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Republican AG Hopeful Frank White Showcases Conservative Credentials

August 1, 2018 - 6:00am
Frank White
Frank White

Currently running for the Republican nomination to replace term limited Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, state Rep. Frank White, R-Pensacola, promises, if elected, to use the bully pulpit of that position to advance conservative values. 

Currently in a tight primary against former Judge Ashley Moody, White talked with Sunshine State News and talked about the important issues awaiting Florida’s next attorney general. 

“The biggest responsibility is to defend the Constitution,” White told Sunshine State News. “Our Constitution is constantly under attack.”

White pointed to liberals who look to undermine the Second Amendment and noted his work to defend Florida’s Stand Your Ground laws. He also showed his pro-life record in Tallahassee. 

The Panhandle Republican  promised, if elected, to use the attorney general post to help police officers across the state. 

“First and foremost, it’s supporting law enforcement,” White said. “They’re also constantly under attack.”

White said Florida’s next attorney general has to embrace new technology to continue the fight against cybercrime. He also note that fraud and scams are on the rise in Florida and said the attorney general’s office needs to get active on that front. 

Weighing in on opioids, White conceded “it’s a crisis” while praising President Donald Trump’s, Gov. Rick Scott’s and Bondi’s efforts against them. 

White stressed the importance of the attorney general’s job, noting its many responsibilities. Looking back at his career in the private sector, White said he is the only candidate in the race with a high level of experience. He also jabbed Moody for accepting public financing for her campaign. 

“I am not running on taxpayer dollars,” White noted, pointing to his record in Tallahassee against using public funds for electoral purposes. 

White also stressed that his experience in the private sector will help ensure, if elected, he will be able to help Florida’s economy, especially when it comes to cutting back on regulations. 

Moody and White will meet in the primary on August 28. On the Democratic side, state Rep. Sean Shaw, D-Tampa, and attorney Ryan Torres are running for their party’s nomination. 


Where does Moody stand on the greyhound racing ban proposal

We don't need marijuana of any kind in Florida. Morgan is just trying to get richer by sucking in all the voters for sympathy about his family member. Would be interesting to find out how much he has to gain if recreational marijuana becomes law. We don't need any more pot heads in our state.

What Morgan has to gain is obvious. The sleazy commercials write themselves. Did your marijuana make you dizzy and slip and fall? Call #law on your cell phone. Where you involved in a traffic accident with someone who was smoking marijuana? Call #law on your cell phone. Not only will he go after the auto insurance company, he will go after the liability insurance of the legal marijuana seller. More insurance, more money.

Potheads, have you ever seen how it helps people with epilepsy?

“The biggest responsibility is to defend the Constitution,” White told Sunshine State News. “Our Constitution is constantly under attack.” This is good news for medical marijuana. Maybe now we can past this childish tantrum over smoke-able marijuana.

He is trying to ride on a coat tail and fear.


Women are voting, pissed. ;^) …………... White doesn't have a chance in hell and lies just like Trump...… An AG enforces the laws, not make them...………...Like Bondi when she tried similarly and lost most of her cases as unconstitutional...………….My favorite White ad was when he said Moody was bad for not allowing Trump fraud like the Trump U case where Trump was convicted of fraud because he was guilty...……… So White thinks Trump should be able to break the law? And thinks fraud by Trump is good?...……….. Not AG material.

Not all women!

Hey Jerry, Trump was never convicted of fraud. He settled to repay the tuition back to several people THATS ALL ! He couldn't have been elected if he was convicted of a felony. Try something new reading

"jerry", "jerry", "jerry",... you're getting overheated and much too excited: wipe the drool from the corners of your mouth and settle down,... try taking a palliative that will address and calm your anger.... unfortunately, that doesn't come with a 'cure' for what ails YOU.........(but keep hoping for legalized marijuana,.. that ancient, "Witch doctor" palliative that calmed & kept "spear chucking" warriors from drooling on THEMselves..)

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