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Richard Corcoran Says Jump, Will Rick Scott Ask How High Re: Aramis Ayala?

March 24, 2017 - 8:30am

So now Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran is getting in on the act. I guess we should have expected that, since he has aspirations of higher office. 

What better case to ride the coattails on than one that includes the death penalty, a murdered police officer, the governor, and racial tension?

This situation has been going on long enough that had Corcoran wanted to make a genuine statement on the matter, he would have done so earlier.

I guess it just dawned on him that he could get some political mileage out of the situation, potentially at Gov. Rick Scott's expense.

Now he piles on the "suspend Ayala" bandwagon?

Corcoran figures he'll put the pressure on Rick Scott to suspend Aramis Ayala, especially since he, himself isn't in a position to actually do anything to her.

He has to get in where he fits in, I guess.

Does Corcoran really hate Rick Scott that much?

Either Corcoran has plans to run against Scott in the U.S. Senate GOP primary, and doesn't think Scott will suspend Ayala and will use that against him, OR ...

He wants Scott to lose against Bill Nelson, because as much as I can't stand Bill Nelson, I would make sure the Democratic turnout in the general in 2018 was the highest this state has EVER seen, at least from the African American perspective, to beat the brakes off of Scott if he suspends Ayala.

Corcoran isn't a stupid person. He has to know the backlash that suspending Ayala will cause. He also knows that it will land squarely at the feet of Gov. Scott.

The FIRST African American woman elected state attorney, and Scott removes her?

Scott's track record with black women already isn't so great.

Jennifer Carroll, anyone?

It's interesting to me that Corcoran, as an attorney, doesn't want to at least allow the courts to now decide whether the governor has made an error in removing Ayala.

I guess waiting for a court doesn't allow one to score those political points.

So who will be next to jump in with a statement?

Putnam? He wants to run for governor.

Who else? Anyone? Speak now!

The Republicans who want higher office are coming out of the woodwork like roaches to call for Ayala's head.

Pitchforks in hand.

Pretending to be for law and order, but with ulterior motives in mind.

Let's see if Scott falls for Corcoran's tricks.

Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1.


Sounds like Wimes/Sharpton ticket in the making here. Wait until they try to use their race card to withdrawl funds and find out it expired on 20JAN17.

Silly article. A man who is African American kills his African American girlfriend who was pregnant and then he kills a veteran Police Officer who is African American and a female while the African American State Attorney, who was financed by Soros, and you are talking about race. You can't see people behind their skin color can you? I truly feel sorry for you.

She obviously can't. Only racists woykd dare be against anyone who stood against the death penalty. It's her JOB, SHE HASN'T got discretiin to just outright not impose death.

Soros is using the Orlando media market and the Office of State Attorney to push his agenda. Public statement to denounce Florida Black Caucus support of State Atty Aramis Ayala. She has less that two years exp as a Asst State Atty, went to a Soros training camp, ran against her old boss and using the office for political reasons. She's also married to a convicted felon.

Oh by the way. I am very supportive of Ayala. According the GOP in Florida there is no problem too big or too small that cannot be solved with a gun or by killing someone. Florida's death penalty is fraught with problems. Ayala is in the business of solving problems and getting on with prosecuting crime . Gov. Scott and Rep. Corcoran are friends with Trump and are taking their playbook from him. Divert the public and then do what you want to do in the backroom.

No it is good cop/bad cop. They are both allowing each other to gain momentum. Scott comes off as the champion of the people. Corcoran builds his name recognition. It is a very cynical game. They win and the people that actually live in Florida lose again. Scott is the champion of business, the environment and education. Corcoran keeps spending in check. They keep taxes down and they win elections. Nothing gets done or worse - bad problems continue to fester. The place to look is their campaign contributions. No wonder Scott wants a Medicaid Block grant - he can give more money to the Medicaid HMOs to pay their stockholders with our federal and state tax payer dollars designated for healthcare for children, people with disabilities and low income citizens. Scott and Corcoran get to pay back their campaign debts with our tax payer dollars. When will the people of Florida start to put two and two together????

Once in a while, Leslie, you make a good point. Seems like some just want to dictate how other independent and responsible parties do their jobs. Seems to be also happening with efforts to "preempt" local government authority as well. Once in power, it's "their way or the highway". So much for "limited" government. Memories are long.

Jesus! We were just saying this exact thing last night!!! Corcoran is playing Scott like a fiddle!!

So racial politics trumps the rule of law???? The guy committed a capital crime and the law calls for capital punishment. The failure of an elected official to uphold the rule of law, that the official took an oath to do, is grounds for removal, regardless of how a segment of the public feels about it.

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