for Florida when Governor?

He was not a legislator, all he can do is sign bills. Contact your State Rep and State Senator and ask them why they didn't support it?

Time to permanently ban all members of Congress, former members of the military and future and former Congressional and Executive Staffers for lobbying Congress or the National Government in any capacity.

Said the pharmaceutical owner who made millions defrauding the government Scott had said he would have immediately stopped his company from committing fraud -- if only "somebody told me something was wrong." But there were such warnings in the company’s annual public reports to stockholders -- which Scott had to sign as president and CEO. "There's no question that mistakes were made and as CEO, The fine clearly set a record, though the Justice Department (and media reports at the time) were not always consistent in their terminology, sometimes describing it as the "largest government fraud settlement in U.S. History" and other times more specifically as the "largest health care fraud case in U.S. History."

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