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Republican Liberty Caucus Chairman Bob White Jumps into Gubernatorial Race

May 22, 2017 - 8:15am
Bob White
Bob White

GOP activist Bob White, the chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida (RLCF), announced on Monday that he is running for governor in 2018 when Gov. Rick Scott faces term limits. 

White, who also leads Republican Liberty Caucus of Central East Florida (RLCCEF) and the founder of the Liberty Catalyst Fund (LCF) which works “to educate voters on issues of liberty, freedom, constitutional integrity and limited government" and “promote candidates that demonstrate a commitment to these principles and oppose candidates that do not,” has been active in recent months, opposing Scott’s call for more funding for Enterprise Florida and Visit Florida. In recent years, White has been a vocal champion of campaign finance reform and elections reform. 

“I’m running for Governor because I love Florida. I’ve been a Floridian since the day I was born. I can’t imagine living anywhere else,” White wrote in an open letter to Floridians announcing his candidacy. “I grew up in Polk County, in the heart of the Florida citrus industry. As teenagers, we earned our spending money picking fruit, pruning trees, and moving irrigation pipe before and after school. We even worked ‘firing’ the groves when the temperatures dropped below freezing. As a fourth generation Floridian, some of my fondest childhood memories are of family reunions on the shores of Silver Lake, near Palatka, or at my grandparent’s home in Okeechobee.

“To be sure there are places in Florida where that idyllic lifestyle still exists,” White continued. “I hope we never lose that part of our heritage. But the reality is that times have changed. Florida is now the third largest state in the nation and is experiencing every advantage and disadvantage that kind of population growth inevitably brings. Growth presents opportunities and challenges. We need a government in Tallahassee that embraces the opportunities and rises to the challenges! Sadly, that’s not what we’ve been getting. I aim to change that.

“The people of Florida have lost their voice in Tallahassee,” White insisted. “It’s been drowned out by politicians pandering to the dark money politics of special interest groups. Millions of dollars in campaign cash are being laundered through political committees (PCs) that are able to accept unlimited contributions from rich and powerful special interests. They make exorbitant donations to each other in order to keep the dark money off campaign finance reports, effectively hiding the source of the donations from the voter. Trust me, the politicians keep track of who they owe political favors to and legislate in their favor.

"There’s a much too powerful political class in Florida,” White continued. “It consists of the politicians, the lobbyists, and the rich and powerful corporations and special interests they represent. It’s an exclusive club and you’re not welcome. In Tallahassee, it’s their will be done, not yours.

“My campaign will be about changing that environment,” White concluded. “The special interests will have their champion. Politicians will be lining up to do their bidding. The people need a champion too. I’m running for Florida. I’m running for you! I’ll be your champion! I hope you’ll join us.”

White will kickoff his campaign at the Republican Liberty Caucus' national convention in Orlando on Saturday. Alex Snitker, who was the Libertarian Party’s U.S. Senate candidate in 2010 before moving to the GOP, is White’s campaign manager. 

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam launched his bid for the Republican nomination earlier this month. Other possible Republican candidates include U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis, state Sen. Jack Latvala and state House Speaker Richard Corcoran. 


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I just started looking at the Florida candidates and like the fact he is a member of the Republican Liberty Caucus. I did not know what I am hearing about Putnum but he is the best well known. I definitely want a candidate who aligns with President Trump's mindset. I will not vote for one aligned with special interests. Like President Trump, I want someone who serves the people and wants to do what is best for the people. I will look at the other republican candidates also. It is so important to be really educated about the candidates and try to learn the truth about them.

I also will be watching and listening to Mr. White, but will choose the GOP candidate who most closely aligns with President Trump's vision for #MAGA... including enforcing our laws on the books, a border fence/security and fair or mirrored vs free trade.

I like what I hear about Mr. White, HOWEVER, I have only heard of the last 8 years of his adult life. What did he do to make a living after he grew up and stopped working in the groves?

I will vote for the Republican candidate who pledges to support our President Trump in his efforts to try new ways of solving very old problems such as education, welfare, lack of jobs and economic growth for this country.

Education and welfare are not, and should not be, federal government problems. On the first, to paraphrase the late Speaker of House Tip O'Neill, "All education is local." For welfare, each person is responsible for his or her own care. The Founders never dreamed that the central government was being set up to, in part, attend to the housing, feeding, clothing, and medical care of individual citizens. For those who are unable, there are private charitable organizations to which citizens can contribute if they wish instead of having money confiscated from their paychecks for federal "welfare." At the very least legally, the states did not grant this power to the central government under the 10th Amendment. As for "lack of jobs," if the fed got out of the way of private enterprise with very limited regulation and reasonable taxation, jobs would flow.

I've known Mr. White for several years, this is a hardworking, selfless, principled individual. The challenge of the primary will be to get voters to cast the ballot for the one who should win rather than the one expected to win.

As a Tea Partier and member of the Republican Liberty Caucus, I can tell you Bob White does not lie. What you see is what you get. He will work toward the goals outlined in his website,

I know Bob White personally and can say he is a tireless advocate of campaign and electoral reform and know that he is well-versed on issues affecting Florida and committed to principle over politics. I hope he does well and will be supporting his bid.

You've got MY ear Bob White !.. So far, I favor "Opie" Putnam, but just maybe the two of you can find 'common ground' and team-up in some fashion (I'm a registered Democrat who likes whereof you speak...)

Bob White is right. We shouldn't have to settle for the Adam Putnams of the world injecting dark money into this campaign merely because they've spent a quarter century in politics and have all the connections. This campaign looks like exactly what we need here.

And yet, another nobody. Putnam has it in the bag!

Yeah, like Charlie Crist had the senate spot in the bag... not.

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