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Nancy Smith

Really, Charlie? Another Run for Governor?

January 3, 2017 - 2:00pm
Charlie Crist
Charlie Crist

So Charlie Crist waits hours, not even days after being sworn in as a member of Congress on Tuesday, to show up for his first fundraising effort -- and the Tampa Bay Times tells us Charlie will make his way back to Florida for a couple of fundraising soirees, Jan. 16 and 17 in his honor in Sarasota and Miami Beach.

The Times says this is all for a 2018 re-election bid. Is it?

Is it really for re-election?

According to one "deep throat" contact I heard from over the weekend, Charlie is reaching out to "monied associates" and "advisors with access" as he considers running for Florida governor in 2018.

Yes, Florida governor. Again.

Charlie apparently was spooked by stories of how much Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam has raised for a Republican gubernatorial bid so far. 

He doesn't believe Florida Dems have a viable field to choose from to challenge Putnam, and if Putnam wins, he will be in for eight years ... and by then, Charlie is too old to run. 

"In Charlie/Carole's head, he is the best the Fl Dems have and this is his last opportunity to run for the office he very much regrets walking away from," my source wrote in an email.

"Charlie is so blatant in his pandering for money that he has been offering inauguration tickets to these same donors who supported Trump ... the man has no convictions; he'll work both sides of the aisle just to get money to run for the next office," my source continued.

"As a matter of fact, one of these donors who spent time with Putnam and promised him significant support, Charlie's been calling that donor relentlessly to get him to change his mind. This man is a life-long Republican supporter..."

What about Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn and high-profile attorney John Morgan? Claims my "deep throat" friend, "Buckhorn was told FL Dems will clear the field for him to run for CFO, and no assistance from them if he chooses to stick with running for governor." Morgan, the source says, is not running -- "too many skeletons in his closet and it would hurt his firm."

Never did this source mention Crist running again for U.S. Senate -- presumably because Sen. Bill Nelson, who is already gobbling up cash, isn't retiring, and Nelson's Republican challenger, Gov. Rick Scott, could wind up the best-financed Senate candidate in the nation in 2018.

You might also note, as the Times did, that Charlie Crist may be a freshman congressman, but in the fundraiser invitations, he prefers using the title "Governor." See the invites reproduced on this page -- Crist at Peg and Marty Rauch's in Sarasota on Jan. 16; at Stephen Bittel's in Miami Beach on Jan. 17.

Take any of this for what it's worth. My source could be wrong, but has an above-average track record on scoops like this. Let's see what happens.

Reach Nancy Smith at or at 228-282-2423. Twitter: @NancyLBSmith




Well , if Charlie is allegedly vapid ,without any true principles and willing to say anything to get elected , does the same hold true for the Florida Democratic Party if they nominate him as their best candidate for Governor ?

How is it that a political conversation about Charlie Crist's alleged gubernatorial ambitions suddenly pivots to Obama and Benghazi? Really? Try and keep focused and on topic.

...because it 'focuses' upon the collective stupidity of the 'subjects' of that "political conversation"...and suggests that once ANY of these idiots are no longer "on the stage",... THEY SHOULD NEVER BE BROUGHT BACK !!!!! (it's just common-sense...)

I will give former Governor Charlie Crist Credit for the 19th Grand Jury on Corruption.... Scott's administration.... Marion County Public Schools have been cited the 2012 operational audit State Auditor general office on illegal use of Personal use of school board funds.... We have invoices up to to $249,000 we believe this amount is actually approaching 1 million dollars. They reported only $60K. There was no vote prior to the illegal use of school board funds. This was an attack on a parent for reporting and retaliation of reporting Marion County Public School for continued racial discrimination in school placement. Commissioner of Education Pam Stewart is from Marion County and will not hold Marion County Public Schools accountable for violations. Message sent 4:45 pm save message from 850-414-8390 52 second Hi, this is the Florida attorney general office, I am returning a call you left us a message on on corruption wondered whether we have given up on public corruption. I am going by our office, we have no jurisdiction over public corruption. If you are referring to about the 19th statewide grand jury public corruption let me tell you that was a special circumstance involving statewide prosecutor as a Council to the statewide prosecutor grand jury but that term has finished it actually finished in 2011. So by law we no longer we have no longer any jurisdiction over corruption if you need our assistance please contact our office at 866-966-7226. Thank you and have a wonderful day. End of message And I will give Governor Crist credit for taking on Insurance companies while in office.

"Sorry Charlie, you're not good enough for Sunshine State." Try the Empire State, the Golden State, or the Garden State, you are a better fit. Anyone of those states have no problem electing an anal orifice.

Thanks Nancy for the warning, though I never have to worry about Charlie calling me for a experience is that he's all talk and little substance...he's a great campaigner but a poor caretaker once he gets elected because it's ALWAYS about the next race...he wears his ambition on his sleeve...I'm just glad that he's found a job and I hope he stays in DC and out of the other Florida politics

There's no way, Barney, Crist would ever be re-elected to Governor, so I must agree with you, but keep in mind the 'story tale' by Ms. Smith has been a rumor ever since the day Crist was out of office! No REAL story here, just rumor and innuendo. Vegas odds have Crist for Governor going at 14 to 1that he'll run. Place your bets!

Does not John Morgan intend to run as a Democrat? He and Charlie (who used to work for Morgan) would make an interesting Democratic primary - pretty boy and chubby. Battle of the EGOS. Will not be able to get both of them in the same room together.

Morgan has already announced he would NOT seek the Democratic nomination. Too many closeted stories and his law firm could suffer because of his involvement. (so he says)

The prospect that John Morgan may not run makes me happy!

Nancy why do you have so much interest in him. Are you secretly in love with Charlie.

Charlie "the Windsock" Crist apparently never learns.

And, neither does Nancy Smith!

Yeah Charlie, DO IT !!!! (I love to see you lose...). The ONLY reason your ass is "polishing a congressional seat" is because you were facing another "do nothing loser" like yourself. "Charlie the tuna" Crist,.. Look up "clown" in the dictionary, and see your mugshot Charlie.

For my money, Charlie Crist is absolutely the best that Florida politics has been to offer since Lawton Chiles! (Bush and Scott always were, and will always be, nothing but rubbish!)

Totally agree. Well said.

I believe Mr. Crist's ego won't allow him to sit by and watch any Governor's race go by. I also question this article's accuracy as this 'rumor' has been around since the last Governor election. What makes this whole article is that the 'rumor' along with Ms. Smith's "deep throat" contact leaves a serious credibility space for anyone to fill. Always good to toss around a long time rumor, as long as dopes like me read, and comment on it! GO TRUMP!!

Simple Nancy. I trust Charlie Crist. I don't trust your "sources" - nor am I gaining faith in your good judgement..

TRUST is a choice. Sometimes a choice is based on a good investigation of the facts, and sometimes it is made just because... This choice you have made, Mr. Warner, has to be based on the later--otherwise, you could not say what you did above.. Don't take Nancy's sources then, but at least investigate and find your own before you choose to believe something so foolish. Charlie is a total crook and a loser, and he is counting on people like you.

ShariLee, please provide the evidence of Mr. Crist being a "total crook and a loser". Loser in a couple elections but winner in others. Check the dictionary on the word crook first, then provide the proof or you owe an apology to Crist for making such a foolish statement!

It happens to be my trust, my investigation, and my credibility. Help yourself.

Where else have we seen a candidate that spent more time campaigning and begging donations - Oh yeah.. Obama.. shirked his duty. when our men in Benghazi died.. on late night talk show.. campaigning.. it was more important to him.. perpetually campaigning.. only thing he is interested in is MONEY. And you think he'll make a good representative - WHY ? Because he will be bribed easily? Go Away,,..

Let's say Clinton and Obama were directly responsible for the four deaths in Benghazi. How many deaths was Bush directly responsible for in Iraq and Afghanistan?

NONE! Why? Because he never went to bed and let them die without support... then got up the next morning and lied that they died because of some stupid video. Do you, or do you not READ THE NEWS, Ted?

Ummmm, ShariLee, old Georgie declared victory while riding on OUR ship. What "victory'? He also cowered in the kindergarten class when the 2 airplanes flew into the World Trade Centers. Took him long enough to gather what little thoughts he had and fly back to his safe White House.

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