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Protest Inequality


Mark and C Breeze, throwing shade on Diane does nothing to change the fact that Black men are shot by police at an alarming rate in this country and get away with it. No one is saying all cops are bad. We love the cops and the first responders, but that does not make up for the fact that there are a few very, very bad apples in the nation's police forces that seem to think its ok to shoot a black man and then make up a story to try to cover it up. Get your collective heads out of the sand and see what is truly happening.

Diane, you are one of the most ignorant people who write here! There are so few blacks shot by police throughout this country. In FACT, more blacks are actually shot by BLACKS than by any other persons, including the police, deputies, state police, and any other source! IF you choose to be against law enforcement I encourage you to either duck, or give up!

Same on you for trying to distract from, and making light of, a stand against police murder of blacks because they are black.

Give it up "Diane", sound like a "leftover" senior citizen from Angela Davis' "black power" miscreants of the 1960's.

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