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President 'What’s-His-Name' Won’t Leave

January 23, 2017 - 9:00am

As Donald Trump took the oath of office becoming the next president of the United States, the outgoing president was refusing to give leave.

Did you notice that President Trump had to escort President “What’s-His-Name” to Marine One?  That was to make sure he really left the Capitol.

Then it seemed like an eternity before the rotors of the helicopter began to turn.  I’m certain he was having a hissy fit inside and was demanding to be returned to his White House “built by slaves.”

Oh, how so very tired I am of the everlasting fawning by the MSM of President “Racial Divide.”

As much as the MSM dotes over the rituals and precedents for Trump coming in, no one in the MSM said a word about the excoriatingly long and purposely drawn-out goodbye of President “Red-Line-in-the-Sand.”

In fact, they were willing co-conspirators.

(Watch out, MSM – Twitter World is the new communications tool of the Trump administration, which is going over your talking-heads directly to the people.) But, back to President “Open-the-Door-to-Illegal-Immigrants.”

First, we had to endure all of the “legacy” crap he’s been preaching, and then the MSM  started constantly drilling it into the brains of all of their sycophants who truly believe that garbage.

Then we had to hear about his “farewell” speech in his adopted hometown of Chicago (thankfully, not me, as I have a remote). Chicago, the murder capital of the US.  Where, incidentally, his ideas of gun control have come home to roost, with no success.

Then we had to hear about his farewell live broadcast to the nation.  Ol’ “Shovel-Ready” prez had to lecture us again about his alleged successes regardless of what the true facts are.

Then we had to hear about his farewell press conference and watch the MSM lemmings fall all over themselves as they ask softball questions and write glorifying stories about him and his actions.

I thought we had finally gotten rid of him once he got on the chopper  to go on another vacation.

Nope.  I was wrong.

President “Narcissist” had to have another farewell press conference at Andrews Air Force Base.  Oh, my God.

I didn’t think anyone could be more self-centered than Trump -- except now President “IRS-as-Political-Attack-Dog” has upped the ante to a whole new level.

The former “We’re-Respected-More-than-Ever” president just can’t seem to go riding off into the sunset.

In fact, I’m shocked, really I am, that he didn’t have a press conference when he landed in Palm Springs.

You’d think our holier-than-thou ex-president would take satisfaction from former presidents  -- for instance, 41 and 43, even Bill Clinton -- and let the new president take the stage and do his job.

Nope, that can’t happen when you have a Machiavellian president who in his simple mind could’ve been reelected again.

Talk about love thyself.  Does this man understand the reality of his feeble actions and what the consequences have been for his Democratic-progressive movement?

During his eight years in office, he’s gone from a 58-seat majority in the U.S. Senate to now a 48-seat minority.

In the U.S. House, Dems used to have 256 seats, now they only have 193 seats, a 63-seat loss.

As the titular head of the Democratic Party, he’s helped them go from 28 state governorships in 2009, to just 16 in 2017.

He’s helped Dems lose control of so many state legislatures that “68 of the country’s 98 partisan state legislative chambers are Republican-run.”

Yeah, he’s got a legacy, but it’s not the one he thinks he has.

Now he’s announced that he may feel compelled to “speak out” if he thinks fundamental change he doesn’t like is occurring.

It doesn’t matter that his candidate lost.

It doesn’t matter that she was running on a “third term” of his disastrous policies.

It doesn’t matter that President Trump won the election in an electoral landslide.

It doesn’t matter that the American people have spoken, and they rejected his notion of what his America was supposed to be.

The “Muslim-centric” former president can’t stand the thought that the world no longer revolves around his every utterance.

I predict it will be a matter of just a few weeks before President “Cut-the-Military-to-the-Bone” speaks out about something going on.

You see, it’s really all about him.

He was supposed to be the savior.

Except he wasn’t.

The “Stab-Israel-in-the-Back” president is going to stay around. And in doing so, he’s going to help solidify President Trump’s support, because the millions of people who put Trump into office don’t want what President “Kill-the-XL-Pipeline-and-Jobs” was trying to sell.

Though he wasn’t on the ballot, his political philosophy was roundly rejected except by the Left Coast and the Northeast's “Elite” Coast.

Oh sure, y’all won more votes, but that’s not how you win the election for president.  See, there’s this little section of the Constitution that our brilliant forefathers put in there to make sure everyone has a say and not just those from the most populous states.

Thanks for the memories, President “Taiwan-Is-Part-of-China.”

Our national nightmare is over.

P.S.  To all of you “fearful” Dems out there, yeah, it’s a new day.  Get over it.  Or better yet, just go to your “safe zones” and stay there.  All of us God-fearing Dems and Republicans will rebuild this country and make it great once again.

Barney Bishop III is a former executive director of the Florida Democratic Party.  He’s a conservative, Tallahassee-based Democrat who believes in God, country and guns.  His email is


Great work Barney. All you have to do to confirm that is look at the comments from the brain-dead lib losers....

Barney, for quite some time I used to worry about you; But, I am proud to pass THIS column of yours along to my kids. signed// "An old fashioned, common sense, thinking Democrat"...

This article is a racist piece of lies and trash.

Enjoy your win, Barney. Your joy will not last long. Incompetence has a way of being exposed sooner or later. It already is, actually. The question what price before you finally can see that Trump will be the worst president ever elected by a minority of popular votes and a mini-slide of the Electoral College.

It is very telling that a democrat explaining the truth of the situation is castigated by fellow democrats. There is a reason that democrats are hurting as bad as they are. They have turned their backs on the Constitution and American ideals. Barney Bishop seems to get this. Until other democrats recognize the wisdom of his words they will continue to be irrelevant in UIS politics.

Sounds like that was old, white and cranky Barney's farewell op-ed. There's no need to publish anymore of his low-valued opinions. He added nothing.

Barney, Barney, Barney! This was totally unnecessary! I think your article is adequate evidence of a need for you to be concerned about your mental health. It made me wonder if someone needed to initiate a "Baker Act" evaluation.

Dear Sunshine State News, I thought I had signed up for real news with you. Your commentaries are tiring, and so far from news, I'm unsubscribing.

Barney, are you not a registered Democrat? I think I entered the twilight zone.

From the headline I thought I'd find one of the rare american news articles on President Jammeh of Gambia and the Ecowas troop invasion of Gambia. I was disappointed to find this hate filled, rabid right, racist screed.

touched a nerve... solution: lots of pink playdough...remember not to eat it. it's made in many many countries. (just in case you need a reprieve.

'Hasbro' changed their name to more closely relate to this consumers posting about them. New name: Hasblo

I'd suggest that you stick your head up Barney's ass, but his is already there, so maybe you can stick it up your Fuehrer's. Do it slowly so as to not bump into Putin.

Wow, that's a load of hate and is an indication of the direction in which this great country is heading.

Hey, did anyone see Donald Dump force Melania to speak when she initially refused? He moved his hand in a very aggressive manner towards her. Only then did she approach the microphone. Do you think she is too afraid that she may plagiarise yet another Michelle speech? My guess is that this marriage will not last 4 more years. She did not bargain for this

The best thing I can say about this hate-filled piece of garbage, beneath even SSN standards, is that Mr. Bishop has left the Democratic Party.

Thanks Barney.- Think you better spend some time reading over the 35 page intelligence report (at the end of the Buzzfeed article) involving Russian handling and compromise of Trump. The old days might look just a bit brighter to you.

This piece is not worth wiping your backside with. As an independent, I don't really have a dog in the fight, so to speak. I don't agree with Obama much either. However, I respect this country and the POTUS, right or wrong. There are many things that could have been handled better, but many things I think could have been done a lot worse too... About the only thing good I could glean from this rag, is its time to move on...classic.

Hahahahaha The loser's lament in the comment section. my my. Message to Democrats - you lost! And unlike Obama - Mr. Trump will not "waste' his first 2 years in office as Mr Hussein did. Expect a robust agenda filled with Hope and Change and most important - action - as we finally have a President that does NOT apologize for the USA, but promotes the position of "America First". Taxes, foreign affairs, immigration and the economy all the while reversing insane policies of the4 NLRB, EPA, IRS and other agencies. It's a new day folks.

I know you are NOT 'Mark' the normal poster here!

Great Job, Barney. You got the lefties bitching and moaning some more. Win-Win !

Barney, your article still sucks, no matter what infidel likes it.

Well said !! The victory 'moonwalk' in the end zone was worth the celebration penalty :)!

Don't need to be left, center or right to be disappointed in Mr. Bishop's piece - maybe just a fair-minded patriot.

Exactly right. Not worth publishing.

Great piece. Sounds like 8 years of frustration being vented.

Ugly and not humorous at all. What is the point of publishing this muck at a time when we need healing.

You really are a dumbdude. We need healing alright, but the idiots burning cars, breaking windows to businesses and starting fires in the street are doing their part to prevent that. The million woman march was a joke. It was full of hateful liberals spewing lies and crying about free health care. I've paid for my health care for over 42 years and if they would get off their asses and get a job they could pay for theirs as well. Also, Donald Trump will have a long road getting America back together after all the division Obama, Holder, Soros, Ayres and Lynch has caused. Someone above was sure looking out for the American people when Hillary lost the election. God Bless America and Donald Trump.

You begin your response with an insult? Why not just state your point and be done with it? dumbdude...God Bless America...Donald Trump is hardly team building.

I have known Barney Bishop in the past. Although I rarely agreed with him, I have always respected him. Sadly, he has written a hate-filled, name-calling piece of work that is not worthy of Barney Bishop and represents the views and venom ripping apart our country and destroying civil discourse. Shame on you, Barney Bishop. You are better than this. Please take a step back, retract these awful words and take a more positive, inclusive and constructive approach to civic leadership. Somehow it has been lost on you and some others that the majority of Americans respect President Obama and do not subscribe to these mean-spirited and rudely spoken views. Again, Barney Bishop is better than this and we hope he will exhibit a more positive approach in future writings.


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